2012 Feb 18 | Pink's Hot Dogs, Groundlings, Dave & Busters, Blood & Glory

Sunday night I ate at Pink's Hot Dogs, a very popular place.

They have all kinds of hot dogs.

And a lot with special names.

The wait tonight was around 30 minutes. It's especially popular with tourists.

Hard at work.

That'll be interesting.

Lots of celebrities have been here as well.

After that I went to The Groundlings, a comedy club.

They've had lot of actors come through, but not a ton who are huge.

It's very intimate seating, but it's a really funny show.

I really like this plate.

Some of the opticians decided to totally remove the doors to the cabinets. It actually makes it much easier to access stuff. Excellent idea.

$10 free when you spend $30 is a pretty good deal, but only certain items are available for it, and I don't need or have anywhere to store 22 boxes of tissues.

Wait, that's a new policy? So before then you could?

I think everyone hates this little speed camera, especially because most people are going around 80 here.

A ton of sheep.

Gah, I hate the automatic car washes that have no or crummy blow dryers, like this one. Then I have to wipe off the Jeep to get all the water spots off.

Wait, I always change the oil at 3000 miles. Now they're recommending 4000? I've read most vehicles don't really need it changed for 5-7000, but still, change is scary.

They moved the stickers for the side arrows up on the keys to make them more vertically aligned, but they're still not there. So now it's a bit off both on that and on the keys. The OCD in me wishes they would have just centered them on the keys so at least something would be balanced.

A bunch of us went to Alcatraz Brewing Company in Orange.

A giant mural of San Francisco from the north and Coit Tower.

And even the Golden Gate Bridge in front.

And then to Dave & Busters. Ooh, they have my favorite ticket-giving game, Sea Wolf.

I love the multi-player Pac Man.

This was annoying. I landed on the 10 on both sides of the bonus multiple times, but never on the bonus, which leads me to believe the area the machine uses to calculate if you hit the bonus is disproportionately smaller than the other spots, even though it looks like the same area.

Part of our group.

Rocking out on Guitar Hero.

I went to drop off my library book on the south side of the library. I thought that little square in the bottom left was a drop-off slot, but nope; it's just a notice.

On the north side of the library they have a drive-by drop-off, though. Nice.

Ugh, it's such a pain dealing with the State Board at times, especially because they're so slow. I applied for a fictitious name permit way back in September. I called them and asked if it was a problem if the name wasn't exactly "Optometry" or "Optometric" and they said it should be OK but they'd let me know if it wasn't. I applied for a renewal in January and they called me and said they never issued an original. Then they sent this letter. Dated November? That was way after I applied and I never even got it. What a pain. So I can either change the name to "20/20 Optometric" or more likely do what a lot of other offices apparently do; use whatever name they want and then for the legal name have something like "Doctors of Optometry" at the end.

Big accident on the freeway. This guy's front was all smashed up...

... this guy was out of commission...

... and this guy was hit as well.

Oh, come on, they're out of the particular container I want and have tons of all the others. At least there are like 10 Walmarts around; I can just go to another one.

Going to the County Clerk office to get another Ficitious Name Permit. This time the first newspaper person soliciting outside I ran into said it would be $80 per week (you have to publish the announcement four weeks). I said no way, I paid under $100 in total last time. So she dropped it to $80 for it all. In five seconds I paid a quarter of the original price. I hope nobody actually pays that. I could have probably bargained a bit more, but that's about what most newspapers that I looked into charge, so I was OK with it.

Nothing good left any more.

Some of these strawberries are too big; they freak me out.

A free knife giveaway at Walmart. I doubt it's worth staying through the presentation for, though.

Hey, jerk, it's 20 items or less. He had alread moved a couple of columns of cat food containers to be rung up, too. It's 20 items, not 20 types of items.

Why does the bank have a methane room? I thought maybe that's where you go if there's a methane leak, like the doors are air-tight, but the farther sign says detection room, so I don't know.

A little band playing for Mardi Gras at the Farmer's Market.

Arg, this person is never, ever here or busy in the back when she is.

Checking out possible domain names. The "variatons you might want to consider" leave a lot to be desired.

They upgraded the Gun Bros game on my phone so you can play with other players now. However, it was a hindrance in this case because one of the daily objectives was to let the automated gun kill all the bad guys and this guy kept shooting them instead.

Haha, this is a great online game. You play through the Super Mario Bros game but with different characters from 80s video games, like Mega Man and Link and the guy from Contra. Just about to get the spread gun, oh yeah.

The Blood & Glory game on my phone, where you're a gladiator, has a fair number of different enemies. This is one of the harder ones because he'll do a bunch of spins.

These guys are pretty easy.

These are even easier.

I really like this guy's mask.

And this guy's.

Neat armor.

The guys with the poles are the toughest; it's really hard to predict which way they're going to attack.

I'll upgrade the codec, but I don't use the player at all, so it's annoying that's all this update is for.