2007 Jun #2 | registering for classes

About the only person I've seen on a bike here, except for an occasional group of people in the full biker setup.

They don't need a weather section in the summer. It should just say, "extremely hot and humid" all the time. If I have to do anything outside for more than about 3 minutes during the daytime, I'll be practically pouring sweat before I get done, even if I'm just standing there.

Why would you ever buy that little foot rest thing? Just keep your foot on the floor or if you want it raised a bit, use an old book. What a waste of money.

I was driving around and found a park that has a ton of pick-up soccer games. Unfortunately, they all seem to be Hispanic here, which means they came out of the womb bouncing a soccer ball on their feet and are therefore 100 times better than me. If I can't find any games with people closer to my skill level (i.e., worse) after school starts, I might check this place out again.

I saw this indoor gun range driving around in the same area.

And, after seeing what you can shoot, I'm going to definitely stop back at some point just to try out an uzi.

I had been parking on the upper part, but it doesn't have a full covering (only metal sheets) and also you have to go across a small walkway that I'm always scared I'm going to drop something from, so I think I'm going to park in the lower part of the lot.

My room is the top-left one in the part that sticks out.

I don't see why Wal-Mart bothers with the "decorative." Why not just call it "cheapest clock you will find, but it does the job?"

My dead toenail finally came off. Interestingly, it looks like a normal toenail had been growing underneath it. So as long as the new nail doesn't get ingrown or anything, it looks like my toe took care of itself.

Well, if that's what the cookie sheet I just used did to the towel, I wonder what it did to the cookies?

So I bought some new cookie sheets. I have no idea what's on these darker-looking cookie sheets and things, but food just slides right off. It probably causes cancer, because otherwise it would be too good to be true.

One annoying thing about working at a movie theater is that there are only about 10-20 ads that play all day long. This one is for the Houston Chronicle and she rhymes about how much she loves it. It was somewhat interesting the first time, but after hearing it 1000 times, it gets really old.

Argh, stop losing all your leaves!

Remember, always shake your plants before vacuuming, not after.

I try to avoid driving behind semis loaded with cars, just in case one should fall off.

I usually leave the A/C set at 80 when I'm gone. If I turn it completely off, it takes forever to get the humidity out when I turn it back on.

UH is transitioning to a new system for online access this year, and it's driving everyone nuts. I called the IT department, who said I needed to call PeopleSoft to get an ID. Apparently they only have 1 phone line or something because I kept getting a message. Finally after calling about 5 times I got a person who said I needed to call the IT department to get an email address which PeopleSoft could email a password to. So I called the IT department back and they said I would have to wait for a day until they could do that. So the next day I called them back and they set up my email, and then I called PeopleSoft back so they could email my password to the new email. And after all that, the registration on the website is still pretty messed up.

Ever get halfway through making a meal and thinking, "Hmm, if I stop now, I know I'll like it. But if I keep going, and put that little mix with it, it could be terrible."

Any kind of knife with a clear blade just seems like a bad idea.

At a McDonald's in a Wal-Mart near work, they menu sticks out over the counter. So when you go to order, you can't see it anymore, which drives me crazy. What if I forget what I want? I have to step back and try to figure it all out again.

I was filling gas one night and after it was done, the screen was too dark to see. I thought I was telling it I wanted a receipt, but apparently it was trying to sell me a car wash. If I got really close and squinted, though, I could make it out.

The booth at the theater, with all of the projectors. It's fun when there's a power outage because they all turn off, so we have to sprint upstairs and turn them all back on manually before people start leaving or complaining.

Well, that's nice; it got so hot and humid my rearview mirror fell off.

Most of the thunderstorms here are pretty small. They're usually over in a few hours.

Have Starburst always been non-randomized? There are always 3 of each kind. One one hand, I like being guaranteed 4 strawberry Starbursts, but on the other, it's just not as fun as opening a pack of those shark or dinosaur treats because there is no surprise.