2012 Feb 25 | The Standard rooftop

Oasys for $19.27 a box with a rebate? That's lower than we can buy them wholesale.

Come on, who needs a pan just to make a single egg? Talk about filling a non-existent need.

The middle three lanes were shut down here.

Ah, they're shooting a movie.

Something involving a car scene.

I heard what sounded like a gigantic bee and I freaked out. Turns out it was just a hummingbird. I've never been this close to one before.

Ooh, I love the smell of jasmine.

A few Mardi Gras decorations.

That's a fun license plate.

That's not a bad deal.

Pretty sunset by the ocean.

Shouldn't that say for employees who work here? What if I work somewhere else where I get my hands really dirty? Surely I don't have to clean my hands before returning to work if I'm going back to the sewage treatment plant and digging through the muck without gloves on right after I eat here.

It's really hard to see the screen on my phone when it's bright outside. I think a large part is due to the anti-scratch film I put over it. Shouldn't manufacturers make smart phones with anti-scratch built in? I've had to put a dumb film on every single phone I've ever owned.

When the highway is busy, it's often faster to take the local roads, like here.

Mike's, a fun little restaurant.

I like the big tub of ice cream in the snacks cooler.

Lots of pictures of hockey and boxing.

The train signal is useless; there's no train in sight and it's still on.

There's some ingenuity; use a power plug to tie the tree to the post. Maybe they were out of normal rope?

A lot of times when I get DMV referrals, they didn't even get the person's vision close. Here the patient is really 20/25 and 20/20 and the DMV said they were 20/70 and 20/100, sigh.

I guess you don't really say the "D" at the end very much.

At first I thought it was a sculpturer, but the cover says personal fitness. Still fitting.

The Standard is a downtown hotel.

Very cool outdoor seating area.

Fun couches, a DJ, a pool table, and a ping pong table.

An old organ at the entrance.

Their locations around the world.

We got a game of pool in before others arrived.

A huge vertical LED sign with thoughtful sayings on it.

A view of the area from above.

Looking down from the roof.

Pretty view of downtown.

This side had random seating.

The other side has these waterbed cabanas.

And a pool.

This side has a German beer garden.

Ooh, I remember those.

Part of our group.

A movie they show on the building across the street.

Another area with a dance floor and a fireplace.

Hmm... there might be a few green spots on this, but it's salami, so it's hard to tell; there are lots of random colors. Better safe than sorry, though.

Hey, that sounds interesting.

Oh, what crap. It's just a bunch of random quotes. Hell, I could write a book like that. Thankfully it's in the bargain section.

Putting in an edger.

I'd assume there are actually filters designed for this, but everyone I know uses pantyhose.

Hey! We were all standing in line waiting for the bus and this woman in purple butted in front of everyone.