2012 Apr 07 | poker, LA Beer Fest

Aw, the Mexican grocery store doesn't have the taco meal in a box; just the shells.

A bum with a big sign.

Aw, that's so sad.

Firetrucks in my way on the way to work.

Another poker game.

A straight on the board. Thankfully I had the queen. :D

Pocket aces is good, but she got a third queen on the river.

Four nines. Although I played this too slowly; I could have gotten a lot more out of him. And since he eventually won, it was a potentially game-changing hand. Oh well; it was still fun. :)

That's an interesting flop.

He made his straight, but his opponent made his flush.

Max switched into Unabomber mode when it got to two players, haha.


The whole area smells good because of these flowers.

Why wouldn't the grocery store allow photographs?

Eating at a new Mexican restaurant and she asked what size of chips I wanted: small, medium, or large. Last time I ate at a Mexican place the small was like four chips, so I ordered the medium. Which was huge; I ended up taking it to work and telling my coworkers to eat the rest.

Trying to remember what to do for a patient with a vertical imbalance caused by anisometropia and working out the math. I ended up just pushing his prescriptions closer to each other to reduce the aniso. Hopefully it works.

Could be clean, like Cooking God, or really dirty, like Loves Cock and God.

Not really sure what that one means. I thought it'd be good to make fun of the Hummer stereotype and get something for "small penis," but then you'd have to make up a believable story for why you want those letters and hope the DMV doesn't catch it. Maybe SMLPNS and say you own a company call "Smile Pens."

I love when the blimp flies over downtown.

Someone wrote him a note about parking poorly. Although I think that's actually very good for these small spaces.

The One Minute Sales Person. It has some good ideas, but it's extremely short and has big print. Honestly, you could make this a one-page summary if it wasn't in a story format.

But then nobody would pay $20 for it.

And look at all these other books he's written. Honestly, I could write a book like this in a few hours. The hard part is getting it popular in the sea of books out there.

A lot of people have noticed these ads. 22 packets of sugar, yum.

Guys playing cards in the park.

All of the male pigeons were courting the females non-stop. They'd walk around all puffed up and cooing like crazy.

"Plus up?"

Pretty flowers.

What is this?


I walked from The Farmer's Market to Paramount Pictures along Melrose. It was a little under a 4-mile walk, but it was a gorgeous day and it was easier to check out all of the shops while walking rather than driving or even taking a bus.

There weren't many that I would shop in, though. A bit too expensive.

Selling bonzai trees out of the back of his pickup.

The LA Beer Fest had two sessions: 12-3 and 5-8. I went to the later one, but it was fun watching the drunks from the first session trying to walk down the sidewalk. Some were doing much better than others.

They actually opened the gates an hour early, which was nice. The line to get in stretched around the block.

A present left from someone who drank a bit too much at the earlier sesson. It was fun watching people walk along and see if they'd step in in.

Some people had pretzel necklaces. I'll have to remember that for next year.

The first so many people got a ticket for a free cupcake.

There were a bunch of food trucks in the outer area.

"Excuse me, sir, where are you going?" "Uh, following her." Unfortunately I didn't have a vendor badge to get in early.

One part of the festival. While they opened the outer gate at 4, they didn't actually let people into the booths until 5.

A big line for cupcakes.

I had just eaten, so I didn't need one yet. I saved my ticket until right at the end of the festival.

Some of the other food trucks.

Interesting sausage types.

Waiting to get in.

They threw out hads to the crowd.

My first beer of the festival!

More people with cool pretzel necklaces.

Bah, I'm here for the more exotic, new beers; I'm not going to try anything I've had before.

This was only the front area.

Ooh, Wyder's, one of my favorites. I'll have to come back for this one.

Down an alley to the rest of the booths.

The beers with goofy names and double entendres get a bit old after a while.

Although one of the women working there was pretty aggressive with putting stickers on people. She tried to put them right on the guy's crotches, haha.

Not beer, but still free.

Uh oh, I'm running out of room to hold things.

A fun photo board.

An app that has drink specials at these bars.

Aw, I thought this was a bouncy house when I first saw it. Nope, just a tent.

A stand that looked like a keg.

A photobooth in a truck.

I'm not going to stand behind her in any lines.

Most booths had multiple varieties to try.

Lots of medals.

Chun Li doesn't really fit the theme, but whatever.

People dressed up in Mexican outfits.

And pirates.

Probably my favorite dressed up group. They were in appropriate costumes and they were really fun.

Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar, was in this building with everyone singing along with them.

A useful landmark.

This was really neat: a roll-up beer coozie which works like the 80s slap bracelets.

A live band.

Uh oh, they've had a bit too much.

Some of the booths gave out stickers. This woman was covered in them.

If you made three in a row, you got a free t-shirt. I only saw one person get one, though.

People dancing to Power 106.

There were a ton of porta potties, but the lines were still fairly long for the ones in the back near most of the booths. These up front had much shorter lines, though.

Aw man, I'm like three people away from getting some Wyder's cider and they shut it down.

People trying to catch a cab. Thankfully I could just take two buses to get home.

My swag.

The beers I tried. No new winners, but it was still a fun time.