2012 Apr 14 | Echo Mountain hike, Lindsay / Sam / Tony birthday party

Sunday we went on a hike to Echo Mountain.

The entrance gate.

There are lots of different trails here.

2.5 miles, not bad.

Our group.

Looking down from a higher part of the trail.

Stopping for a break under some shade.

A shortcut, but a little too steep for me.

Pretty view over the valley.

Looks like there was a landslide here.

And we're at the top.

Pieces of the railway.

A panorama from the top.

Downtown LA in the distance.

Taking a break.

A shot with me.

And facing the other way.1

A house used to be here.

Only the foundation is left.

At first I thought this was a way to communicate with someone on the other side, but it's actually an echo enhancer, although I couldn't get it to work.

Nothing left of these.

More railway pieces.

What it used to look like.

The group headed down.

Downtown LA again.

A pretty sunset.

The group way over on the right.

We followed the trail on the left.

And one more sunset pic.

Pumpkin cutie, I'm guessing. Fits the color.

Uh oh, this road is never jammed up. Must be an accident.

I can see the traffic clearing out and some police lights around the bend.

Everybody packed into the emergency breakdown and far left lanes.

I wonder how that happened.

A pretty cloud.

Sunset by downtown.

These Sketchers are by far the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. They're starting to fall apart, though, so I bought some new ones just like them. The new ones are really stiff, though, so hopefully they soften up after I break them in a bit.

I bought a rope lighting kit from a thrift store a few months ago. Didn't really know what I'd do with it, but figured I might think of something, and at a couple of bucks, I couldn't pass it up. This is one possibility I'm trying out.

This is my cell phone. The dcim folder is where the pictures are stored, but I only know that because I've had cameras before that store pictures as dcim. Otherwise, how would someone know that's the pictures folder? They should have named it pictures.

Usually the bus drivers are pretty good, but this time he got stuck in the intersection and blocked traffic.

I was buying alcohol for Jell-O shots. The woman in front of me in line at the grocery store said, "That's a lot of liquor." Before I could reply, the clerk saidm "It's 30% off if you buy six or more." I didn't even know that, so good timing. Also, I had exactly six bottles, but the one didn't work for the sale, and the clerk said I should run and exchange it for one that did. Nice guy.

Last time I made Jell-O shots was in Sweden. There was only one store in all of Stockholm that I saw Reddi-wip in, and they only had two cans of it. Versus this in America.

This is annoying. I ordered something to be delivered overnight, but the delivery guy left a notice instead of leaving the package outside my door like they usually do. If I order it overnight, you'd think they'd realize I want it ASAP. So I had to drive to the FedEx center in the evening to get it.

A cool building downtown.

Even with all of the wrong way signs, I still didn't notice them for quite a while because they're not straight ahead and they're partially obstructed by the poles.

Nice mural.

Interesting licenese plate.

Can you guess the ethnicity of the people driving this car? If you guessed black, you are correct.

Aw, I was almost done making the Jell-O shots and I spilled one. So close to perfect.

This is annoying. This guy is trying to turn left at the exit from the grocery store, while the other guy and I are trying to turn right. If he'd be a little farther left we could squeeze past him, but instead he's blocking our way. Especially annoying because it took forever for traffic to be clear in both directions.

That's a lot of mattresses.

Cooking some mouth-watering meat.


The Jell-O shots I made.

My favorite of the new varieties: Andes chocolate mints in grape.

Lindsay had a bit of difficulty eating this one.

Playing "Never never have I ever..." during King's Cup. Apparently I've done way too much.

No worries, that's not a cut on his head, just lipstick.

This picture is actually out of focus, and it's very uncool to have in a room where people are drinking. It messed with my head at least a few times.

Aw, how cute, someone put a glow bracelet on the dog.

Honestly, what kind of nerds play chess at a party?

Deep in thought.

DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!! This is probably the only time I'll beat Keith, ever, so I need proof.

Oh man, they're playing without a clock. This game went on way too long.

Playing Asshole and some board game.

Ping pong in the garage.

Keith is good at this as well as chess.

Sam giving it a shot.

"Crunches like an apple, tastes like a grape." Hmm.

These strawberries are massive. I'm a little scared to try them; they seem so mutated.

They said I have to go here and register another account. But when I do, I get an error. Great.