2012 Apr 21 | skis at thrift store, Regency theaters, poker

The road is closed off.

Because there were tons of bicyclers.

That's attention-getting.

Aw, so cute.

You don't see many rich people with bumper stickers like this.

Interesting sculpture.

A bunch of little dogs hanging out while their owner / handler shops.

I wonder if that plate was hard to get.

A DSL modem? I wonder if anybody even uses those any more.

This is one of those things where you know there's a number to call, but you'd never remember it because you only use it a few times in your life.

A fun-looking video game store.

The lightning reminds me of the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Cute license plate.

I met a coworker at Quiznos. Turns out they keep coupons in a desk at work, so she gave me an extra. Nice.

Mobile tanning? I couldn't imagine that actually working as a business.

Lots of free onions outside this thrift store.

Free Bibles, too.

Lots of cheap books, but mostly Christian ones.

At first I thought this was about going to the beach, but appears to be for solar electricity.

Ooh, those are some good-looking skis.

And they're even close to my size. I think I usually wear 170s, so these are only a bit longer.

I hope that's not $799 because that's close to what they'd go for new, and some thrift store actually price valuable items pretty high.

Not sure if these are the matching boots, but they're close, and even better, they fit. The pink lining indicates they're womens, but I don't really care.

The Regency theaters in Pasadena has movies for only $3, and they have a special for 1 ticket, 1 drink, and 1 small popcorn for $5.

And then hotdogs for $1 a piece. Now that's a great deal.

The cap on this contact lens solution was pretty tight. I couldn't even get it off with my teeth. I don't think it's going to resist a channel lock, though.

It makes it easier when they have a license plate holder that tells you what the plate says.

I like the idea of bike lanes, but they don't work very well even when they're wide enough. You have to cross it to get into the turning lane, and when they're a mix of cars and bikes, it makes it pretty messy.

Hmm... I don't know about this. I make a lot of food with cream of mushroom or cream of chicken. So either this would save me the hassle of buying different cans or it would make all the food taste kind of weird.

Wow, a McLaren. Those aren't cheap.

Vaginal rejuvenation? Really?

A lot of the medical marijuana dispensaries had specials for 4/20. I'd love to go and grab all the freebies, especially things like a drawstring backpack and a water bottle, but I have to work and I'm sure all the potheads would have snatched up the goodies by the time I was done.

I wonder how many people try to get that plate.

This dental office has a big play room for kids that even includes video game cabinets.

This is what happens when you assume you have enough of some ingredients at home, only to get home and realize you have used way more tater tots that you remembered.

That is quite a large bag of chips.

A full house versus a full house. Actually, this night had more full houses than I've ever seen.

Our group.

Even though Dmitry isn't playing, Joanna still wants all the green chips.

A split pot because they had the same hole cards.

Yeah, I won! Although only because the couple who was destroying everyone in the beginning left.

That's a really cool lamp, but it's $65. Come on, this is a thrift store; it should be like $5 so I can buy it!

Although I did find two Guitar Hero guitars for $5, and they normally cost $40-50 on ebay. Nice.