2012 Apr 28 | Watts Towers, Howl at the Moon

I like the home-made-out-of-cardboard shade they made for this. Works just as well as some expensive custom piece.

Big line at Sprint; must be a new phone coming out.

That's fitting for California.

$10 for a tie in a thrift store? They're normally $2-3.

Ooh, these are neat jeans; shiny gray. Unfortunately they're shorts, not full length.

Nintendo 64 in a McDonald's?

Sure enough, there it is.

Maybe local?

This thrift store had some really cool mannequins in the front windows.

They were made by some design company.

Interesting head.

That would be a fun mask to wear, although you'd probably poke people.

Found a really cheap 60" TV on Craigslist. A guy was being forced to move out of his apartment in three days because his landlord wanted to live in his apartment instead. He didn't want to deal with moving the TV, so he was selling it.

This is the phone everyone was in line at the Sprint Store for: the Galaxy Nexus from Google. It has a higher resolution screen than the iPhone4. Although compared to the phone I already have on the right, I really don't see that much more information on the screen and the phone itself is bigger so it doesn't fit as comfortably in my hand.

Although it does have Google Wallet, which is cool. You can just tap your phone on the credit card reader at a store to pay. However, it's not on all the credit card machines and very few phones have it so they're unlikely to upgrade the credit card machines just for this.

The Bradbury building downtown.

It's been in a lot of movies with Blade Runner being the most well-known.

Very neat interior.

A mural on the other side of the road.

The Angels Flight Railway, a very short funicular railway in downtown.

I wonder if you can take pictures of people on phones and turn them in.

Aw, stuck on a hill behind some semis with one lane blocked off.

Most Walmarts let you camp in the parking lots, but most don't put cones around their vehicles.

Ooh, shiny.

I'm surprised that made it through the vetting process. It's be especially cool if his last name was Won.

The large is only ten cents more; why would anyone get the regular drink?

Probably the person's name, but I first thought of Yoshi from Super Mario World.

I wonder if there's a dad's truck, too.

What a jerk. His dog pooped on the sidewalk and he didn't clean it up.

I walked by later and at least one person had stepped in it.

Lots of bums around here, so you have to use a token to use the bathroom.

San Pedro Wholesale Mart. Just driving by, but I might have to check it out some time.

It's pretty daring standing that far out. One of my coworkers in San Francisco had his foot run over while standing on the corner, so now I always stay a few feet back.

How annoying. There were cops parked on both sides of this street, taking up two lanes that nobody is supposed to park in during rush hour. They could have at least parked on the same side.

A surprise birthday cake at the LACOS board meeting.

I went to the Houston Symphony once with Monica, and from then on I got calls and letters from them incessantly. They finally stopped calling after I repeatedly asked them to stop, and I thought I was done with them when I moved to California, but apparently they tracked me here. They're like bBounty hunters.

Kind of creepy finding an empty ziplock taped to the inside of a box.

Now that I think about it, it was probably a bad idea to park right at the bottom of the ramp. If someone had a really heavy package on a cart and lost control of it, the Jeep would have a huge dent.

Dumb car was change machine gave me $1 coins. Nobody wants these things.

Out of all the vehicles that stop at all railroad crossings, I think a giant moving bomb should definitely do so.

Just found out the numbers on the bumpers of some cars are for the Transportation Charter Party, which licenses limousines and charter buses.

Now you're going to be really late for wherever you were going.

I checked out the Watts Towers on Friday afternoon.

They were built by Sabato Rodia from 1921 to 1954.

Watts isn't exactly a great neighborhood, so I was a little apprehensive going there. However, the only other people there were three very smartly-dressed black gentlemen whom I took a group picture of standing in front of the towers. They were extremely nice and very interested in the history of the area. Ironically, the worst people there were two white cops on bikes. I was trying to get a good shot of a plane through a heart, which required me to be in the perfect position (pretty hard, too; I'd have to kind of estimate where the plane was going, then run around a bit more to get it inside the heart), and right when the biggest/closest plane of the entire time I was there was coming, the cops came flying down the dead-end road (where traffic shouldn't even be) and I had to jump out of the way. They didn't stop or even slow down; just blew right by me. That would have been a much better shot than the one I got, too.

A sculpture in front of the art center.

I've seen lots of food trucks, but that's the first boba truck I've seen.

Haven't seen one of these signs in quite a while.

Downtown LA from the south.

Yeah! All of the old video games and systems and controllers that mom sent.

All you need is a little wire to tie up the muffler and you'll be fine.

Ooh, they're shooting a movie scene right in front of my apartment.

There they go.

They're trying to expand the subway to the west of Koreatown, but that's where all of the rich people live, so they're trying to stop it.

Same with the bus routes. Big hole where the rich people live in Hollywood Hills.

I won a party to Howl at the Moon for no cover and two drinks for $1, so I invited some friends.

A late birthday present for Lindsay and Sam: Settlers of Catan, a board game they like that I found at a thrift store for $3. Hopefully most of the pieces are there.

A group shot with me.

I brought a bunch of funny hats for people to wear.

A girl getting a test-tube shot.

Me doing the same.

I much prefer the Halloween series of Angry Birds to some of the other season ones because it's easier. I want to beat the levels after one or two tries, not after 20+ like most of the Christmas levels.

Dumb GPS wanted me to take 405 north until I forced it to change. 405 is the most congested highway in the city and would have taken much longer than the local roads.

I hate when it does this, too. Why the zig-zag onto Olympic? Just go straight to Pico and turn directly onto it. I could see if I was going to save 5-10 minutes, but it takes the same time.

Ugh, 20 minutes to go 2 miles.