2012 May 06 | poker

Got the gaming systems from Mom, and the Nintendo 64 adapter is the old-school RF adapter.

Thankfully the TV has that, although you can also by the A/V composite cable.

Breakdown in the carpool lane.

And this is why you drive a bit more carefully in the rain.

Backed up a lot of traffic.

I was wandering around the thrift store and a coworker had mentioned she was looking for teacups, so I took pictures of the ones I saw and showed them to her so she could go and buy them if she liked them.

Hey, wait a second...

... the panel is labeled "2" but it's actually a different one. Thankfully I noticed that before putting it on.

And some more errors: the "J" pins are labelled "I" on the bag.

I hate when companies lie on packages. "Important time-sensitive information" turned out to be some minor policy change that I didn't have any choice in anyway.

I wonder if "offline" is taken.

Went to some CE Sunday morning and their survey asked why we attended this one, but they left off the real reason for me: it was free.

It was actually a really good one, though. The speakers were entertaining, didn't always agree, and gave lots of useful real-world advice. I always enjoy when I come out of CE feeling like I actually learned information that makes me a better doctor rather than just checking off the requirements.

It always makes me happy to see the blimp over downtown.

Aw, that's a nice plate: live well.

And poker on Sunday night.

Lots of intensive betting and it ends in a split pot anyway.

Two full houses, AAAJJ and AAJJJ.

That's a scary set of cards.

And that's interesting. I actually won this hand because I had a pair for hole cards.

$180.99 for Mario Kart 64? I hope nobody actually pays that. Some really rare games might be worth it, but this one you can get for under $20.