2012 May 12 | SCCO BBQ, TV shows

I wonder what in the world messed up this quarter so much.

Aw, 3 kids are loved.

This was killing traffic. I think some guy hit the semi. What was crazy was the semi driver was beside his truck, basically in traffic, yelling at the guy who hit him.

I noticed this car on the road in front of me. It went a different direction, I drove for an hour, and then I saw it again.

Lots of open land on the top of the hill. You'd think someone would have put houses up there by now.

I went to SCCO's end-of-year BBQ Friday night as a representative of LACOS. It was a bit weird; the last time I was here I was an applicant.

The students had cards to ask the doctors questions and get signed off for a raffle prize.

That's a cool idea: a tree made out of pineapples stacked on top of each other with fruit skewers in the sides.

Lots of drinks.

Hey, wait, don't let the kids steal all the beer!

Even got some free chocolates for showing up.

Poker at David's. I found a random bag of poker chips at a thrift store for $10, and since he hosts these, I figured I'd buy them for him. I almost kept them, though, since they're much higher quality than mine.

Joanna made little hot dogs on sticks. They went around once and then David ate them all, haha.

We got done around 2am, which is when Busby's, a bar nearby, closes down. Way too many too-drunk Asians stumbling around.

A customer brought these into the store saying he had problems when he looked to the side in these glasses even though his regular glasses were perfect. A normal lens has a base curve of 6. Sunglasses which are more wrapped have higher base curves, although it's not recommened to put prescriptions in base curves about 8 because of distortion. These were a base curve of 12. I'm surprised any optician would do that.

Vic markered the edges of the lenses to see if blocking the periphery would help, but it wasn't much.

Metal lover, I'm guessing.

Aw, this is my favorite burger joint in LA, and it looks like it's closed.

These have always been my favorite frames in the office. I think they're really cool, but they're just too wide for my face. Today a customer who has a bunch of really neat frames bought them. I'm a bit sad to see them go, but I'm glad they went to him.

That makes sense on a Prius, but it'd be funnier on a Hummer.

That seems more like a beach vehicle than a highway one.

Ooh, a Skechers factory store. I wonder if I can take my new shoes that are way stiffer than my old ones in and see if they have the same style in something softer.

I really like this gum in the little square packs because it fits in the console of the Jeep well; why do they have to put it in different packaging now?

I like this.

I went to see the Avengers in this theater. Movies are only $5 here. My coworkers said it's always empty, but for this movie, there was a line 45 minutes beforehand.

OK, that's a bit fake.

Haven't watched any TV shows in quite a while. The one thing that bothers me about storage wars is they just make up their value; they could be totally off.

I swear, they look for the dumbest / weirdest people in Repo Games. Although I love how the participants don't even seem to care that they're about to lose their car because they're so happy to see the hosts and be on TV.

I still like Leno more than Letterman.

Ooh, I'm there.

This looks like a really nice telescope to be in a thrift store. Unfortunately it didn't have a price tag on it. I wonder what they want for it.

This woman was arguing with the cop who gave her the ticket. She stated the sign said she could park here. Which is true, except she parked along a red curb, not in the parking spot. The fact that all the other spots are metered and this area isn't should have tipped her off.

I like this tech, but her medical English isn't the best. I hope that's an appendix that was removed 70 years ago.

Sigh, so close.

What a bunch of BS. There are tons of alternative routes; look at all those other roads! They aren't highways, and they'd be about 10 minutes slower, but they are still alternatives.

Usually the "hours" section lists the hours they are open each day. This is not so helpful.

Why is a room with two beds cheaper than a room with one?

When I went to the Amazon home page, I got this, and the same thing happened when I clicked on the link they provided. I was worried about some sort of virus, but the scan I ran said there wasn't one, and now it's back to normal. Weird. I think I'm going to watch my accounts a little more carefully for a while just in case.