2012 May 25 | solar eclipse, MOCA, Glow Lounge

Out watching the eclipse. I almost didn't make it because we had a patient scheduled late in the day who couldn't make it earlier because she had church in the afternoon.

There were a few other people trying to watch it, but they didn't have eclipse glasses, so all you saw was glare.

I had some extras, so I went and gave them to them.

A bunch of people sharing my glasses.

I picked this spot so I could see downtown. However, the eclipse glasses were way too dark to see anything else. I guess if I want to see any of the background in the picture I'd need a different type of camera filter.

Right around the maximum for Los Angeles.

Going away.

One unexpected benefit of having downtown in the distance was when the sun went across the top of buildings, you could see the stuff on top of them outlined.


More building-top items.

And almost done.

Interesting graffiti.

A rather pretty view of downtown from the east. The bridge has signs saying keep your eyes on the road. Maybe too many people are looking at the view?

Neat car.

With an appropriate license plate.

It took too long to get the teriyaki out last time, so this time I just pulled the plug out.

I like the corner of this building.

Ali and I ate at the Pantry Cafe, a popular breakfast spot.

It's almost always packed with a line out the door.

The menu is on the wall.

And if you sit here, you can watch them make your food.

I wonder what the soda bottle in the spout of the RV is for?

The Museum of Contemporary Art is free on Thursdays.

Pretty water.

Lots of colorful string on the ceiling.

Random items.

Hmm... I wonder what this means.

A couple of statues. Overall, I wasn't that impressed with the museum, but it was nice it was free.

No way am I taking the 405 at rush hour; it's all red. Definitely gonna find alternate routes for this.

Neat tree.

We went to an open bar at the Mariott Marina del Rey. The pipe for a urinal in one of the bathrooms is a little tilted. That's something I'd probably do, mis-calculating how far the pipes go into each other, but a professional should have been more accurate.

Glow lounge.

Our group.

They had three types of drinks that were free.

Ooh, a notice from the DMV that the license plates I ordered and paid for back in August are here.

Playing some old video games. I remember I hated how you get stuck on everything in Extreme-G 2.

Although you can also win by killing all the other players rather than getting first in the race.

I got excited about a rooftop pool bar until I realized it was probably a swimming pool, not a billiard table.

A sand sculpture for the LA Kings hockey team.

A warning about the safety vest bandit. It says he's robbed six stores at gunpoint. I'm surprised they haven't caught him yet. That's a pretty serious crime and they have all these pictures of him.

This is annoying. I typed in my phone number but typed it wrong. The machine then said it'd give me a discount anyway. What's the point of me having an account then?

Our bus driver stopped here, which isn't a bus stop, wandered into a store, bought something, and then came back.

Pretty top of the building.

Aw, man, I spilled fluorescein all over my shirt. Thankfully it washes out.

This bum took minutes to count out and organize the change needed for a drink at Burger King. I ended up buying him a hamburger and fries.

This thrift store often has interesting / cool / creepy displays in the windows.

This is confusing. The bottom-left has an emblem that says "Police Interceptor" but there's a sticker for marine corps on the window. If it's a real cop car, I wouldn't think they'd let the marine sticker be on it, and if it's not, then I'd think they'd make him remove the interceptor emblem.