2012 Jun 02 | Labor Day VB, GoldenEye, Gilmore Heritage Auto Show

Monday I saw a few patients in the morning and then went to play volleyball in Sherman Oaks.

They were having a potluck BBQ with the games.

Grilling up some burgers and hot dogs.

Nice jump.

Over two blockers.

Watch out for other players!

Same thing here.

Almost blocks it.

Nice serve.

Running for it.

Good hit.

Fighting at the net.

Uh oh, somebody ran into the poles holding up the net and knocked it down.

I was sitting around and all of the sudden saw a pin sticking out of my new shirt that I'd already worn a few times. I must have missed it when I was taking them out; I'm feeling lucky I didn't get stuck by it.

Some old cars.

Wait, that could be pretty nasty, like long orgasm 69. How did they let that through?

Ah, it's the name of the dealership and it must be one of their many courtesy vehicles.

At the DMV to get my new plates. Of course I park close to somebody practicing backing into a spot. Thankfully there was a space between us because he wasn't doing to well.

They're supposed to open at 8am, and they just started letting people in at 8:15. That's not good.

However, the line for appointments was short and moved pretty fast, I got my plates quickly, and I was out of there by 8:28, by far the fastest DMV appointment I've had here.

After a 9-month wait, I finally got my personalized plates. I really just wanted the whale background, but I thought you had to have a personalized plate for that, although now I think you might not. I couldn't think of anything great, so I decided to go with CN2TO7 for cranial nerves 2 to 7, which is what I deal with. Fairly cryptic, but a few biology people might figure it out.

The whale goes well with my happy shark on the other side.

When I'm walking out of my apartment, I have just a few seconds where I'm completely out of range of my wifi, so it uses 3G, and not yet in the garage, when I don't get a signal. So if I didn't look something up, like my driving route, in my apartment, I just have a tiny window to hit it.

Astrid Tasks is so cute; when you complete a task or do something new it gets all excited.

The one thing I don't like about the alternative routes function on my cell phone is I can't tell it to go through a certain point. On regular Google Maps, I could drag a spot on the route to tell it I want to go south first and then Pico east, instead of going east and then south. On the app, though, there's no way to do that that I know of.

Some people doing goofy advertising for Daniel Tosh.

Watching the UFC fight at a Hooters near my apartment. It was nice I was alone; there was a huge line of people waiting to get in, but I asked if they had any spots at the bar, and I got the last one.

ooh, that's a pretty dessert.

Interesting entrance to Fry's.

A giant octopus in there.

This is a little more disgusting.

Angry Birds are everywhere. Those are some pretty big stuffed animals, too.

The definition of OCD is when it starts affecting your normal activities. In this case, having the volume at this level is actually too loud for me, but then volume slider matches up vertically with the "l" in volume, so that's where I put it.

Cute fish lamp.

Oh man, I'd drive this snake toy around all day long.

This soap smelled amazing, but there's no label on it, so I have no idea if I could actually find it.

Filming some fitness TV show.

That seems a bit discriminatory; they only rent to women or couples. And at the end I thought it said not if you're vicious, but I guess it's actually not if you have vices.

Our Nintendo 64 GoldenEye 007 gaming session.


Having a little fun. The guy on the right is actually the third best GoldenEye player in the entire world.

Mario Kart 64 for fun at the end. The guy in the middle is like the fifth best player in the world and runs the website for the world record time trials.

The 18th annual Gilmore Heritage Auto Show at the Farmer's Market on Saturday.

Lots of neat old cars.

That's fun.

Very pretty Corvette.

Some of the side mirrors had neat engravings.

An old firetruck.

I like the doors on this one.

This was probably my favorite car there.

Neat paint job.