2012 Jun 17 | sidewalk chalk festival, VB with West LA, Triton, All Levels

The guy in the wheelchair is in the middle of traffic even after the light changes. He wasn't trying to cross or anything; just hanging out in the middle of the street. I've seen him do it before, too. How annoying.

The leftover strips of paper on the left look light a woman holding her left hand facing palm upwards.

I went to check out the LAC + USC county hospital since that's where I refer some patients.

A metal detector in a hospital? Come on. Especially because they guy in front of me was on metal crutches and they made him hop through it without them; that's just cruel.

The free parking structures are pretty packed; I drove all the way up, all the way down, and then just hung out in a certain area for five minutes until I could follow someone who was leaving and take their spot. Nearby was this lot for $5 for the entire day. For the whole day, that's amazingly cheap.

This building has a bunch of helicopters on top. I wonder what they are for.

I wonder if this person is a teacher or scientist.

Mommy, I'm guessing.

Another dumb vehicle sitting in the driving lane, only this time it's a delivery vehicle. I can understand they have a job to do, and if they park farther away for every stop they have to make it would waste a ton of their time, but it's still annoying.

A semi making a turn. The guy in the left turn lane was smart; he had seen the semi even before it started to turn and stayed back in his lane. I like aware drivers.

Hollywood movie props. I like the dinosaurs.

Free to be. But does the "T" at the end have anything to do with it? Or is it just because someone else had free to be?

That's a screwy way to get onto the highway.

McDonald's has a Living Social deal? Those are mostly used by small companies trying to get more clients; I don't think McDonald's will benefit all that much.

At the movie theater there was a wheel you could spin to win stuff. We won some small movie posters.

The entrance to the theaters where they take your tickets is on the right. However, I saw a few people just duck under the ropes on the right and walk straight in without paying.

This was interesting. A guy on the street is projecting a movie onto the side of the building out of his truck.

Some of the old video games Mom sent didn't work, like Mortal Kombat II. I guess Ron and I beat on the game too much with our controllers when we lost to each other.

A roach that was in the office. The women were terrified of it, so I guess I'm the official roach remover. I didn't want to squish it, though, so I carried it outside. Unfortunately one of its legs fell off; hopefully it was still OK.

People playing the little video game stations at McDonald's: a little kid on the right and an old man on the left.

I've been trying to find some new shoes, but no luck so far. Tried places like Nordstrom's Rack, DSW, Santee Alley (which is especially annoying because all of the little shops have the exact same shoes), and even the little mini-mall where Monica and I found my last ones. That place didn't have any good ones, but across the street and down a block was another mini-mall, and this one did have some that I liked. Hopefully they work well.

Lots of volleyball this weekend. First was with a new group, West LA, although there were a few people I've played with before here.

It was much more beginner-friendly than the other VB groups. There were some people who were completely new and some who were fairly decent, but nobody who was really good, which was nice.

Vysal is the organizer of the group, and he was really fit, not to mention pretty good at VB and very helpful.

That afternoon I went to Pasadena for their sidewalk chalk festival. However, there was an outdoor music festival going on just down the street, so I checked that out. It was really packed.

Some people dancing.

That's a smart way to haul around samples; much easier than carrying them in your hands.

Big canvases that anyone could paint on.

The main stage was super-crowded.

One of the bands.

The sidewalk chalk art festival.

This one's just cute.

Pretty impressive one of an alien.

The artists got pretty covered in chalk.

Smoothing out the colors with his hand.

Probably my favorite.

A marriage proposal. Neat idea. I wonder what she said? He should add that at the bottom.

I like the simplicity of this one.

He's using a big brush of black for something. Maybe they are buildings? That's cheating, though.

A lot of people were asking this guy if this picture was approved.

Nice little area.

The Pasadena court house.

Saturday night I had another videogame party at my place. Playing Super Smash Brothers, a game I never got into.

And GoldenEye. The surprise hit of the night was 5-player Bomberman.

Doan wasn't sure where to park, so he parked in this laundromat. However, we were all pretty sure he'd get towed, so he and I ran out to move it. Unfortunately, when we got there, the gate was locked with his car inside. We tried yelling to the owner, but he just ignored us.

I saw this little hole in the wall, though, so we crawled through and walked in. I said Doan wasn't from around here and didn't know about not being able to park there, and after the owner yelled at us a bit, he agreed to let Doan's car out when he left. We got really lucky on the timing; a few minutes later and the owner would have been gone since he was closing the place down for the night.

Later that night we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. One girl kept trying to use her employee discount, but the store refused to take it. She yelled at them for quite a while, but they finally figured it out. An hour later, we called them up, and it turns out they didn't even take the order. So I jumped in the Jeep and went to Little Cesear's. I figured they closed at midnight, but they actually closed at 11:00, and it was 10:58 when I got to the door. Thankfully there were three pizzas left, so I grabbed those.

Doan and Emily ended up crashing on my couches for the night. They wanted to watch a movie, so we watched The Fifth Element. We finally got to bed at 4am, but I got them up at 6am because I had to get to volleyball. This was with another new group, Triton down in Huntington Beach. Marie Grace had played with them before and said they were pretty fun.

They played doubles, which I was a little wary of since I prefer threes or fours as I'm not very good.

However, I teamed up with Lisa and we were pretty close in skill, so that was nice. We got beat, but we usually at least kept it pretty close, so it was fun.

I took off around noon from that VB group to go to another one, All Levels up in Santa Monica.

This is a more intermediate-level group which usually plays in threes. So I had a nice variety of VB this weekend: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Alice is always very appreciative of the pictures I take, which is nice.

An interesting car that was parked in the lot.

That's a weird place for a tent.

Aw, the dog's looking out the back window.

A furry named Jeff?

That's a neat old car.

I had no idea there were so many events at the movie theater downtown.

The time-consuming part of putting up volleyball pictures: making sure I put up at least a few of everybody and not too many of one person. I usually go through and pick out the best ones, but then I do this so if I only got one really good picture of someone, I go back through and try to find at least a few others of them, even if they're not quite as good.