2012 Jun 23 | Wicked Fairytales Ball, VB with Triton, Reddit Global Meetup

"I kiss to you?" I don't know.

I wonder if he's an Indian.

I'm surprised they allowed this billboard.

There's construction on part of the road, but it's pretty obvious where you have to go. I don't think they actually need a cop directing traffic, especially since he basically just follows the lights.

Pretty hill.

Great wall mural.

Quality control? But that doesn't make sense with a coach. Maybe it's his initials.

If your business uses foreign characters in its name, how do you register that, do taxes, etc? I doubt the computers used have those characters.

I like the white arches in the middle of this church.

A church of Scientology.

Their little street is even L Ron Hubbard.

Maybe its a cover for an electrical panel.

I like how they make this area look like a little park.

"Bathroom, it's easy being a man."

Sigh, I ordered this shirt online, got the package, and was a little too aggressive in opening it with the scissors. I just barely cut off the top of the envelope, but apparently that was too much.

Friday night was a Wicked Fairytales Ball. I decided to go as Jack and the Beanstalk. I had planned on wrapping ivy around me to look like a beanstalk, but it looked pretty dumb. Then I thought I could paint a stalk on my front, but I have no artistic talent, so it would just have been a green line. I finally thought of getting a body painter to do it. I looked around a bit on Google, Yelp, and Craigslist, but couldn't really find anybody. Finally I called around and one place said they only do face paintings but recommended Jamie Graden. I called her up and she was available Friday evening, so she came over and did it. It took her over an hour, but I think it came out really well.

With a few accessories. A plastic axe (which was initially all silver, but I spray painted the handle black) and a golden harp I made out of cardboard, twine, and gold spray paint.

One of the dancers at the party.

Ooh, Becherovka. I haven't had this in forever.

Getting a spanking.

A shot of the crowd.

The Boulet Brothers.

Miss Kitty.

A drink-off.

The crowd outside.

Dude, don't stare quite so much.

You could go up to the mirror and it would tell you things, from giving you a free drink to saying you need a spanking.

The final dance off.

I think taking off her top...

... helped her win.

Couldn't stay out too late, though, since I had to get up early for volleyball.

A beautiful jump serve.

Bump, set, spike.

The guy in blue said he was really thankful for my pictures. That'll definitely get me to take more pictures of you.

I asked someone to get some pictures of me, too.

Since I was playing volleyball early the next morning, I didn't bother to shower the paint off. I was surprised it held up so well, but I took a lot of breaks to take pictures, so I didn't sweat too much.

All the other cars were scared to park on these tracks, but that gate is padlocked shut, so I don't think any trains will be coming through any time soon.

They didn't have any signs saying the ramp was closed, so you had to take the highway in the other direction and then turn around on an exit.

If that 6 at the front were a 4, it'd say awful. So close.

Saturday afternoon was the Global Reddit Meetup in Griffith Park.

They had races on the inflatable obstacle course. I was too late for them, though, due to volleyball.

Playing Apples to Apples.

A woman was face painting reddit memes on people.

There was a lot of food.

Tons of desserts, but not enough main dishes.

More games.

Getting ready for the group photo.

A giant circle of people playing frisbee.

I just barely beat Keith again. He's definitely a better player than me, but I often manage to slip something past him.

A pretty scary game; one move away from checkmate, so I had to make sure I didn't make a mistake.

A pinata. One guy finally took it down with a whip.


"Only Photo Available." It's like the poster designers knew people would say to themselves, "Why are they using such a bad picture?" and wanted to explain it ahead of time. So sad; who only has a single photo of themselves?

Does "tongs only" mean only use tongs to get the chips or only put tongs in the metal hole?

Oh man, that was a bad movie.

Funky purse.

I've never seen this before; you make your own envelope by folding and taping the paper.

A little bee in the urinal to aim at.

"Once per day per block." I can see people moving block-to-block to avoid a ticket.

Cool, they have a bird in their store.

Lots of candy.

My favorite Tootsie Rolls are the grape ones, followed closely by the originals.

Very cool, but how in the world do you pick it up? And then how do you hang it without worrying about it falling?

I thought this might only be for resident parking, but there is a meter there. So maybe you can park there for free if you're a resident, but you can't stay longer than 24 hours, and otherwise you have to use the meter.

What a scummy ad. "Flagging this post will automatically delete your account." Big lie.

I like the item location: sunny California.

Dumb GPS. It wants me to go right on the highway, exit, turn around, and then go left. All I need to do is just go left. Although it has a little alert icon, so maybe it thinks the left ramp is closed.

Another screwy one. It looks like the road ahead turns into a one-way street, so you'd have to go around, but it doesn't; you can go straight through.

I wanted the Jelly Bean Factory a couple of blocks away. The GPS decided I wanted 10100 Jelly Bean Lane in WI. I wonder how it decided on that specific street number and city out of all the Jelly Beans in the US.