2012 Jul 14 | LACMA, West LA BV, LABV, videogames

At first I thought this was a chemist, but the plate border indicates it stands for realty agent.

I don't think the Land Cruiser needs the snorkel in LA. It might be useful in a hurricane, though.

OOh, it'd be nice to have an apartment with a balcony with a view of downtown. Or even facing the other way.

It's a bit weird seeing "I love you" written in the dirt on a car. Don't see a lot of "Wie gehts" in LA, either.

The cars in the turn lane had to back up to let the semi by.

I'm surprised this plate was allowed.

I finally got around to cleaning the headlight covers on the Jeep. I thought about using toothpaste, but there was a actual kit with different grades of sandpaper and polishing solutions pretty cheap at Walmart, so I decided to use that instead.

I was surprised at how well it worked.

Hey, what's this? Mexican news stations should have gorgeous women in tiny dresses for the news, not guys.

The one office didn't have a key to open the paper towel dispenser, so we had to shove them up little by little through the slot, which took forever and always scraped up our hands. I went on eBay and found some keys for a few bucks, and they worked great.

Some new Meetup group, but it sounds like it's a front for a paid dating business, at least from the first two members, Sandy and Jennifer. Nobody really writes stuff like that. Too obvious, guys.

Real joy, and maybe the "reel" is for fishing? Or maybe someone just had "real" already.

Big accident on the freeway.

Never good when your vehicle is facing the wrong direction.

Oh yeah, the blimp over downtown!

Here it is the next day in a different part of town.

Wait a second... that's a different blimp.

The different-colored sections in the metal are neat.

A motorcyclist and a cop driving in the lane.

Until a third motorcyclist comes by, splitting lanes.

Then both the other cyclist and the cop split lanes, too. Peer pressure.

What happens if you break up?

Announcing the drinking cues for the Downtown Independent drink-along for Hook and The Princess Bride.

The cues.

Such a great movie.


Looks like they had a good night.

I don't know what this is for, but I'm not standing on it; an anvil might fall on my head.

Such good deals at thrift stores. $18 in the retail store, $4 here.

This reminds me of the digging toys in sandboxes. I loved those as a kid.

I like to check out laundromats just to see what videogames they have.

These are really cool pants, but I can't think of any time I'd wear them. Maybe to some random party at some point, but if I don't buy them, then perhaps someone who would wear them more often and get more use out of them will do so.

A giant St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. A bunch of pianos there.

And a ton of furniture here. It's almost like a warehouse.

Right next to it is a Goodwill with a ton of computers.

And also some items that I guess didn't sell well in stores.

Pink batteries.

Uh oh, a crash at an intersection during rush hour.

Checking out LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, again.

The light poles out front are so neat.

Mojito Mas under this, uh, thing.

Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer, a 340-ton boulder. It was a big deal when they moved it here; the news stations followed it along the road.

I'm not sure if it's art, but it's kind of interesting.

Big lawn.

Lots of people having picnics.

I love the giant elevator.

Metropolis II by Chris Burden.

A view from above.

Tons of cars going all over.

Shiny windows and an Eiffel Tower.

This was interesting; a guy recorded telling people very quickly which fingers to hold up and put down.

This had a room on the openings of the James Bond movies.

This elevator had a really old-school vibe.

The Flight of Europa by Paul Manship.

The Dancer, brooch and earrings, by Ed Wiener.

Neat fountain.

Different sculpture.

Centaur by Pablo Picasso.

Sculpted heads by Henri Matisse.

Big, uh, things.

Live jazz.

Off to volleyball on Saturday morning. First stop: the West LA group.

Keeping their eyes on the ball.

Lindsay hadn't played in a few years, so she was a bit rusty in the morning, but she got up to speed quickly.

And then off to the Los Angeles Beach Volleyball group in the afternoon.

This guy did a jump serve just so he could have a picture of him doing one. Looks good.


A lot of emotion on this one.

This was funny. These guys were destroying the other team, so they had some fun with serving. First he kicked it over, which scored a point, then he served it backwards, which also scored a point. Finally he had the guy in front throw it to him...

... and he jump served that, haha.

That's a lot of advertising.

That evening I had another video game party. This guy brought some nicer Dance Dance Revolution mats.

Twisted Metal.



Mario Kart 64 on an emulator.

You Don't Know Jack.

Super Smash Bros. I never learned this game, but these guys played it for hours here.

Munchkin, a card game.

More Mario Kart 64.

Everyone seems pretty comfortable.

Super Street Fighter 2.

Hadn't played this game in quite a while, but I still remembered everything.

Same with NFL Blitz. We destroyed the other team. I actually started to go easy on them at the end because otherwise they wouldn't have scored at all.

Irn Bru, an interesting drink that tastes like bubble gum.

Lots of leftover alcohol from people.