2012 Jul 22 | Wurstkuche, Edison Lounge, LABV, Dockweiler bonfire

You need both front and back plates on California. This is an interesting place for one.

At first I was impressed he got this place, but you can't actually have #, so it must just be a temporary one.

A big empty truck with the back door open, that's weird.

Hmm, maybe all the dry ice evaporated.

A math teacher named Matthew?

Our God loves us. Smart fitting all of that in.

A big truck backing up stopped traffic for a while. Thankfully he only had to adjust a couple of times to get in.

Wurstküche downtown has this big door out front.

A nice outdoor patio.

And the line to order stretches out the door on this side.

The back has a bar and a DJ area.

But you have to order food from the front.

Good use of sizing and bolding to separate the rules.

Lots of unique beers.

Including Berliner Weisse, which I haven't had since being in Germany.

Lots of unique sausages, too.

A card for free fries.

Nice variety of interesting dipping sauces.

I had the snake; it was pretty good.

Cookies and ice cream for dessert.

You can pay for parking with your phone with the QR code.

Edison Lounge downtown.

It's a really neat building and was the first private power plant in downtown.

Tables were scattered around different machines.

Very old school.

And comfy.

Even little semi-enclosed rooms with tables.

Old pictures.

Yummy cupcakes at a poker game.

Ooh, really cool and cheap swim trunks on eBay. Unfortunately, they're only in large.

That's OK; a little folding and a few stitches along the waistline in the back and they fit fine.

Two Redboxes in the same store a few feet away from each other.

I didn't know granola bars could be non-vegetarian.

I saw a woman as a patient because her job said she needed to be able to read up close at least 20/40. However, she wears progressive lenses, and they tested her near vision straight ahead, which she obviously wouldn't be able to see because it's through the distance portion of her glasses. So we did a full exam, 20/20 at distance and near, and I wrote a letter explaining her results and how they tested her incorrectly. This is the message the front desk had for me a few hours later. I was so annoyed.

Found a Raiders shirt I really like. Now I just have to figure out how to get the players to sign it. That was much easier when I lived a couple blocks north of Oakland.

Gorgeous day outside, so I asked to sit on the patio at this restaurant. I was surprised nobody else was out there.

We had a cockroach in the office, and as the man, it's my job to deal with it. It decided to run up my leg, though, so I just had to walk outside and shake it off.

I've never paid over $100 for a complete queen-sized bed set. That's insane.

Volleyball on Saturday. Lindsay and I got there at 10am and played until 7pm.

He actually kicked it over.

A shot of me setting.

Big run to get the ball...

... his teammate followed him but thankfully avoided running him over.

A serve all the way from the other court.

Saturday night was a bonfire at Dockweiler.

I brought lots of food: hotdogs and s'mores.

I managed to stick one end of the end of a coathanger into the log and the other into the sand so I didn't have to hold it the whole time.

Everybody loves s'mores.

Playing with a light-up frisbee.

Although it almost went into the fire a few times.

Another group even brought a laptop and a projector to watch movies.

Continuing education at Knott's Berry Farm.

The rides in the distance.

It was put on by the Rio Honda Optometric Society.

We went there as kids when dad had CE there and the chicken was set up in a buffet. I went back over and over until they finally took it away. They had the yummy chicken again, but this time it was individually served.

Raffle prizes from various venders. Mostly gift cards, but this guy won a paddle board.

So frustrating. No way to get those snacks if you want them.