2012 Jul 28 | The Zone laser tag, Smackfest, beach party, bingo

I've never seen lights on mudflaps before; interesting.

I moved all the way to the left at the red light so people who want to turn can squeeze by on the right. Then this person drove up and stopped on the right, blocking anyone who would have turned.

I usually take this local road when the highway is jammed up, but it appears that a lot of other people have started taking my shortcut as well, so it actually takes longer than just staying on the highway.

I wonder how that license plate is held on; hopefully more than duct tape.

Friday night was laser tag at The Zone.

Getting ready.

A couple of guys destroyed everyone else. I was about in the middle.

The owner was having trouble getting the display on the computer to show up on this big monitor out in the hall so people could watch the scores while they waited. Thankfully, we had a pretty nerdy group...

... and got it working for him.

A remote to change the color of the lights on your vest and therefore your team. That could be fun to play with.

Another game. A lot of people camped at the corner of the stairway here.

Uh oh, I'm getting shot.

Hiding around a corner.

For this one we split up into 2-player teams.

The other stairway.

Someone at the top of the stairs.

They also had a little multicade. It had Galaga, no big deal.

But also this "Kill bin Laden" hack of Galaga.

Your spaceship is now a helicopter and the enemies are various types of people and heads with beards.

I love Frogger.

Haven't played Tetris in an arcade much.

Oh, so close.

Having some pizza at the end.

A trolley car. I didn't know they had those here.

Normally I wouldn't want to be behind someone hauling wood in case it flies off, but not a lot of options here.

I think they should have them together and shoot at the cats.

Plus points for the Raiders, minus points for the stereotypical good/bad angels.

Saturday morning was Smackfest, a 4x4 volleyball tournament with costumes. I didn't know about it early enough; registration is in June and it sells out in a couple of weeks, but maybe I'll put a team together next year.

It was still fun to go and look at all the fun costumes, though. The Santa team.

Mario Brothers.

You're not supposed to have alcohol, but as long as you don't have the actual cans/bottles or red cups, you're OK. I'm guessing a lot of people put it in Gatorade bottles and such. Also lots of Jell-O shots.

American Gladiators.

US Olympians.

Some teams had a lot of fun. These guys were dressed up as the baseball players from Major League, and in between games they pulled out bases and had the other team run around them, drinking at each base.

A variety of costumes.

Crawling through the circle of people while they slap your ass.

Nice breasts.

Jumping over each other.

A scout team.

Well, that makes it easy to find your tent.


They had about 20 courts going at once.

Pink boas.

Cowboys and Indians.





I love the water wings and floats.

An internet video/meme, honey badger, mixed with tutus.

Fun hair.

Different time periods maybe? Everyone was shiny.

Cone heads.

1920s-ish? outfits.


Not sure exactly, but it's bright.

There were a fair number of Hawaiian outfits.

Another one.

A pirate ship.

I'm guessing these guys were working for a booth.

Another team for a booth.


The santa team again. Everyone else on the team was dressed in shirts, but this guy was just a thong.

Point Break character.

Jorge, one of the guys I play VB with, and his USA team.

Rules, with some fun ones for the losing team.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer.

With their axes, volleyballs, and drinks.


I couldn't figure out the theme of her team, but at least she dressed sexily.

Happy Gilmore.


Ice Vikings. I love their giant cups.

And their sail.


Not sure about these guys.

Stretching before the match.

Another hula team.


Old-school outfits.


I'm not sure if there was an official costume contest, but this booth at least had one.

The Price is Right.

With fun prizes.

Another game: they lined up back-to-back, drank, and then threw the can at the other team.

There were also a few pro courts.

They hit a lot harder.

Right after that I went to a beach party up north in Santa Monica at Will Rodger's state beach.

Lots of healthy food.

Lots of snacks and drinks.

And lots of hamburgers and hot dogs.

A cake for a couple of people's birthdays.

Anna on the right organized it and the guy in the middle cooked all day.

There were lots of people playing volleyball.

Interestingly, a lot of "good" volleyball players showed up, too, so there was a mix of people just playing to have fun and the better people playing a bit more to win.

We played volleyball through sunset.

Saturday night was another Underground Rebel Bingo, the last one in LA until October or so.

Lily, a fellow optometrist, one of her friends, and her husband.

Marie Grace, Dmitry, and I.

Lily is pretty short, but she grabbed a spot right up front by stage so she could just sit on the edge.

Painting stuff on each other's faces.

She got a happy sun.

I got a bird.

And he got a... hmm... I don't really know.

Look, a cheat sheet for words that rhyme with each number.

I don't know if a smiley face would make people less likely to steal it.

Lots of drinks and bingo cards.

The audience is excited.

The callers are excited.

A tense moment waiting to see if he wins.