2012 Aug 04 | Street Fighter art at iam8bit, Fish Canyon Falls hike, LABV, Vilebrequin VB

A blimp mixed in with the downtown buildings.

Link-n-Hops was having a grand opening.

With free beer and free food.

Also free soda.

It was super crowded.

Some of the sausages.

A pirate.

I wonder if they have 001ADAM as well?

iam8bit had a Street Fighter art show.

One of my favorites.

Very well done.

T-shirts with cartoons of all the characters.

One of the bonus rounds in the game was beating up a car. Here was a car you could use these fists to beat up.

The bottom one is string.

Free alcohol.

There was a photo area where you could take pictures with various props.


There were a lot of people.

A DJ upstairs.

A guy dressed as Ryu doing some moves in the far corner.

A food truck outside.

Movies with Street Fighter characters superimposed. This one was a rocker headbanging with E. Honda doing his 100-hand slap move, so it looked like the slapping was making the rocker's head move around.

More drinks in the back.

A mobile.

Aw, a kid playing with the characters looking on.

The line was around a block long, but at least it moved pretty fast.

Hopefully they stopped in time.

A cop blocking the other side of the road. Thankfully I'm not going that way.

Wow, that's a massive accident. Around six cars smashed up.

It didn't look like anyone was hurt, though.

"Security camera in use" but no camera is attached.

Ooh, some pull-off things.

Except they're not instant win, so who cares. I hate having to go online to check these.

And I almost didn't see them because they're on the bottom of the packaging. It appears lots of other people don't notice them, either, because there was a sign telling people to check before they throw it away.

I forgot to put my gas cap on. I saw the gas tank cover open when I was only a few blocks away, though, so I went back to look for it. It had fallen off in traffic and was all busted up. Thankfully Amazon has a ton of them and they're all pretty standardized.

Perfect timing to be running out of cereal. And a free gallon of milk, nice.

Aw, what a lie. The cards they give out to pick up packages say it's open at 8:30am, but it's actually 9am.

A refund because BCBS of California does not spend at least 80% of premiums on healthcare services according to the 80/20 rule of the Affordable Care Act. Yeah, that $7.04 is really going to make a difference when I get hit by a truck and have a $100,000 hospital bill.

Pretty evil, but funny idea.

Some weird system that plays both Nintendo and Super Nintendo games.

Saturday morning was a hike to Fish Canyon Falls. It's on private property, they only open it up a couple of times a year, and they only let 500 people in, so I wanted to be sure to get there early. They still haven't opened the gate yet.

Checking everyone in.

It's owned by a mine.

They shuttle you up to the trailhead in these vans.

And we're off.

There were some really steep dropoffs.

And areas with lots of foliage.

Going under some tree branches...

... and over some others.

If you fall down, the cacti might break your fall, but I don't think that'd be a great option.

A picture with me, nine people back.

Over a little bridge.

Down and around.

It was pretty steep.

Across a tiny stream.

Ooh, a few raspberries.

Up a rocky part.

This was a bit scary; steep with slippery rock.

And we made it.

A little pond.

Down one more area of steep rock.

Taking a break at the bottom.

This is where the waterfall would be. However, it's been really dry this year, so no waterfall.

You could possibly jump in here, but there's not enough water right now.

One of the guards telling people who came later that there are no more spots available. Glad I came in the morning; it would be annoying to drive all the way out here and not get to go.

And then onto volleyball with Los Angeles Beach Volleyball.

The man in the red cap brought his nephew...

... and niece to play with him. They were indoor players, so they had a bit of trouble in the sand, but hopefully they still had fun.

I almost got it with a ball from another court while getting this shot.

Oh no, two players down.

But Linsday comes to the rescue!

Celebrating. Lindsay and I also played with two girls who came with their boyfriends. The girls were pretty bad, but we actually did OK in a few games and it was fun.

We had to leave while Lindsay was on her winning streak to get to another volleyball game. This one was near the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows and sponsored by Vilebrequin.

Four teams of six players played against each other to win Vilebrequin swim trunks.

Our team.

The woman in white was pretty good.

Whereas most of the other players didn't seem good at volleyball itself, but they reacted quickly and still did well.

Everyone after the games.

We didn't win, but we still got to hang out at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel afterwards.

With free drinks!

Enjoying wine and beer.

And some amazing appetizers, too.

Nice pool.

One more shot by the fire before we left.