2012 Aug 09 | turtle racing at Brennan's Pub

Love driving early in the morning; no traffic.

Really cool building that changes metallic color based on the angle you look at it.

Ugh, I don't like that philosophy. Work to live.

A semi broke down in the middle of the highway.

Tracks where someone ran off the road.

Aw, that's fun.

Off to Brennan's Pub on Thursday night for turtle racing.

If you point at the turtles, you have to pay a fine.

You can rent a turtle to race for $5.


Here we go!

The first guy putting his turtle in.

Whoops, he pointed at it. $5 into the bucket.

And we have a winner!

An older gentleman placing his turtle in it.

And they're off!

Battling it out.

He looks proud.

This guy pointed at a turtle as well and is trying to act like he didn't.

Pay up.

You could name your turtle as well.

The rule is you can't bend your knees when you put the turtle in. The officials have flags they throw if someone bends their knees. They give the flags to audience members to throw as well.

Part of our group.

One of the employees getting a good view.

Troy putting his turtle in.

And Linda.

Uh oh, someone pointed.

Pay up.

There's a pretty big crowd.

You want to get their fairly early to get a good seat.

Almost done for the night.

Apple's turn.

Each round, the winning turtle renter gets a prize. Apple's turtle won.

Hmm, what did she win?

Ah, hemorrhoid cream, very nice.

And she got a ribbon.