2012 Aug 12 | Melanie and Justin's wedding

To San Antonio for Mel's wedding. Walk into the room and the first thing I see? Snacks everywhere.

Monica and I have matching cameras.

Mom, me, and Monica.

Trying out the Buckhorn for dinner.

Lots of animal heads.

Lots of horns.

Even a game room.

With a shooting gallery.

Me and dad by a big elk.

Walking along the riverwalk.

Some ducks.

Neat lights.

Getting ready for a group shot.

A bunch of us.

Opening up their present from me: a Roomba.

Hope it works.

Preparing for the wedding.

Setting up the tables.

Mom helping.

The women setting up for food.

Mel not being a bridezilla at all.

Me and Ron.

All dressed up now getting more pictures.

The resulting shot.

Opening presents.

The rings.

Dad in the background.



Eating lunch.

Ooh, pheasant feathers.

Monica and Larry, photographers.

The boys having some fun.

"Wait... who did I marry?"

Cutting the cake.


Ron signing the marriage certificate.

Monica doing the same.

Monica serving Dad cake.

The groom and bridge looking at their cards.

Mom looking at Mel's ring.

Family of the groom.

Family of the bride.

The happy couple.

Monica gathered all the wedding pictures from everyone and transferred them to USB drives.

Taking the boat tour along the riverwalk.

A mosaic.


Morgan and Ronnie.


Dad, Monica, Mom, and me.

People in a hotel waving at us.

A neat little area.

Restaurants along the side.

Torch of Friendship sculpture in the background.

Lila Cockrell theatre.

Tower of the Americas.

The mall.

Some cosplayers.


Neat building.

Lights for the boats.

Pretty molding.

Another mosaic.

Another little painting.


A dam.