2012 Aug 19 | night photography, Dockweiler beach bonfire, LABV, Vilebrequin VB

Mom amazed that the plugin on her phone comes off the charger to have a USB port.

Downtown when flying into LA.

We're racing another plane.

Another optometrist's license plate.

Continuing education with Orange County.

Aw, the poor plant at the office is dying. I tried cleaning off the roots, but I don't think it will make it.

The A/C at the motel. Not too hard to figure out, but it's not super obvious, either.

If you're in the A's, you can get a window seat, but if you're in the B's, you can see who you're going to sit by.

This wasn't fun. We got stuck in the elevator at the grocery store. Especially because it was all metal and it was really, really hot out.

We got the attention of an employee by pounding on the door, but he couldn't get them open either. We called the help button on the panel, and interesting, it didn't go to the store. It goes to some central elevator line because they asked us where we were. Thankfully the doors opened a few minutes later.

The clerk turned off his light and put up a "lane closed" sign on the conveyor belt. This jerk still came up and put his groceries down. The clerk didn't say anything to him, so I assumed he would still check him out even though I'm sure he would be annoyed about it, but the clerk simply left when he finished with the previous customer, leaving this guy to pick up his groceries and go to another line. Very nice.

I bought some little macro add-ons for my camera. This is the picture with the normal lens...

... and this is with the macro. It's a little better, but not nearly as good as I thought. Then again, it's a $10 add-on, and all the macro lenses are a couple of hundred dollars at least.

Some nice balconies downtown.

And the neighboring complex as well.

Thursday night was a downtown night photography meetup.

Getting a shot.

I can almost see my apartment in the distance.

A neat structure at the Department of Water and Power.

Airplanes were flying nearby, but this was the best shot I could get of them.

Me looking at downtown.

A bit farther east is city hall.

Looking at it through this door sculpture.

And looking back through the sculpture in the opposite direction.

Grand Park.

A really pretty fountain there.

It changed colors.

And you could actually walk out to it because the water is very shallow.

There are also lots of chairs around to enjoy the evening in.

Up near the top.

The camera couldn't quite catch this color; it was actually a little greener.

City hall reflected in the LAPD Administration Building.

Department of Transportation building.

A reflection of some cars along running lights.

Uh oh, I almost laid down in some ants to get that picture.

Everyone getting pictures of car lights with an exposure time of about 2 seconds.

A neat little pool with rocks in the bottom.

City hall.

I like the other picture because it has the trail of car lights, but I like this one because the green street lights stand out better.

Our group at our last stop of the night.

At Dockweiler beach on Saturday night for a bonfire. Somebody's shoe left a perfect imprint.

Boarders coming in.

An awesome little tent that looks like a shark.

Airplanes from LAX come straight over Dockweiler.

People starting to trickle in for the bonfire. Someone actually got there at 2pm to save a fire pit even though nobody else got there until 7pm.


The organizer brought all of these tubs with marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, and hangers for S'mores.

And even a bunch of fire pits. However, the cops came and said we could only have fire in the pre-made pits.

I brought a bunch of hot dogs and other people brought other food.

Everyone cooking away.

Some other people and I looked in multiple stores and dry cleaners for all-metal coat hangers. However, all the the big box stores only had the thicker plastic ones and all of the other stores that had metal ones had plastic covering them. So I spent most of the night making coat-hanger skewers by stripping the plastic off of around 20 hangers with scissors.

David cooking his marshmallow.

Hot dogs in the fire.

A nice mix of dogs and mallows.

The group.

Volleyball with LABV the next day.

ABG going up for a big spike.

Good dig by Donny.

And then onto the beach in front of the Fairmont Hotel for another game sponsored by Vilebrequin. MG and ABG double blocking.

Dmitry and Lindsay blocking as well.

The other team watching.

Displaying the swim trunks the winning team gets.

Last time there were four teams, but there were only three this time.

However, these guys were really good. They were down from Toronto for a bachelor party but played indoor volleyball.

We had some really close games against them.

Dog on the court! Stop!

Our team doing well.

Our team, We Spiked the Punch, won our first, second, and third game.

With our winning swim trunks! They're each worth $250, so that's $1500 there.

The team from Toronto. They didn't win the shorts, but our team gave them a ton of tips for bars and clubs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, so that should be useful.

Everyone chatting at the end.

It's actually faster to go way south and then come back up simply because that highway is less busy.