2012 Aug 25 | Dave & Busters, Boulevard 3, LAN party, GITD VB with LABV

The icons area at the top of my phone is full. Don't see that very often.

Cop on the highway means everyone slows down. Thankfully even the cop was moving pretty fast.

Nice license plate.

Pretty sunset over the highway.

And reflecting off the buildings downtown.

I hate this exit because everybody stays in the right lane, which is an exit only, until the last second, then try to jam into the left lane, causing traffic to get backed up. I don't know why this cop is here, but I wish he would just sit here and ticket people who do that. I read about a cop who did something similar in Houston: at one of the bad intersections, after people pushed their way in in at the last second, the cop would give them a ticket for crossing a solid white line. The best part is since the traffic was so jammed, the cars were barely moving, so the cop would just park his car and walk up to the cheaters.

Moron blocking the way because he went into the intersection when it was backed up. I'm not a fan of red light cameras, but I wish they had cameras for this.

This woman's back wiper had broken off, but it was still going back and forth, so I let her know. I'm not sure if she understood, though, because she didn't seem to speak English very well.

The metro stop by Chinatown is appropriate.

"Chevron" in the bushes.

The only time I've ever seen anyone other than tourists or security using a Segway.

I have no idea what that means.

I've this this MD in the back of the LA Weekly; I didn't know she had billboards as well. I love how it says "Actual Doctor" on all of her ads.

I was just driving around and saw this place. I think I've heard of it before.

You never see white people wandering across the road nowhere near a crosswalk.

Aw, poor old lady, look how bent her back is.

Jewish stickers on one side and a Jesus fish on the other.

A dentist?

That's all very patriotic.

I haven't see one of these puzzles in forever.

I stopped by Dave & Busters on Wednesday night. They have this great 4-player Pac-Man game.

And 4-player air hockey, cool.

That's a pretty big bonus.

It took me a few tries, but I nailed it.

It reset to 500.

Giant Connect 4 game.

Pretty sunset over the mountains.

And this is at another Dave & Busters on the same night. The bonus on this is only 100, not 500, though.

The one thing I don't like about this toaster oven is that I can't set the time exactly, so I have to watch the toast or it burns.

Cool-looking building.

Boulevard 3 nightclub with a woman on a swing at the entrance.

An outdoor fire.

Free strawberries and chocolate.

The main dancing area.

I wonder if that's ADA required? I don't know how many handicapped dancers they'd have.

The US ad.

And the Spanish ad. I guess Mexican sugar packets are smaller: 22 vs 12 packs.

A baseball bat under the front desk of the office. I think one of the optician's sons left it there, but I like to think it's for unruly patients.

This game takes a picture of you before you start and uses it during the race.

Although most people look rather goofy.

Aw, these are some really cool shelves at a thrift store, but someone already bought them.

Entertaining yard sale sign.

Ooh, those are my favorite shoes of all time. The new version isn't nearly as comfortable.

And only $10.50.

They're a little too big, but maybe they'll be OK.

Hard to tell from the picture, but that's an absolutely huge silverware rack. It wouldn't fit on any of my drawers.

Someone left a huge collection of shot glasses at the thrift store.

That's a beautiful case. I could use it to display glasses.

Although not for $200.

Some promotion going on at the Grove.

Nutela minis.

These things are fun, but they melt quickly.

Fun license plate.

Sinor count clerk? I think that's a typo.

Saturday was a LAN party.

Kind of an interesting building.

Check in.

Playing some Mario Kart 64.

Everyone having a good time.

I don't think a power strip hanging from the ceiling is up to spec, but it should work for a few hours.

Big computer.

Gaming mouse.

Gaming headphones.

Everyone had numbers instead of names.

A Nintendo wallet.

A graphics card for... something.

This strip is full.

Mountain Dew and Cheetos, classic gamer fare.

A little remote controlled helicopter.

Street Fighter IV.

Fast hands.

Very close game. It's very similar to the older Street Fighters, so while I couldn't do a few of the newer moves or combos, I still did fairly well.

People getting started.

Even the check-in people could play.

They played games I never had, but it was fun to watch.

Fixing a problem.

Sam on the phone while playing.

That afternoon was glow-in-the-dark volleyball.

Got there just in time for sunset.

And there goes the sun.

A plane flying overhead.

It's dark now, time to bring out the LED volleyballs.

The balls were actually really hard, so they hurt when you hit them. You'd see someone hit it and then a half second later they'd yell, "Ouch!" If you hit the ball with your palms it wasn't so bad, but if you used your wrists, it really stung.

The balls were also really heavy, so you really had to hit them hard.

It was pretty hard to jump and it the ball, but some people did it.

This couple had glow-in-the-dark body paint.

They had to charge it up with a light, but it looked cool after that.


The ball by some glowsticks used as lines.

From another angle.

People hanging out while waiting to play.

We had a lot of extra people, but it was nice to get a break so your wrists could heal.

I brought an LED frisbee, too.

Another woman had a little light on her dog's collar and someone else had a light-up hula hoop.

A reaching catch.

And throw afterwards.

The hula hooper taking a break.