2012 Sep 01 | LABV, Vilebrequin VB, Leslie birthday party at Max Karaoke

$999? These things are usually like $5-$10. I wonder if that's a mistake or if they really think someone might be dumb enough to pay it.

I love Amazon Prime because everything gets here in two days. However, some items aren't on Prime. This actually was, except there were multiple versions, and for whatever reason the version I picked wasn't on Prime. So instead of getting sent FedEx or UPS, it was sent USPS. Normally that works well, but in this case it failed miserably. It's been two weeks now and I still don't have my item. Looks like it sat around in Michigan for at least three days, when it would have been here in that time if they had used a different shipper.

A few years ago programs would try to get you to download other crap along with their program; now almost everyone does it. This one didn't even have an option to not install McAfee Security Scan Plus, so I had to delete it after it installed it.

Interesting looking building.

I hate two-way streets that only have room for one vehicle.

I don't think that's what that cart is for, but I guess it works.

A lenticular cloud over the top of the mountain.

This piece of fuzz drove me nuts for a week. I'd get in, start driving, and it'd start fluttering around. But then after a few minutes I'd ignore it, so I'd never remember to take it off when I got out.

I have a Jeep; I could probably drive over that gravel and curb without a problem so I wouldn't have to wait for traffic to move.

Accident slowing down traffic.

The license plate holder is interesting. Suck less that who or what?

Neat trees in the middle of Olympic in Santa Monica.

They kept bringing out more and more appetizers at the LACOS meeting.

A subcommittee meeting after the general meeting.

I like this parking structure; it's hard to find any free parking at all, let alone for three hours.

Good choice on the phone number.

Fantasy Island Show Girls. I like that the building is designed with the theme.

Aw, it's Saturday, so I can't park here. It took a while to read through and figure that out.

Fun neon signs above this Starbucks.

A very pretty bike.

OptiFree GP is for hard contact lenses. I haven't gotten any samples from the reps lately, but Walmart had a few bottles in their discount section for only $1.75 a piece, so I grabbed those just in case I get some GP patients.

Nice parking job.

Someone thinks she's pretty special. I hope someone with a crummy car smashes her door.

I was thinking about buying a laptop that was used as a display model at Best Buy. It didn't have a price tag on it, though, so the employee went to check how much it would be. He came back and said they couldn't sell it because it didn't have a battery. But then I noticed this computer also didn't have a battery but they appeared to be selling it, so I wonder if that's what he was really told or if he just couldn't find a manager and lied to me.

Why the "temporary?" Isn't that implied? Unless they plan on never fixing it.

Some very sparkly pants at a thrift store.

This was a gorgeous cabinet at a thrift store.

I like the customer name: "Lady, blonde hair." If that date is correct, it's been over a month since she reserved it, so it's a bit over the 2-day hold limit. I just wish I had room for it somewhere.

The guy on the right front was dragging the TV face down. I know a lot of stuff here is kind of junk, but it's still not nice to further damage anything.

My thrift-shop deals: Air Swimmer, wetsuit, leather pants, funky purse, and a $600 printer for $90.

Los Angeles Beach Volleyball on Saturday.

I love these two guys: they play really hard and always go for the ball, but they're still fun and nice.

Posing for the camera.

Very nice set.

Trying to avoid stepping on his teammate while still getting the ball.

Groups of giant birds kept flying over. The bigger ones barely had to move their wings; they just soared.

I love his facial expression.

I got sand on the back of my arm.

Good times.

And then onto the last volleyball mini-tournament with Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows sponsored by Vilebrequin.

The team captains are rolling the balls to see who plays first.

This was a team that just happened to be hanging out at the beach at the time and got invited to play.

Mother and daughter.

This team had some players who were pretty good. The players wearing the bright Vilebrequin shorts had won before.

This was a cameraman for a news station that was doing a story on it and Jackie invited him to play.

Jackie, who works for the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows and organized the games.

I jumped up for a block, someone came under the net, and I landed on his foot, cutting my toe a bit. Thankfully it was near the end of the game. It wasn't too bad, but it was a pain digging all the sand out piece by piece.

Drinks and appetizers after the game.

Buffalo wing balls with sauce injectors.

One of the teams.

And after that it was time to go to Max Karaoke for Leslie's birthday party.

At the front they had copies of drivers licenses of a few people who weren't welcome back. "Insisted on not paying and urinated at store entrance." I'm guessing he was a little drunk.

I like how they changed his middle name to "Retardedy."

Singing along.

A duet.

I brought a bunch of items I bought at dollar stores for people to wear. The moustaches are supposed to go on the lips, but I guess she decided her cup needed it instead.

Everyone loves Baby Got Back.

An exciting moment.

Playing with some bubbles.

You weren't supposed to have alcohol, but they didn't seem to care as long as you behaved yourselves.

Everything I'm wearing was supposed to be a theme to go with other pieces that I gave to other people, but they took them off, so I figured I'd throw them on.

The men are singing hard, the women are amused/confused.

Lights off and glow bracelets.

Group photo.