2007 Aug #1 | Working at Cinemark

The employees get to the theater about a half hour before we open the doors, so they usually try to use those 30 minutes to get a little more sleep.

Someone waiting in line for a movie must have been bored and started digging into the manager's office door with a knife.

Which broke the lock and meant I had to spent the next hour taking a handle and lock from another door we could leave unlocked and put it onto the office door. And these aren't the quick 5-minute remove-and-replace locks; there were screws hidden everywhere.

I'm extremely picky about the kind of notebooks I use for classes. They have to be (1) college ruled (2) spiral bound (3) perforated on the edge and (4) 1 subject. So it's pretty hard to find them in stores; usually one of the four factors will be wrong. When I do find them, though, I stock up.

I ordered a four-piece chicken basket and this is what I received. I know people working in fast food probably don't have PhDs, but how hard is it to count to four?

The turn from Braeswood to get onto the feeder to 610 has a big bump on the left lane and then another big bump in the middle lane farther up. If you drive just right, though, you can go through the bumps.

Is there ever not a line at the post office?

Usually I love the automated shipping machines, but these two ladies were trying to do some pretty complicated things they had never done before on this one and took over 15 minutes each. It was actually faster to wait in line.

Sometimes the theater partners with local merchants. We give them free movie passes and they give us free food passes. Chick-fil-A also had their cow come over and take pictures with people.

We have to date every food item that comes in. Most people just write it on every box/bag, but whoever did it this time apparently thought that would be too much work. This would have worked if he had written the date on the bottom bag and drawn an arrow up, but it's pretty obvious what's wrong with how he actually did it considering people take the top bag first.

OK, I'm sick of all the "Texas" stuff. You never see "That's what I like about X" for any other state at DQ. And every single commercial gets edited the same way.

This merry-go-round horse was at the Dairy Queen along with some other American icons. I don't think I've ever seen something with a "don't sit on this" sign that screams to be sat upon so loudly.

The UH maps are horribly difficult to use. The buildings are numbered on the map. On the legend, though, the buildings are alphabetized and the numbers come after the name. So instead of just knowing what building you are looking for, you first have to find it's number. And if you see a building and want to know it's name, you have to scan all of the building names until you happen to see the number. Most maps like this just use building initials and skip the numbers completely.

If you stopped like that in California, the pedestrians would drag you out of your car and beat you. It's Houston, though, so there aren't any pedestrians.

This crane was working right beside a big dropoff into a stream. I'd sure stay a lot farther away from the edge than he was.

The "8 19" on the sandwich is the "best by" date, but for a second I thought it was the price. $2.50 doesn't seem so unreasonable compared to that. The scary thing is that in some places it actually would be $8.19 for a sandwich in a little revolving machine.

This machine ate my last one-dollar bill. The animal crackers got right to the edge and stuck. I tried banging it around, but they weren't moving. I really wanted them, so I tried using a credit card, but that was broken. I considered walking a block to the nearest shop to get change, but I figured someone else would have gotten my crackers by then.

I've found out I don't learn nearly as well in class that has notes you can print out ahead of time if I just write in additional information on the pre-made notes. I understand it all better if I just write it out on my own and basically ignore the printed notes. Sometimes the professor goes too fast to do that, but in this class it worked fine.

I generally drive in one of the 2 leftmost lanes on highways. However, I try to drive like a German by getting out of the way of people going faster than me, so I actually prefer the second-from-the-left lane just so I don't have to watch my mirrors constantly for people coming up quickly behind me. Other people here sometimes do that, but more often than not I have to pass someone on the right because they just sit in the far-left lane going 20mph.

This Bionic Woman standee at the theater has multiple images depending on where you stand. I noticed if you stand here, though, her eyebrow from another picture merges with this one and gives her a mustache. Childish, yeah, but I still thought it was funny.

And the free crap begins.

Houston is the first place I've ever been that I don't like drinking the tap water. I actually bought a pitcher with a filter because I can't stand the taste. I think it's partly the pipes in the building because the kitchen sink water tastes worse than the bathroom sink water, but other people in my class have mentioned it, too. If the water turns the rack I put dishes to dry on yellow within a week, there's no way I'm drinking it.

I noticed the person turning into the post office in front of me had a handicapped license plate, and the first thought into my head was, "That means I can get into the building before him and have one less person to wait in line behind." The post office turns otherwise nice people into monsters.

If you have big rims, that means you must have smaller tires to fit them both into the wheel well. And if you have smaller tires, that means you obviously don't have large tires with lots of rubber to grip the pavement. So having big rims announces that you do not care about performance, just looks. You spin those tires once and you're going to be driving on your nice shiny rims.