2012 Sep 15 | Gloryhole at Pleasure Chest, LA County Fair

This is some sort of alarm in my apartment. Everybody's in the entire complex starting going off at the same time.

It wasn't stopping and it was really loud, so I taped a paper towel on top; much quieter.

Arg, this guy is also turning right. He could easily fit around the car in front of him, but he's just sitting here.

Watching Monday Night Football with the Raiders vs the Chargers at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel.

They had a neat fountain of fish that squirt water above the walkway.

Interesting sun and cloud mix.

A weird stuffed animal on the back of this guy's pickup.

The San Gabriel Valley Optometric Society has a dinner CE every other month.

At this intersection of two highways, the people merging from the right have a lot of space to go forward before they have to move. That annoys some of the people who are waiting on the left side, like this UPS truck, so they'll pull over to the right and block it off.

A blimp above the road.

Thursday night I got a last-minute invite to something called Gloryhole at the Pleasure Chest, a store in West Hollywood. Lots of acts and free drinks, so might as well check it out.

Hmm... I wonder what's going on in here? It's a big box with lots of little holes to look in.

Well, that's interesting.

And another "show."

My favorite part were the cool costumes some people had.

As much as I hate to admit it, the neon blue contacts look really cool.

All kinds of fun stuff.

Some pole dancers.

Not bad.

Wow, she's flexible.

Who doesn't like Twister?

Although they couldn't do it with their boots.

Neon sign.

That's a short skirt.

Lots of black.

Linda is just a bit shorter than the stilt walkers.

One of the more eye-catching costumes: a guy with a giant baby head and an umbilical cord.

A cotton-candy bra. She kept refilling as the night went on and people ate it.


It was pretty crowded.

Free drinks.

The DJ.

Fire dancers.

They were pretty good.

Midori is a famous rope bondage woman.

Pick your color.

Discussing what to do.

Starting off.

Don't wanna tie up your hair.

Tightening it up a bit.

And the finished product.

A couple of guys.

A woman mostly done.

We waited in line for about an hour so Linda could get tied up; Midori was really popular. We were actually the last ones to go before she started on this guy for a scheduled demonstration.

That's interesting.

With one of the latex guys.

A photo booth inside.

"Put the whip around his neck." Yeah, thanks photographer.

A duck people liked taking pictures on.

It was so cute.

All kinds of toys.



And more spankings.

It's the baby's turn.

I loved this costume mainly for the fakery hanging out from the bottom of the shorts.

Some books.

The road by my apartment was blocked off. It looks like they were trying to have a little shopping fair, but there were almost no vendors they, the ones that were there had almost nothing to sell, and there were no customers.

A big part of why nobody was there: the hottest day in LA all summer.

Checking out the LA County Fair. Scooter rentals for the fat people.

It was still really hot out.

Angela posing as a princess in a cutout.

I'm a knight.

Ooh, petting pools.

This one had rays in it.

You had to pay $1 to see inside of these: smallest horse, giant steer, and giant horse.


So cute, baby pigs.

You could pet them.

Trying to lasso a "cow." Missed here.

But got it here.

There were a lot of costumed characters to take pictures with.

Time for some rides.

Woman loggers trying to knock each other off a log.

That's bigger than she is.

The highest ride.

Although the one on the right was scarier because it also went sideways.

A view from the peak of the high ride.

Ready to go.

After a few wild rides, we took an easy one: the ski-lift across the park.

Ooh, people riding bulls. Definitely gonna have to check that out.

This guy was hilarious. He kept rubbing his hands all over his body.

Having a fun time.

Dancing to the music.

Posing with a golden elephant.

An act on unicycles.

Jumping a flaming rope on the unicycle.


Everyone loves fire.

They dropped them a few times, but it was still fun to watch.

Good catch.

Walking on a highwire above a flaming rope.

And the stagehand skateboarding over a flaming ring.

Trying to win a prize.

Close, but the other guy just barely won.

Posing with a sculpture outside a ride.

Zip lines.

What? How is there a nationwide helium shortage?

Grabbing lunch at a random little burger place.

That looks a bit different. What's going on?

Ah, a little memorial for someone.

Black people are the only ones who can wear clothes like that normally.

Aw, I thought I had this figured out, since they have reading glasses that are like $10 each, but it says only items under a dollar.

Wow, that's a really good deal. Time to stock up on ice cream.

This stuff is so good.

My milk is in the way of the time on my monitor, but thankfully I can still read it on the monitor on my laptop.

I was all excited when I saw these coupons at Johnny Rockets, but it turns out you get the $20 discount any time you buy the tickets online, so it only save you money if you don't do that.

Instantly think of Freddy.

A president's council for all of the presidents and president-elects of the local optometric societies and the California Optometric Society board.

The food was pretty.

A neat sculpture of an eye out of nails.

Another eye sculpture.

With all the parts labeled.

A painting by Dr. Borish.

A student sleeping on one of the study rooms.

This is neat. When I zoomed in on Google Maps at the hotel in Las Vegas, it actually showed the little shops inside.

A review of a motel. Although really, shouldn't it be 3/3 since the husband is the customer, not the wife?