2012 Oct 13 | Okularfest, Gusto art, Rebel Bingo, Endeavour space shuttle drive

Okularfest, a CE with an Oktoberfest theme. For whatever reason almost everyone was in the L-O line.

That's a lot of pens.

The host and I.

I like CE with a lot of shorter speakers rather than a few longer ones.

There was an upstairs and a downstairs. Upstairs was pretty empty.

They had cases of beer you could give a donation for.

The poor caterers were sprinting back and forth with food the entire time.

I thought it was really good.

Aw, cute, some turtles by a pond.

Even a live band.

Funnel cakes and pretzels.

The "except Sat. and Sun." is so tiny you almost miss it.

Lunch with Apple and some of her friends. One of the women's two-year-old daughter was taking amazing pictures with her mom's iPhone.

Ick eyes? Hmm... maybe s/he deals with infectious eye diseases?

A pretty sunset.

And another one with some tall buildings in the distance.

It rained for the first time all year.

A double rainbow.

I get the joke, but your store name is basically "Nuts."

Not many cities have to vote on that.

A town hall meeting to discuss the future of optometry with some local societies and the COA. I loved the cookies.

Most of the LACOS board was there.

Notice of filming, but they don't tell you what movie.

Paintings by Gustavo Albero, or Gusto as he goes by.

He drops black paint in random lines on a white canvas and then sees what picture appears.

This was one of my favorites.

Info on the artist.

A picture of him painting.

Ooh, yummy, a popcorn machine.

Really? Who spells John Jhon?

Rebel Underground Bingo.

She really wanted to win.

And she did.

Enjoying her prize.

Everyone loves the panda.

Another winner.

So happy.

Uh oh, they dropped the balls.

Angela and I drawing on each other.

Almost time for the second round.

One of the bingo callers drew on people's faces as well.

I love their second outfits.

Calling the numbers.

A possible winner.

OK, I don't care if this woman didn't really win, give her a prize just for her outfit.


Dancing around.

Some woman beside me was already really drunk and annoying at the beginning, but thankfully she went away and left me her bingo card, so we played that one as well.

Lucky 13 and the number 69, which was the one number I needed for a blackout to win at a previous one.

Too bad that's not legally binding.

I went to watch the space shuttle Endeavour as they drove it from LAX to the California Space Center. It started Friday morning and was still going on Saturday.

My plan was to grab lunch at 11:30am, watch the shuttle around 12pm, and then go play volleyball at 1pm.

A kid dressed in a space suit.

Vendors selling crap.

That's a gorgeous picture, but I'm not paying money for it.

People up on roofs.

I think the people up on this roof had about the best view you could get since the shuttle came down this street. However, the shuttle was extremely delayed and we didn't even see it until around 5pm. The good thing is because we were so early we had good spots, right on the edge of the sidewalk. All these people in the middle of the street had to get behind us when the shuttle got closer.

A good time to have an apartment on Crenshaw.

Now it was really getting crowded.

People jammed in.

This bird had a great view, too.

This woman and her friend were beside me most of the time. She actually went home to change and came back in these jeans, which are awesome.

Some plane overhead.

And the blimp.

And helicopters and more planes.

A plane, a helicopter, and a blimp.

Right in front of the shuttle was the Crenshaw High marching band.

Along with some astronauts and the mayor.

We heard the reason the shuttle was so delayed was they had to cut down some additional trees along the way.

Here it comes!

There were a ton of cops as it got closer.

One of the cops went to church with the woman beside me and gave us updates on how far away it was earlier in the day.

Clearing everyone off the opposite sidewalk.

Cops on bikes.

Now that it's really close, they're being very strict about not letting people in the street any more.

Almost here.

Me and the shuttle.

Another pic.

And another one.

This was the guy who was driving it.

It was one some gigantic treads.

Passing by.

Close shot of the cockpit area.

The wing barely cleared this pole.

Wait a second... the wing is actually going to go over us!

That was really cool.

The wing over the top of other people.

And there it goes.