2012 Oct 28 | AISC poker, LABV Halloween

Got the last set of Vilebrequin shorts for the other players on my team. That's $1000 there, $250 a piece.

Aw, why'd they have to park like that. If they smooshed together a bit more you could fit another car in there.

Poker on Sunday night. Everybody paired a jack, so it came down to who had the highest kicker.

That's a scary board.

666 vs 666.

Full houses, KKKAA vs JJJKK.

I hope this motorcycle cop is ticketing people who merge late.

It looks like the smoke on the right is making the cloud, although I don't think there's that much smoke.

Always a pretty view.

This was annoying. It says "carrier leave if no response," but they made me go to the post office to pick it up. Just leave it! I HATE going to the post office. The order is to leave it; not following that should be like tampering with mail and a felony.

I'm guessing that's his name.

Pretty sunset through palm trees.

LACOS monthly meeting.

I'm always looking for new sports bars so I don't have to fight the crowds when there's a big fight or something. Although I don't know about this one; I don't want to pay for lap dances or anything, just watch the fight.

Filming a movie.

Cool movie poster.

Friday night was another movie drink along at the Downtown Independent. The first movie was Once Bitten, an early Jim Carrey movie, that I'd never seen. It was pretty fun; typical 80s comedy.

The next was Howard the Duck. I remember liking this as a kid. It tends to be rated as one of the worst 80s movies of all times, though, and watching it again, I realized why; it was pretty bad. Although it was still fun and I still loved the monster at the end.

The drinking cues for each movie.

Another 80s movie I love is Electric Dreams. I like going onto YouTube every once in a while and listening to the songs.

However, just recently they took down the top-viewed movie with almost 5 million views. I could see if it were a new movie or if it were the entire movie, but this is just the end with the theme song. Why bother?

I checked out the new Target downtown. The parking is pretty bad; the spots are really small so you have messes like this everywhere.

And it's supposed to be validated parking if you park on levels one, two, or three, but I couldn't figure out any way for them to know which level you actually parked on since you get a ticket right when you enter. They had a guy standing at the pay station with a validation card, so instead of paying $7 I only had to pay $1, but he said I should have parked in the correct area. I did; you just don't seem to have a way to check it. Hopefully they get that fixed.

Ooh, you get four game pieces on a large fry. You only get them on the medium drink, though, not the large, so the optical strategy is to order a large but ask for a medium drink instead.

This is my kind of assemblable stool. No tools, no screws, just stick one side of the cylinder in the base and one side in the cushion.

A "do not disturb" door hanger used as a rear-view window hanger.

Saturday was volleyball with Los Angeles Beach Volleyball.

Troy always has a big speaker attached to an iPod with a huge variety of songs. These kids were out for some YMCA event or something and a couple of naughty songs came on in a row, so a woman from this group came over and asked us if we could not play them. Not really, because it's just on a huge play list of everything.

People were supposed to dress up for Halloween, and a few of us did.

Goodie bags for people who dressed up.

With all kinds of candy and toys.

I couldn't wear my actual costume since there's no way I'd be able to play volleyball in it, but I had a lot of random stuff lying around from previous parties, so I figured I'd be a raver girl, like this.

Not quite the same, but good enough. The only thing I had to buy was the furry leg warmers, and I just bought some furry fabric at Michaels and safety-pinned it on.

This guy's always fun.

Going for the kick.

Burping the baby.

someone even brought food.

This is how I usually browse the internet, with 30+ tabs open. That's why I don't browse on my phone very much; it can only open around five tabs.