2012 Nov 12 | AFI Film Festival, League of Nations Boulet Brothers, Feria de Salud

A new Angry Birds season for Halloween.

Linda had an extra ticket to The Sapphires, a movie being screened at the AFI Fest.

I'd never heard of that before, but you can get free tickets to various movies. The popular ones are out almost immediately; others you can still get the day of.

It was at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, which I'd never been in before.

I wonder if people buy these signs to keep dogs out of their yards even if they don't have poison.

No idea on this one.

A giant cloud over downtown LA.

Saturday I did another volleyball class.

Practicing sand digging, which you can only do with a hard-driven ball.

We ended up doing that and some other activities mainly because it was extremely windy out and couldn't do other ones. In fact, all the other volleyball players had left the beach by around 1pm. It was neat seeing the sand so smooth.

Saturday night was a League of Nations featuring the Boulet Brothers.

They host a lot of club parties in LA with various performances, so this was a much more intimate stage than normal.

This one had a maid, an old-school aristocrat, and a woman on a table.

Discussing how their shows are more mental than graphic, like how a monster in a story is much scarier if you never get a good glipse of it than if you see it in detail.

The aftermath. It actually looks much worse than it was, other than their outfits. Basically the maid poured chocolate on the woman and then the guy and the woman ate a banana together. Pretty tame.

The dress code was cocktail attire or fetish, so I went with a combination. I talked to them for a while and outside of their shows, they're pretty normal guys. For example, they go camping a lot.

I've noticed these spots on the pictures taken with my DSLR for a while now. Normally they're not too visible, but they're still annoying.

If you put the f-stop around 20 and take a picture against a plain background, you can see even more.

You can clean the sensor yourself, but you have to make the mirror go up, and I couldn't figure out how to do that. I searched all over Google and the owner's manual, but nothing. They have plenty of ways to do it for more expensive cameras, but not mine, so I took it in to Pix to have them clean it. It was $50, but it looks much better now.

Sunday was Feria de Salud, the annual health fair sponsored by the American Diabetes Association. I organized the vision screening portion again this year. Here the patients are checking out with the doctors to see if their vision and ocular health is OK or if they need to get a comprehensive eye exam.

First the patients filled out a history form here.

They their vision was checked. UCLA Bruins in Focus had 9 pre-optometry students doing this.

Then the external and internal health of their eyes by 12 optometry students from SCCO and Western.

Lots of other booths.

Entertainment on the stage.

We had 11 optometrists, although most of them showed up only for the morning shift, so it got a bit more hectic in the afternoon.

In addition to volunteers that we organized, the fair itself had volunteers. We used around 10 of them for patient registration and any translation help we needed.

We screened a total of 312 patients, over 50 more than last year. That was interesting because last year we had a huge line out the door of people waiting, whereas this year they usually were all inside the tent and there were times we were almost caught up. I guess we must just have been more efficient this year. 93 passed with acceptable vision and ocular health. 219 were referred for complete eye exams, with 75 of those being given vouchers donated by VSP and the rest being referred to low-cost clinics around the Los Angeles area.