2012 Nov 17 | LABV in rain, videogame party, Torchlight 2

Sunset and palm trees.

Grabbed dinner at the One-Eyed Gypsy, a bar downtown.

A stage.

The front entrance: cool stained glass.

They have a couple Skee Ball games.

The back.

Pretty good happy hour specials.

The main menu.

The fries were OK, the deep-fat fried twinky tasted like anything else that has been deep fat fried, but the sliders were great.

Don't know what this is supposed to be.

Thursday night some of us went to the Los Angeles Brewing Company.

It was OK; nothing amazing.

Afterwards we went to Coco Laurent, a new bar that was opening, which was invite-only.

It was pretty crowded.

Marie Grace and Dmitry.

Saturday was volleyball with LABV.

It was supposed to rain, so I wasn't planning on going, but someone posted that it wasn't raining, so I went.

Hey, there's no smiling in the middle of a game!

Hard to see due to a bad camera angle, but everyone was laughing like crazy here.

Some good bumps.

Diving dig.

Playing around in the sand.

She doesn't look ready to play at all. Hope it doesn't come right back at her.

Uh oh, here come the storm clouds. I had driven through rain to get here, but it wasn't actually raining on the beach.

Everyone on four courts cheering for a woman to do an overhand serve.

Keeping her eye on the ball after she dove at it, even though she can't get it.

And then it started to sprinkle a bit.

It rained on and off the rest of the afternoon.

The sign-up sheets got all wet.

Dirty feet.

Saturday night was another videogame party at my place. Goldeneye here. The top two players have RCP-90s, probably the best guns in the game, so the other players are going to be in trouble.

Super Smash Bros.

Tapping as fast as they can in Mario Party.

Yeah! I won Mario Party! Although the game is pretty random.

Gauntlet Legends.

Mario Kart 64.

You Don't Know Jack.

Mario Kart 64 with volleyball players.

Five-player Bomberman.

Some neat architecture in Torchlight 2.

Cool cannon.

Neat-looking armor, skulls with red eyes on the head, shoulders, and shield.

Another cool-looking armor set and a big sword.

A flaming hammer-type weapon.

I'm a really high level and this is a low-level spell, so I'm guessing it's more of a fun rare one.

Haven't seen this mini-game before: you can only pick one door for treasure.

Later on in the game when your character is very strong, not many enemies do much damage, but traps in the floor, like the fire here or spikes and blades, can kill you in one hit.

A secret fishing hole kind of out of place; usually you see them outdoors.

Two of them.

The Mapworks lets you play maps with random attributes. This is about the best: health steal and increased luck, gold, and experience. And it's in the dragon dungeon, my favorite.

I had been looking for the full set for Mondon's for my character. I had most of it when another player gave me the other ones for free. How nice.

A neat little mini-quest: put the gems in the eye sockets to open the chests.

There are some dungeons that are much rarer than others. I'd never seen the Reeking Cellar before.

Small area with a few big monsters and lots of gold.

A secret area I didn't know of before.

The second legendary item I've found.

Except my current weapon is already better.

And the third one.

This would actually work well on a Berserker, I think.

Most of the really rare items I'm finding from random enemies in random dungeons, not from bosses. This is a valuable skull.

Two uniques.

And two more.

Another valuable skull.

This area has really pretty stained-glass windows.

Very neat.

Ooh, a mysterious spear.

Wait a second, I think I already have an axe that looks like this.

Yep, and it has the same name, too, Wraith Lord's.

Look at that, the Wraith Lord even uses the same weapons he drops.

A hammer, which I don't have yet.

And the coolest one by far, a mace. I really want to get that one.