2012 Nov 26 | Vineland Drive-In movie theater, Thanksgiving in South Dakota

Drivers in San Francisco all get over to the right side of the lane to turn. For whatever reason, a lot of people in LA don't. This guy could easily go around the truck in front of him, but instead he's just sitting there.

Shell station north of the highway.

Shell station 1 block away: 76 cents more expensive. That's crazy.

I don't understand drivers who don't put their lights on in the rain.

Downtown LA with a big rain cloud.

The red car on the left is blocking the intersection, preventing the car on the right from going through. Even though there's a cop in front of him...

... AND behind him, they don't do anything. Really, that guy should get a ticket or at least a warning.

Regarding the bumper sticker on the right, how am I supposed to watch the road when I'm reading you?

People lined up for Best Buy almost a week ahead of time to save $500 on a TV. Although if you make $10 an hour and work a 40-hour week, that actually makes financial sense, if the TV is worth more to you than putting that money to your child's college fund or whatever.

Rainbow crosswalk in West Hollywood.

Cool-looking building with the window and tower.

The tree branches look like a heart.

Interesting car.

The guy in the white pickup turned into the bus/bike lane and squeezed into traffic.

"In tow" with the "N" backwards.

Vineland is a drive-in movie theater about an hour east of LA.

Getting some snacks.

A cute little mock-up, except they don't have the speakers any more; it's all on the radio.

They show a total of 8 movies each night, 2 on each screen.

We sat on top of the Jeep and watched Skyfall.

And then Here Comes The Boom. A couple of cars didn't start at the end, but one of the employees has a portable battery jumper.

Lot C at LAX was nearly full on Thanksgiving morning; I had to park way out in the second-to-last row.

Shelves of clouds.

The shadow of our plan and contrail on the clouds below.

Typical town: along a river with a railroad running through it.

This is neat. You can order your food with the little tablets on the table.

Ooh, a giant chocolate chip cookie.

A guy wearing a baseball cap under a cowboy hat.

We need a drink to deal with the family.

The baggage claim at the Aberdeen airport was being renovated, so it was outside. Brr.

Crepuscular rays and some hay bales.

A big cloud.


And a farm.

The parents said they didn't have much for snacks this year. I don't call this "not much."

The girls ready to eat.

Fun glasses with mints and a chocolate stick.

Deer sausage and turkey and tons of other food.

Monica snuck a piece of candy corn into my drink when I wasn't looking.

And even one into my mashed potatoes.

Mick and I splitting a chocolate chip pie.

A hat at Tony's Bait and Tackle that is being given away in a fishing tournament.

It even has the tail.

We are quite prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

Of course, needs lot of shells, too, not just guns.

Mom modified her shotgun with about 3 inches of foam so it doesn't hurt when it kicks.

Tons of winter clothing.

And boots.

Those look warm.

And gloves and hats.

ANd more gloves.

And even more.

Mel dressed up.

Dad and me.

Three kids.

Ready to head out.

Monica having some fun.

Into the truck we go.

Walking a fence line.

Watch out for the barbed wire.

You usually don't get a close look unless they're tall and hitting you in the face as you walk.

The dog on the railroad tracks.

More weeds.

Me ready to shoot.

Walking a field.

Mel found a feather.

Walking a field.

Have to watch out for holes.

Frost on the grass.

Stay in a line!

Monica running back to get the truck.

A little dam.

I like the shot-up intersection sign.

Some smart pheasants flying sideways, away from the walkers and the posters.

Monica almost lost in the tall weeds.

The dog in front of Dad.

And behind.

We wounded a rooster, the dog found it, and Monica carried it the rest of the way.

It liked to stick its head in the crook of her arm.

The dog on top of a pile of branches.

Mick got one.

Mick with a couple of birds.

The hunters.

Monica and me.

Monica playing with the dog.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Yep, saw that coming.

Mick and Holly opening an early Christmas present.

Dad and the dog.

Monica and the dog.

Dad making sure Mom doesn't fall as Monica is busy on the computer.

Mom came from behind with one big laydown to win.

Ooh, what's this?

$43, hopefully it's pretty nice.

Hey, I gave this to Mom last year!

Monica all warm.

Lots of guns, although you have to decide on keeping the shotguns for pheasants or the rifles for deer.

The girls don't want to get cold.

Mom sneaking in, too.

If the deer think this is a warm spot to bed down for the night, I think I'll wait here, too.

The girls posing.

Monica doing a cartwheel.

Discussing the plan.

Someone has to stay back to drive the truck up.

Monica found a tumbleweed.

Dad hopping over a fence to grab a bird that landed in the field.

Got it.

The dog on top of another one.

Dad with his birds.

Me with mine.

There was a show on TV that followed parking cops around. Most of the people deserved the tickets, so that was fine. What really made me mad was how cheap the fines are in the other cities, like $20 or $30. In LA they're like $63 minimum.

Switching from pheasants to deer.

A few running away.

One watching us from the middle of the field.

A couple more.

And a bigger group. They're pretty smart by now; they stay in the middle of the fields away from roads.

Although I don't know how I'm supposed to watch for them with all of these stickers in the way.

A few pheasants out in the field.

Sighting in the rifles.

A big group of deer.

Dad got one.

Mom, Dad, and the dog ready to go.

Ouch, you don't see those prices in California.