2012 Dec 09 | LA Auto Show, Lil Jon, Chriskwanzakkah, LACOS winter CE seminar

Went to check out the LA Auto show.

Pretty comfortable in there.


A lot of nice cars.

This one was shiny chrome all over.

A company that lets you drive exotic cars on a track.

Big front on a pickup.

Cute little one.

Ooh, that's a bit different.

A Cobra.

Beautiful paint job.

It had glitter in the paint like the Jeep.

Three wheeler.

A track with radio-controlled cars.

Uh oh, this one got a little hot.

My favorite car, and Lamborghini Aventador.

A big truck.

All kinds of things stuck up in the air on this one.

Another shiny one.

With a neat paint job.

Kids playing a game on the screen.

A simulator.

The Volt frame.

A few manufacturers had motors on display.

That's a bit different.

Funky taillights.

Cool pedals.

A concept car.

A design contest for highway patrol vehicles.

That's kind of cute.

Some Hot Wheels cars.

Inside one.

Concept models.

I loved the sports cars downstairs, but the normal vehicles upstairs were mostly boring.

Pretty lights above the road downtown.

Lots of sun rays.

A truck with a built-in crane.

Tuesday night was a party sponsored by 1iota with Lil Jon and DJ Reach.

The line.

Thankfully I had priority tickets, which let us in first.

You were supposed to bring a present for Toys for Tots.

Pretty neat inside.

Electronic menus.

Shots with Linda and her friend.

Lil Jon getting ready on the left, DJ Reach on the right.

Put your hands up!

Everybody loves these light-up foam cylinders.

A view from the back.

All the toys at the end. You can see my turtle.

According to Can You Run It, I can't run Torchlight 2. It gets a little slow if there are a lot of enemies, but otherwise it's been fine.

Saturday morning I went to BelAir Camera for a free class they put on about once a month.

They go over different modes and functions on your camera.

And cover other aspects of photography, like lighting.

Some of the people had really expensive cameras and lenses but knew almost nothing about them. I kept answering all of his questions; it felt like I was back in school.

They had some bins of used items in the back. Nothing I really needed, but a nice option for cheaper items.

The flower store has vines all over it; that's fitting.

You can see half of the Hollywood sign from here.

I'm guessing this is a dentistry professor at UCLA.

Some women's pants at a thrift store around Hollywood. My waist, but a lot taller. I'm gonna hang out at the dropoff and look for models because this isn't your usual thrift-goer sizing.

This guy had an interesting outfit.

See you in Cuba?

I had the Jeep parked here for only 5 minutes and there was already tons of tree stuff on it.

The offending tree.

At first I thought this placed cleaned top hats, and I couldn't understand how they could possibly get enough business to stay open.

Interesting billboards.

They should paint their car like a cow.

Chriskwanzakkah, a party at someone's house in the valley.

This bartender was making flaming shots.

Although you cool them off before drinking them.

Nobody was swimming in the pool, although there were a few people in the hot tub.

All the things in the pool decided to float to this side.

Some fire eaters.


A woman painting.

Toys people brought. Mine was the turtle on the top left.

Ooh, this sounds interesting.

Doing makeup.

Pretty good on the bite area.

Body painting.

The dance area.

Christmas lights on the dancers.

Waiting in line for drinks.

Some of the partiers indoors.

And outdoors.

And a few more.

Wow, that's a really cool chair in the thrift store. Too bad it's really expensive.

A neat little instrument.

A drum like in the Karate Kid 2.

Another one.

I love these chips, but they only sell them in the middle of the day and I'm never by this store then. This day I was passing by and grabbed some, though.

Yeah, right. In fact, I might not even bake any cookies at all.

Drinking out of a mason jar at a little cafe.

Walmart had a huge box of chocolates for really cheap. I swear they're way more expensive around Valentine's Day; I wonder if it'll be OK if I saved it for a few months? They also had giant boxes of chocolate covered cherries, yum.

The auto repair shop had some birds in the back; nice and soothing.

The brakes are pretty worn.

Super-comfortable chairs and a couch.

Lots of books to read while you wait.

They've been named the best auto repair garage by the LA Weekly a few times.

I always trust them; they never try to sell you more stuff you don't need.

"Scientifically proven?" I want to see the paper on that.

I love National Geographic, but this safari doesn't even look fun; you see more fellow tourists than animals.

Illegal colored contacts in a store.

And some butterflies as well.

Some cool tiles in Westwood Village.

That's pretty ingenious; a cap for a bottle that acts as a tripod for your camera. I don't think it'd be very sturdy, though.

The Umami Burger here doesn't even have a name on it, but I recognized their symbol. This is the only one in LA that has smashed burgers as opposed to regular ones. They're really good and not too expensive.

They have electronic screens to order.

Interesting mannequin fronts in a thrift store.

They were selling a bunch of these, although I don't think I'd use them. I wasn't quite sure what they're for, though; probably displaying clothes, but they're not full mannequins.

Ah, here's one in a store I went to later in the day.

Sunday was our annual CE lecture.

Lots of raffle prizes.

Checking doctors in.

Doctors talking with sponsors.

Everyone getting settled in.


The first speaker.

We had right around 100 attendees.

A break to talk to sponsors.

A few more lectures.

Time for the raffles.

Really? Who is dumb enough to fall for this? It's annoying spam is coming in as texts now.

Hey, I've never seen this before. I have to wait to do the next level in Angry Birds.

The winter one is really pretty with the aurora on top. And this level you could knock the sled with a TNT box on top down the hill to blow up the pigs.

Driving back home at midnight usually means all green roads.

That's an interesting traffic circle. It's actually really big; there are houses on the inner part.