2012 Dec 24 | poker, trivia at Saint Rocke for Linda's birthday, Christmas with the family

Nice, a cheat sheet for the chocolates. Atlhough you have to orient it the right way. It seems like it's rotationally symmetrical, but it's not quite.

Split pot, both flopped a straight.

A fair amount of money.

Both flopped a set; that's really rare.

Scary flop.

And another.

Cool mannequins at the thrift store.

It's gotta be fun putting them together.

A new truck and an old one.

This thrift store had all their Christmas clothing together.

Linda had her birthday party at Saint Rocke.

Football game and then trivia.

A couple of her friends won the raffle for a $20 gift card during the football game.

Good food.

The place is starting to fill up.

Uh oh, there's a slider and a few other things down between the booth and the wall.

Our table ready for trivia.

Googling as fast as we can.

Well, that certainly makes it easy. Not quite the exact same picture, but close.

This group had an actual laptop, which everyone else thought was a bit much.

I did well on the Samuel L Jackson movie sound clips.

We had 4 booths of people there.

The winner for the night was the guy on the right in the white shirt who played by himself.

The organizer tabulating the results.

We tied for third, so we had a sing-off.

They were definitely better, but we had more people in our group, so we had louder cheering. Then a guy flashed the organizer to sway him to vote for the other group, so one of Linda's friends took of his shirt in support of us.

It didn't really matter because both teams got $15 off any future show.

The whole group.

That's a funny looking car. It almost looks like a bee.

It even has a device to make noise on top.

Power was knocked out for blocks.

So most of the stores closed.

We stayed open for a few hours in case people wanted to pick up glasses and to wait for the people who had appointments that we couldn't reach by phone.

Sorting hot sauce packets.

This is an, uh, interesting TV show. Two people pop up on screen and do/say whatever they want.

Never noticed this before.

I bet a lot of people miss them. I wonder if people go through the garbage to collect them.

This looks a lot like a grapefruit but it's a little different color.

I love this mouse, but I think it's dying.

Ick, people eat smelt?

I hate this Sbarro. It's on the way home from work, and I want pasta, but they always close that down early.

No, I don't want any of this crap. I just want the bare mimimum that will get me on the plane.

Wow, that's cheap. I wouldn't do it for under $300. But I guess this is good for the airlines if people take it.

Cool paint job. I wonder if it's a test vehicle.

Funny USB drive.

It was cold at the office and we didn't have any patients for an hour, so we ran and grabbed some hot chocolate, extra marshmallows, and cookies.

Pretty mountains.

Flying out of LAX. Hey, what's that on top of the hill there?

The Hollywood sign.

A traffic jam of four airport carts.

Brr, snow on the jetway to the plane.

The Fargo airport decorated for Christmas.


All of our stockings.

Ron and Melissa's house.

I've never seen mixed animal crackers before.

5 for $5, what a deal over the $1 per box!

35 ways to be healthier, walk off 10 pounds, and a giant brownie recipe.

Me in a fuzzy hat.

Monica by Mom's neat bracelets.

Dad hiding jerky from the dog.


The dog sleeping in the sun.

Lots of food at Ron and Cheryl's house.

By the fireplace.

Mom and daughter.

The four kids.

Everyone asking dad for money on the gravy train.

Lots of lights on this house.

Funny name.

Connie and Larry brought tons of great cookies.

Opening presents.

The girls with hats.

Not just any hats, hats with lights in the brim.

Great parking job, Monica.

Lots of laptops.

Fun rails at one of the local bowling alleys.

This must be my ball.

Monica ready to go.





Monica happy about her strike.

Mom not happy about leaving one pin.

Hey, she's cheating!

Uh oh.

Dad reacting to leaving split pins.

Dad won the first game.

We didn't finish the second, but Monica was in the lead.

After the games.

Brr, it's cold.

A sundog.

Dad didn't give the dog any food, so it got its revenge.

Even colder forecast.

Christmas dinner.

Opening presents.

Home-made pins for Mom and Dad: My children think I'm momsome and dadequate.

Monica with her presents.


And me.

Monica enjoying the head massage thingy.

Eleanor pictures.

Mom with her animal fannypack.

Dad's fish knife and fork.

From when we were little kids.

Another one from years ago.

Wallets from when we were kids.

Don't forget to look through them.

Lots of gifts.

Melissa, Ron, and Eleanor.

Dad mentioned he wanted unwaxed floss but couldn't find any in the store. Thanks to Amazon Prime we had it in time for Christmas.

Presents for Eleanor.

Opening them.

Millie playing with her toy. Well, destroying it as fast as possible.

Tug of war with Monica.

Me sneaking up on her.

Some of Eleanor's presents.