2013 Jan 05 | White Wonderland NYE, Natural History Museum First Friday, Temescal Canyon hike

The license plate is a bit weird, but the stickers of the 8 cats on her window pushes it into crazy land.

Making my New Year's Eve outfit.

I put rhinestones on the pants and battery-powered Christmas lights on the hat.

My outfit.

Our group eating before the party. Thankfully nobody spilled anything on their white clothes.

After parking we had to walk through this tunnel...

... to stand in this gigantic line.

It moved, but not very quickly. Thankfully it wasn't too cold outside.

And this woman had a boom box built into her fanny pack, so everyone around could listen to the music.

If you had a VIP pass, you could skip the line and go in through these doors. A few people tried to run in when other people came out, but the security guards caught most of them.

At the door we had to put our hands in the air, maybe so we couldn't push as much?

After over an hour wait in line, people needed to pee like crazy. Unfortunately there was still a line for the bathrooms.

Somebody didn't quite make it to the urinals.

Now back into line.

Around these barriers.

And into another line. This is where they patted you down and had you empty your pockets. It wasn't very thorough, though, especially judging by how much people had in there later on.

And we're in!

Just need to push our way through another little bunch of people.

The sound guys.

A few of us decided to have a certain area be our meeting point. That way we could wander around but always come back here to find some of our group.


You couldn't really hear people make noise over the sound of the DJs.

The line for cocktails was really long.

But this beer area had almost no line.

The bathrooms also had extremely long lines, but a few of us found one over in the corner that nobody else was using.

Ferry Corsten. He's been around a while, but he was my favorite DJ of the night because he was always smiling and having fun with the crowd.

Everyone in white.

A big metal bird statue.

Neat lasers.

Not a real countdown, but it looked like it.

Avicii. He did a set here, hopped on a plane to Las Vegas, and did another show there.

Cool-looking dancers.

Everyone having a good time.

A very sparkly outfit.

This guy had a lot of lights.

Lights around his pants.

A mix between Hello Kitty and Deadmau5.

Candy canes on her furry boots.

Guys in masks and helmets.

Guys in full-body spandex.

This area wasn't as crowded, so some people were hula-hooping.

Artists above us.

They got pretty close to the crowd at times.

Some dancers.

Light-up skirts.

There were two stages. It got really crowded at one.

The security actually set up barriers.

I heard the one area was too crowded so they weren't letting any more people in.

And it's the new year!

Lots of confetti.

Confetti everywhere.

Friday night some of us went to the Natural History Museum.

On the first Friday of the month they have First Fridays, which has music and drinks and a special lecturer.

The fossils in the main entrance.

A coelacanth.

That's a big mouth.

Some of the fossils had legends that said which of the bones were real. I don't think this one has a single original bone, though; that's cheating.

Bones still in the ground.

The entrance to the dinosaur exhibit.

T-rex and relatives.

More fossils.

A sabre-toothed tiger.

If you tweeted or Facebooked a picture of yourself here, you could get a free cookie.

Gemstones and minerals.

This one was hollow with a light inside.



That's cool.

Lots of birds.

A shiny one.

Where they cleaned off the dinosaur bones.

A large hall with lots of live and stuffed animals.

A praying mantis.

Pretty sculpture.

A stuffed polar bear.

There used to be a seaway in the middle of the US.

African scene.

This is the only thing I remember about a trip to Disneyland when we were kids: a dinosaur-head grabber.

The lecture was on digging up some mastadons.

It was one of the few sites where they many complete bones.

Questions afterwards.

There were also food trucks outside.

We ate at the grilled cheese one. My favorite was the s'mores sandwich.

Everybody else was in sweaters and coats and complaining about how cold it was; I was in a t-shirt and was a bit chilly but not too uncomfortable.

A dinosaur costume.

You could pay extra to go in and listen to the bands, but we could hear them fine from just outside the area.

Saturday morning we hiked Temescal Canyon. There's an infamous stop sign at the parking lot.

There's a camera behind it, and if you don't come to a full legal stop, they send you a big ticket. Everyone thinks it's pretty slimy of them.

The park.

The wider area.

If I see something that looks like a mountain lion coming after me, I'm not going to stop and observe its tail.

Uh oh, somebody left their sunglasses here.

Starting off.

A nice little bridge.

A tiny waterfall, although almost no water.

If you looked through the hills here...

... you could just see the beach.

Big group.

Ducking under a tree.

A bit of pipe.

Interesting growth on a tree.

Taking a break at a bend.

And the top.

Expensive houses in Malibu.

A hawk flying overhead.

Hiking the last little bit.

To get this view from downtown to the beaches.



And now the easy part: down the hill.

Pretty area with trees.

And lots of expensive houses.

Even more.

Watch out for the mud.

There was a big tree fallen across this gorge.

As far onto the tree as I could get during the 10-second self timer on my camera. It would actually have been a pretty good fall and running across wasn't too bad, but stopping in the middle and turning around was quite hairy.

Linda came over that evening and we cooked pheasant and deer sausage.


Watching poker; that's a lot of black cards.

A perfect spot for brownies; right in the middle of the salad.

I hate carts for only a few items, but some stores don't have baskets.

A huge line for returns at Walmart after Christmas.

The printer said it was out of toner and wouldn't print. However, it was printing fine. Thankfully I Googled a way to tell it to keep printing even if it thought it was out of toner. Some of the printers you can't even tell to do that.