2013 Jan 19 | skiing at Bear Mountain with Apple, Rebel Bingo with Kendra and Kat, LABV

Brunch with Monica at BLD (Breafast, Lunch, and Dinner).

Cool little tree.

Huge pancakes.

Apple found some cheap tickets for skiing at Bear Mountain, so we went there early on a Monday.

I'm always confused because there are two Big Bear resorts, one called Bear Mountain and one called Snow Summit.

Apple trying on a fun hat while renting her gear.

Ready to go.

It was 20 out, but it didn't feel too bad. I never got really, really cold like I did skiing as a kid, although I did get a tad cold on occasion on the western side with the wind. I still kept my facemask on most of the time, though.

Apple coming down.


Wow, that's impressive. A (partially) blind skier.

Apple with a bear.

Lakes spraying water, maybe to make snow?

The ducks didn't seem to mind the water falling on them.

Trash targets beneath the ski lifts. Fun idea, but it looked like most people threw too late and missed.

Cool snow on a tree.

I loved the color coordination on this lift operator: pink lipstick, pink hair, and pink coat lining.


Lots of beer and liquor at the outdoor bar.

Time to move on to the harder runs.

Big jump.

Going below the lift; it's pretty steep and narrow.

The great thing about a Monday is it was pretty empty; we never had to wait in line.

How in the world do you get your legs into that configuration?

Smart; the sun was in her eyes napping on the way home, so she used a Subway ad as a shade.

Pretty sunset over the mountain.

For snow, I'm guessing.

Using a supplemental mirror as his main one.

Friday night was a student-doctor mixer at SCCO.

Everybody eating and chatting.

Candi won a raffle!

A doctor speaking on why students should become involved in their local affiliations after graduating.

Later that night was Rebel Bingo with Kat and Kendra.

Almost time to start.

Ooh, I love sheer tops.


Calling a number.

This is new. The wait until they have two winner and make them compete for the prize. Here they had to pop balloons.

Animal costumes.

A race to put them on.


Lots of drinks, lots of face marking.

With their bingo cards.

I always like to get a spot by the stage so you can set your drinks and cards on it. Trying to play with a drink in one hand and the card in the other leaves no hand for the marker.

The female photobombers in the back of the picture are hilarious.

Outfit changes.

Calling more numbers.

They had to dance and freeze in place.

Excited audience.

A single 69 away from a win.

Trying to catch a balloon.

Having some fun.

Dancing and another photobomber.

Showing off our markings.

I thought all of these syrup, etc containers at McDonald's were alcohol bottles at first.

I wanted chicken strips and potato wedges for lunch, but there's not much left.

Volleyball with Los Angeles Beach Volleyball on Saturday.

Good hit by ABG.

Nice dive.

George posing for the camera.

Troy reaching.

Lisa with a good hit.

I love her hair in this shot.

Sliding hit.

Big air.

Kendra and Kat came to play.

Good hit for not playing much.

And another.

Watch out!

David going up for a spike.

Getting close to sunset.

Last game.