2013 Jan 26 | Commerce Casino, LABV, LA Art Show, Horse Racing, N64/PS1 VG party

These cars parked at the corner are both for sale. Hmm... I wonder if someone just leaves them there to be seen or if they're actually shopping.

The Citadel outlet mall.

Nice outdoor food court.

There are a fair number of stores.

But none I'm really interested in.

There was a big line outside the Coach store. Must be a sale or something.

Interesting car setup in the front dash of this car.

Sunday night I went to Commerce Casino.

They were having the LA Poker Classic.

There are multiple rounds, but this day had the cheapest one with a Facebook tournament.

A ton of people playing poker here.

My entrance and a food voucher.

I hope none of these guys show up.

Neat statue.

Although they need to dust the watches in this store.

A lot of people at the tournament.

Hmm... I don't really want that.

I got this instead: a huge hot dog.

Kendra showed up a little later on.

They were doing raffles for prizes, but it was really hard to hear them, so a lot of people missed out.

Fun license plate.

Another one.

The roof of this convertible was bunched up.

Monday was MLK day, so some of us went and played volleyball. There were a bunch of trucks that took up all the parking along this area, though.

Pretty ball.

Strong hit.

Sand flying.

His glasses and wristband match the ball.

Great hand position.

Jumping spike.


Putting her whole body into the hit.

I like how indented the ball is where he hits it.

It looks like he's about to hit the moon.

Going up for a spike.

Sliding dig.

And another.

Nice hit.

Diving for the ball.

Great dive.

A layer of brown above the city. I wonder if it's dust or smog?

Lenticular clouds above the mountains.

A closer view, although they're breaking up a bit.

I wonder what this is. It looks like the cop car smashed into the back of the other car, but why is it left here and what are the black X's on the doors?

Interesting structure at a bridge over the highway.

Cool-looking building.

Saturday morning we went to the Santa Anita Race Track for horse racing. It's right by a mall with a Dave & Busters, so I've always wondered what this big parking lot was for. Now I know. Another weird thing was the colored lines in the middle of the lanes; this other car and I were pretty confused by them.

Ah, it looks like they're guides for certain parking lots.

They were giving out free hats.

Neat tree.

Fountain and horse statue.

Some of the bushes were cut into the shapes of horses.

A jockey on a horse.

This path that the horses walked on was bouncy even though it looked like brick. It reminded me of the tracks in high school.

Everyone got a kick out of this horse's name.

I like the name Lovemeister too, although he do doesn't sound very good.

Before the races they walk the horses around this circle to show them off.

Then the jockeys jump on the horse and head to the track while everyone else runs to bet.

And they're off!

Coming in to the end.

People are excited.

We have a winner.

Our group. I didn't know they were giving out free hats so I wore one I had bought for someone else to wear to a different event. Everybody at the track got a kick out of it.

Lots of tickets; don't lose the winners.

The horses were all muddy after the races.

There were also food trucks there this day.

Probably about 10-15 of them.

This guy still had the little plastic thingy for the price tag on his boots.

A mariachi band and dancers.

Fun for the kids.

Pony rides.

A huge line for some prizes, it looked like free tickets to the park, although it was all Asians.

Cops on horses let people pet them.

The mountains in the background looked cool with the clouds.

There was also a concert going on.

And a craft beer garden.

I really like one of these types of bread and really hate the other, although I can never remember which is which.

My new favorite ice cream.

I bought a shirt, only to find out it needed cuff links. I looked around online for some cool ones and found these working hourglasses cheap on ebay.

Order of my favorite sharks/dinosaurs/etc candy: dark red, light red, yellow, orange. This was almost a perfect bag.

I was walking in a parking garage and a guy game around a corner too fast in his car. I heard him and jumped mostly out of the way, but the front corner of his car hit me. I said I was fine and just let him go on his way, although it scratched up my hand and leg a bit.

And I didn't notice this bruise on my hip until a few days later.

I found cheap tickets to Eddy Izzard at the Lasgo Theater, so a group of us went to see him at his last show in LA before he starts his world tour for his next album.

A strip club right across the street.

I wanted chicken nuggets but couldn't find the meal of them, so I panicked and ordered the kid's meal with them.

A pop-up book with noises, that'd be fun, except not all the noises work.

This is a neat idea...

... except someone used permanent marker.

Another book with a variety of things. Coloring, a CD, and...

... tons of animal stickers.

Fun fish in a tank at a restaurant.

I ate at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch and noticed this sign for a movie ticket for nearly half off as I was walking out. I was thinking of going to a movie anyway, so I went back and got a ticket from my server.

Baby karts at Target.

They're basically the same except the one with slightly higher SPF is 30% more expensive.

What crummy parking. You can almost fit a car between where the red curb starts and where the pickup is, but not quite.

Noticed some funny marks on the top of one of my Jewish patient's history form, thought I had remembered seeing them before, and after checking some other forms of Jewish patients, a lot put them on there. A little Googling brings up B'ezrat Hashem, "with God's help." Fact of the day for me.

One of my favorite views of LA, near the intersection of the 134 and the 2. You can see the tops of the downtown skyscrapers.

This weekend was the LA Art Show.

I went on Friday afternoon so there wouldn't be as many people there.

Very pretty painting.

A very realistic one.

A scientist on the left.


Cool perspective.

Very realistic.

Kind of scary.

This Chinese artist's last name means "red."

Neat sculpture.

All made of spoons.

Close up on the right one.

I like how this one is at the edge of abstract and realistic.

Random stuff.

Very pretty scene on metal to make it shiny.


More sculptures.

This one was pretty weird.

As was this.

And this.

Person on a piano.

I really liked this one.

Cool-looking and translucent.

I like how simple this is.


Black waves, $20,000 a piece.

Everything in this picture is made out of cardboard.

Black and white.

Eye charts.

These pictures of dogs underwater by Seth Casteel are the #1 best seller in various categories on Amazon.

Metallic cat.

Interesting to think about what this means.

A fun one.

Both of these are really neat.

I don't really like the mess of colors, but the portraits behind are cool.

You walk under these streamers to enter the show.

They were made by shapes carved onto tires.

Some setup out front.

Satuday night was another Nintendo 64 / Playstation videogame party.

The gals playing.


Got him in the corner.

Me giving it a shot.

Super Smash Bros.

Playing in the kitchen.

Playing Mario Party and our team fell off. The other team couldn't get over a certain hill, though; they had to keep backing up farther and farther and taking a run at it.

The pressure's on; lots of spectators.

Playing a card game.

Dumb hills; I have to drive all the way around.

A street named Selby.

That's annoying. There's an at for Fig At 7th on Google Maps on my phone. What if I accidentally click on it for my destination instead of where I really want to go? That's pretty annoying.