2007 Sep 02 | Monica in Houston

On Sunday afternoons a few of us at the apartment complex have been having barbeques. We usually play volleyball in the pool with a beachball, too, which is a lot of fun.

The copy machines at the optometry school only take dimes, so I've resorted to keeping a bunch in my backpack just in case.

This is a soccer field just past the optometry school parking lot. There are two fields set up, but I'm not sure if just anybody can play on them; the club team was holding try-outs here.

We had a talent show at the school. Here a couple of girls belly danced.

One of our teachers is pretty fun. He had a list of the best college football match-ups for the weekend before he started lecture.

Monica came out for the long weekend. On Friday, she worked at the computer lab at school while I was in class. During lunch we were sitting on the deck and noticed this spider was standing a few inches away from the other one when all of the sudden it lept and grabbed smaller one. When Monica got to close while taking pictures, it jumped at her, making her jump back, which must have been good for its ego. Friday night we just watched a movie at home.

Saturday we went to Galveston. For lunch we ate at the Rainforest Cafe.

After that we went to the Seawall, which is a big beach along the southern part of the island.

Saturday evening we went to a movie and then clubbing. The first club we went to was Pashaa, which wasn't that great. The bar lit up, which was neat, but the music was mainly Latin, which neither of felt like dancing to. The place was pretty small, also, and a lot of people were just sitting around rather than dancing.

The second club was South Beach, which was more what we were looking for. It was big, had loud techno music, and everybody was dancing. At one point they fogged it up so much nobody could see more than a few inches. About 3/4 of the clubbers here were gay men, around 1/4 were shirtless, and a few of them could dance really, really well. The woman at the door said the cover was $10 per person, and Monica asked, "Even for girls?" which in retrospect was fairly humerous considering the type of people there.

Sunday morning we went to an indoor gun range. We shot a 9mm pistol and then an uzi, which really started to pull up after a few shots. The guy could tell which of us shot at which target because males always shoot for the head whereas females are more likely to go for the chest.

After that we had lunch at Goode Company Barbeque, which has this giant horned armadillo outside, so it's pretty hard to miss.

That evening we went to the Houston symphony which was playing music from James Bond. The conductor made a lot of jokes and even had a James Bond quiz at the end where the audience could yell out the answers.