2013 Feb 03 | Skiing at Mountain High with Apple, VB, Super Bowl

This cloud kind of looks like the Loch Ness Monster.

Pretty sunset over the mountains.

And in the city.

At first I thought this was 2 kilograms, but what would be that light in the Olympics? So I think it's The 2000 Olympic Games.

Driving through skid row in downtown LA.

Three cops in a row. Better be extra careful to not break any laws.

There are cameras to take pictures of the external and internal eyes of patients, but they cost like $25,000. The cameras on cell phones are so good now that many younger doctors are using them for pictures. It's a bit hard to keep my phone aligned while holding it and for the autofocus to work correctly it has to be a bit out from the ocular on the slit lamp, so I made my own little holder with a phone case, the cap of a shaving bottle, and some epoxy. It doesn't get as good of internal pictures as an expensive camera designed for that, but it does fairly well.

Apple and I went skiing at Mountain High on Friday for her birthday. Pretty much all the resorts will let you ski for free on your birthday. Since I was planning on playing volleyball the next day, I packed stuff for that, too.

Her neighbors parked in the middle of the curb, probably to save spots for other people. Instead of parking in a normal area and letting someone else park in the other space, they park between the two so later when someone comes home they can move their car up and let them park. It's kind of a jerk thing to do because it prevents other people from parking there.

However, this guy parked a little too far forward, so I could just fit in behind him.

It was close.

A truck filled with lemons.

We grabbed some food at McDonald's. I saw fruit and nuts so I ordered that; I didn't know it was fruit and nut oatmeal.

Close to the resort there were tons of signs in Asian languages. Seems like a weird area for them to be.

A neat fortress post.

She kept the tiara I bought for her on all day, although the sash kept falling off.

Pretty mountains in the distance.

This guy wasn't very sneaky about beer. You'd think he could at least hide it in a big pocket or something.

These two snowboarders were gorgeous. Apple is texting in the background, too.

Neat lensflare from the sun.

A wood carving.

This guy's coat was really cool.

I love the striped pants of the guy on the right, too.

A tree where women threw their bras.

I started off skiing in a coat and snowpants, but it was way too hot, especially sitting on the lift with the sun beating on us. So I took off the coat, and was still too hot, and took of the snowpants, and was still too hot, and decided fine, I'll just ski in the swim trunks I have in the car. It got up to around 55 degress that day, and I wasn't cold at all, although thankfully I didn't wipe out.

We were on the ski lift with this couple who had been drinking all day. They were nice enough to share some of their alcohol with us on the ride up.

A great thing about skiing on a weekday is you don't have to deal with the crowds like on a weekend.

Uh oh, scary choices.

And Apple wipes out.

I swear, that "slow" sign jumped out of nowhere.

She got around it, though. This was a pretty steep run.

An area with a lot of jumps.

This jump had some tubes.

A view from above.

Didn't see any really huge jumps, although some people got up a bit.

A little cabin in the woods. I wonder what it's for.

Fun license plate.

Friday night we went out for Apple's birthday.

Opening her presents.

The group at BJ's.

Blowing out her candles.

Random knowledge says that must be a king bed because it has two box springs.

Saturday morning was volleyball. First I went to West LA group.

Everyone having a good time.

There were a few new players this time.

After a few hours there, I went to the Los Angeles Beach Volleyball group.

Good dive.

Cool-looking serve; her arms are almost parallel.

David with a nice serve.

I love this shot.

This one is really cool, too.

Bitt with a great dig.


This is like one of those joke pictures with the pretty woman in the foreground and a boat in the back with a caption that says, "optical illusion: if you look carefully, after a few seconds, you can see a boat in this picture." Only in this case instead of a boat it's a guy serving.

Nice and vertical.

Diving hit.

David doing a jump serve.

Good hand and arm positioning.

Eye on the ball.

Saturday night was a movie drink-along at the Downtown Independent with What About Bob and Groundhog Day. When they started the first movie, it has subtitles on, so they restarted it, but then it got restarted again for some reason, and then it had subtitles again, so they restarted it a third time. Everyone was joking it was planned because everything reoccurs in Groundhog Day. The drinking cues: What About Bob: what about bob, baby steps, Marvin gets angry "I don't get angry!", puppets, book gets mentioned or Good Morning America, mentions death "it gets worse!", see neighbors "burn in hell!" Groundhog Day: blizzard, Punxsutawney Phil, clock at 6am, Ned "bing!", Phil kill himself "no", Phil slapped "denied."

I went to the Blue Palms in Hollywood for the Super Bowl with some people. There was supposed to be some kind of block party nearby as well, but I didn't see it. It was near a subway stop, so that was nice, and they had Berliner Weisse, which I love but you don't see often.

They had some amazing food, like a truffle burger and truffle fries.

And this dessert.

A couple at our table was cheering for the Ravens because their friend was playing for the team. The last few minutes of the game were really intense.

Taking the subway back home and the handicap gate was stuck open, so I guess most people just walked through it for free.