2013 Feb 10 | COA House of Delegates, Crystal's birthday and photobooth, poker

Fun bug.

Nitro boy? And from Houston.

Very nerdy.

A joke on people telling him he should study a major that will actually have job potential, "but my dream"? A lot of hard-to-figure-out plates recently.

No idea. Although if you Google Zenviro, it's a company, so probably the owner or an employee.

A friend had an extra ticket to this, nice!

I love Dave Barry. It was a funny little interview.

Friday and Saturday was the California Optometric Association's annaul House of Delegates meeting, where we meet to discuss bylaw changes and resolutions. Here's the LACOS president, Mae-Lae, with our new flag.

Ready to carry it in.

Candi making a motion.

She was on one of the reference committees.

Hilary speaking.

She was a COA trustee.

The chandaliers had many little leaves, but I noticed some of them were knocked off to the side.

Ronald Hopping, president of AOA, speaking.

A lot of political money of other groups.

Saving money by seeing an eye doctor for an eye problem instead of a regular doctor.

Especially if they go to the ER.

Or are on Medicaid.

Best part of any meeting: dessert.

Barry speaking.

He was on the Finance Committee.

Ed Hernandez, chair for the California Senate committee on health, speaking.

Funny typo.


LACOS and our flag.

Members who attended.

A lot of the societies brought flags.

Some more on the other side.

Hilary speaking again.

Another funny typo.

Dr. Chu speaking. He was the owner of Hall & Chu, where I worked in San Francisco.

The new board members being sworn in.

Passing of the gavel by the previous presidents.

Movses D'Janbatian, the immediate past president. He was really funny but reasonable and also has a really cool name.

His society gave him some gifts, including a motorcycle jacket.

I almost never doodle, but the second day was pretty boring.

French fries from Movses at the end.

And it's over.

There was a nice dinner at night...

... with lots of yummy desserts.

Nice view from the top of the Sheraton.

It was at the Sheraton at Universal CityWalk, so I wandered around a bit. They have a Raider's store.

And a candy store with some candy crickets, yuck.

Although the giant boxes of Hot Tomales and Hershey's Syrup are cool.

Tourist photo magnet.

I love lots of pockets, but they're too small to hold anything useful.

This girl was selling candy for $2 with her mom. At first I thought it was a school fundraiser, but shouldn't she be in school right now? I hope this isn't how her mom makes a living.

A letter about the airbag possibly immediately inadvertently deploying after the air bag light turns on. That would be great driving down the highway at 70mph.

And my air bag light turns on every once in a while. I hope I get the follow-up recall notice they said to wait for; this is a little scary.

An open-bar party in Hollywood. I like that I can take the subway to these.

There were some really fun outfits there.

My outfit for the night: shiny shirt and leather pants.

Saturday night was Crystal Rachal's birthday. She asked me to run the photobooth for her. There were lots of snacks.

And a little putting green.

With lots of golf balls.

A few people mentioned they play chess, so I went and grabbed my board.

Playing beer pong.

Uh oh, that's not good.

Celebrating their win.

There were five tables set up.

High arc.

A little cold for a dip in the pool.


Arguing rules.

Celebrating their shots.


Not sure what's going on here, but it's funny.

Hanging out on some couches.

It was pretty chilly, so the fires were nice.

Cake time!

They were all really good.

Such a cute photo.

The put her initials in wood chips.

I played a game, too.


Having fun throwing the trash into the bins.

A nice backdrop, some lights, and lots of fun accessories for the photo booth.

All girls.

The birthday girl and me.

Shoot the crab.

She wants him, but he's more interested in his book.

Scaring some girls.

Very statue-esque.


Spinning the propellers.

A crown and a boa.

Eating chicken with attitude.

See how many people we can jam in.


Ooh, cold hands.

This is a weird looking exit door.

Monica sent me a few books and now my shelf is full. Have to start reading them.

Nice spot for a house.

And on the other side.

Alligator pinata for my 5th birthday that mom made out of balloons and paper strips.

Transformers for 6th.

Dinosaur for 8th.

I read The Hobbit every year in grade school for Book-It! and this check-out card still had my name on it.

Sunday night was poker at my place. Two pair vs three of a kind on the flop.

Interesting draw.

Started with a pair, flopped a full house, and then make four of a kind.

Just a few hands later and another big pot. He bet a lot on the turn, but I thought my two pair were good, and I had some draws, so I called. Turns out he had a higher two pair but I caught a card to make a straight flush! My new poker shirt must be lucky.

With lots of chips.

Three of a kind with kings, very nice.

The final three.

All three of us went all in before the flop on the final hand. I almost made a straight, but not quite. The winner had two aces, quite a nice hand to have two people all in against you, and caught a third.