2013 Feb 23 | dolphin watching, Pink Taco, SPiN at The Standard, Smuggler's Cove hike

Monday Apple and I went whale watching. This was a pretty flower at the docks.

I like how they put a hat and sunglasses on this fish.

White Castle burgers in the vending machines.

Some mussels on the docks.

Two ducks hanging out.

Our boat.

Surfers near the beach.

A few got up.

We saw a bunch of dolphins.

Some got really close to the boat.

More on the other side.

It was fun watching them jump out of the water.

Funny noses.

Apple in the side of the picture.

Out on the islands were some seals and sea lions.

There were a ton.

One hanging out on his own.

Some birds.

Cool rock formation.

A lighthouse up on the top.

Close up.

Cool view.

Some seals playing in the water.

The workers on the boat trying to find some whales.

Unfortunately, we didn't see any whales. We heard there are some orca whales in the area that are scaring away all of the others. We did get a coupon for 50% next time, though.

Love you Tahoe, I'm guessing, although at first I thought it was Utah.

Never seen that family before.

I'd guess her initials are DM.

Lots of snow on the mountains.

Wednesday night was an open bar at Pink Taco in West Hollywood. The worst thing about this area is that there's no free parking. All of the side streets require a resident parking permit. There are meters, but they're pretty hard to get, so you usually have to pay $10 for valet somewhere.

David getting a drink at the crowded bar.

At the beginning it was faster to flag down one of the women walking around with trays, but later on they got mobbed instantly.

Lots of empty glasses.

The three main drinks they were offering.

It got pretty crowded.

The DJ.

David and I were already outside when Lily texted me and said she was there, so we headed back in for a few more rounds.

Don't spill.

They had a photo booth in the corner.

Everyone likes sombreros.

Afterwards we went to Carneys just down the street for some food.

First this cop parks out of the parking lines and then he jaywalks across the road, both offences that would get most people a ticket. What BS.

The hipster kids around USC ride these bikes. I saw a bum riding one, too; I wonder if he stole it?

Neat sculpture.

Thursday evening was a private party at SPiN, the new ping pong club at The Standard downtown.

This woman was going around picking up the balls...

... and putting them in the holders. I'm not sure how the net works, though, because she didn't scoop them up; she just pressed down on them and they someone got sucked up into it.

We played against this guy on the right, but he was way too good for us. This was supposed to be a non-networking event for a networking group, so I thought everyone would be fairly bad, but there were a lot of good players.

Early on it was pretty empty, but it started getting really crowded after an hour or so.

So we headed downstairs where they have a random ping pong table and a pool table. We wanted to play pool, but someone was on it, so we did ping pong instead. The only problem is there were couches around that the ball liked to fly under.

I have this multi-USB port on my computer, but lately it's been glitching out a bit, so the keyboard and mouse will stop working. So far just unplugging it and plugging it back in has worked, though.

Saturday afternoon was a hike at Smuggler's Cove. There were some kids playing soccer near the trailhead. What a beautiful view to play.

And we're off.

Very pretty hike down.

We had to cross the road. Thankfully the cars all stopped.

Walking along some pipes.

A pretty view to the south.

At the beach.

There was a cave.

Me in front of the cave.

There were also tide pools.

A starfish.

A brighter one.

Ooh, this was really cool, a sea slug! Never seen one of those before and this was the only one I saw here.

We kept hiking to another area. On the way we passed by some archery ranges.

Another beautiful view.

And to the south.

Another cave.

And a third one.

A guy fishing, some kayakers, and some dolphins. The kayakers actually got really close to the dolphins. I don't know if they could quite pet them, but now I definitely want to try that.

Multiple dolphins by sea weed.

One poking his head up.

Birds were hanging out on the rocks.

And some flew by.

I'm not sure what these were for. Maybe they keep track of how many creatures are inside the square?

There were a few tiny fish in the pools, but this was the only medium-sized fish we saw.

The purple sea urchins were really common, but there were only a few red ones.

There were a fair number of little crabs, but this was the only bigger one I saw.

Some sea anemones.

Hiking back up.

This woman just happened to be stopped here. We joked about how much we could pay her to drive us back up.

Another pretty view.

I convinced these two to race up a bit. You don't realize how much harder it is running up hill rather than on flat ground until you run for a few seconds and are dying.