2013 Mar 10 | UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade), poker at David's, poker at Aelred's

Sorry, Mom and Dad, but I can't wait until then.

Mainly because the present Monica paid for that I picked out for myself (the netbook) came, I had to make sure it worked, and it would make the other presents sad if I didn't open them, too.

Wow, I didn't think it would colorize that much.

I also bought myself a few professional card sets which are made out of plastic and much more durable (so in the long run, you save money) and easier to shuffle than normal ones. I decided to go with Copag. The other big name is Kem, which had some much prettier back-of-card designs, but they were twice as expensive.

JW invited me to Upright Citizens Brigage, or UCB, for a show on Tuesday. They have really cheap improv.

It's right across from the Scientology Celebrity Centre.

I ate dinner at Birds next door. It was OK. I also wanted to check out the Bourgeois Pig, a little coffee shop, but I didn't have time.

The first show was Matt Davis Gets A Girlfriend, a musical.

The second was a bunch of skits by these two women.

I love Rain-X, although it looks like I need to reapply it.

Traffic always slows way down in the left two lanes here for some reason. I still haven't figured out why.

That's funny.

I saw this on the way to the LACOS meeting Thursday night and correctly guessed it was Candi's. Not that hard, though.

I want to go to Burger King, but I can't quite make it to the entrance because of the car in front of me. I can almost fit between the pole and the tree on the sidewalk, though, right? Oh well, saving a minute isn't worth it potentially not working.

Poker at David's on Friday night.

Marie Grace made a full house, AAAKK. Not bad.

"I see your coaster, bowl, and phone and raise you a camera."

We ran out of snacks. David brought out these as an option, but no thanks.

Lucy and Will got knocked out, so they played black jack with the bottom of the deck while we continued poker with the top.


There was a bit of discussion on the color of Lucy's shirt. David brought in another one to prove his point.

Looking like a boss.

A fun pic of chips and cards.

Saturday night was poker at Aelred's.

More people for more money.

Lots of food and snacks, especially healthy ones.

Pretty sure this strawberry is on steroids of some sort.

Mae-Lae bought all the members of the LACOS board socks for thanks during her presidency, and since a lot of my favorite socks are starting to get holes in them, I wore them here.

A scary table.

I stacked my chips in a circle and just peeled off the top ones, which made it easy to do antes.

Aelred had me in trouble with her trips over my two pair, but the board made a straight so I survived.

The players who finished in the money for the first tournament.

We finished early, so we played a second tournament as well. Kendra got first.

I've spend the last few Sundays at the office, scanning in all of the old LACOS newsletters.

I'm OK with most plastic surgery, even though I'd rather they be doing it on burned children rather than rich celebrities, since it's nice to look good and feel good about yourself, but the Asian blepharoplasty, to make Asian eyes look more Caucasian by adding an eyelid crease, seems like the most superficial one to me.

Kat and Kendra playing around while their friend was in town.

Some doctors have slit-lamp cameras to take pictures. They're very expensive, but now people are starting to take the same pictures with their iPhones instead. It's a bit tough to hold the camera in the right spot and take the photo while keeping the slit lamp in focus, though, so iPhone slit lamp adapters have been coming out. The first ones were very expensive, like $600, although now they're down to around $100 for others. However, I have an Android phone, so while there are a lot of iPhone adapters because there's only one iPhone shape, there are hundreds of Android phones, so there aren't many adapters for them. So my solution? Make my own with a plastic case, a shaving bottle cap chopped off with a coping saw, and some plastic epoxy.

It doesn't look nearly as professional as a paid-for one, but it works. I also used a hot glue gun to put a dab of glue on the inside top of the barrel to make it snap onto the slit lamp oculars.

A mass of Fruit Loops and sugar.

A optician went to get a patient's glasses and found this spider in the tray as well.

The toilet inside this McDonald's has a lock around the plumbing. Do bums open it up and steal water or something?

Interesting design: the edges of the lenses are notched to hold them in, and it looks like the rim is micro-spot welded to the frame after the lenses are inserted. Thankfully he just needed a nosepad and not new lenses.

I got a new PO Box for LACOS, but the first time I tried to send a letter, it came back to me. I'm not sure which is the correct address, I got different answers from different post office workers, so I'll send a few tests and see what goes through.

Ooh, a ton of suckers at Office Max. I want to take the whole box.

Seeing the blimp always makes me happy. :)

Of course his card got declined three times and now won't work. No way am I waiting for this mess; I'll just use the self checkout instead.

Instead of letting you type whatever you want, this online game only lets you select from certain preset phrases to tell your opponent. Considering most online chat is about sexual relations with your mother or how gay you are, that's probably a good idea.

This is annoying. AVG thinks one of the programs for a new printer is a virus. However, it didn't do this right away; this was about a week after I installed the printer. So it really could be a virus that's inserting itself into that file or AVG could be wrong. How do I know which it is? I installed a bunch of other anti-virus software, ran them, and none of them thought it was bad, so I guess I'll assume it's OK for now.

Facebook charges you $1 to send a message to someone you're not friends with. Otherwise it goes into their "other" folder, which most people don't even know exists. I love a lot about capitalism, but squeezing every dime out of people for little things annoys me.