2013 Mar 14 | St Patrick's Day, Exchange LA fashion show, LABV clinic

My outfit for St. Patrick's Day. Two hats (turtle and alligator), two ties, an "I Love NYC" shirt converted to "I Love LA" using electrical tape, another green shirt with sparkles, some baby turtles velcro'd on, and green shoes. Most of the accessories I already had; the other clothes I bought at a thrift store. I also had two foam sticks under my shirt that flashed green.

Casey's Irish Pub in downtown had a block party going on from 6am to 2am. I showed up later in the evening.

Going into the bar.

It was pretty packed inside.

Others dressed up.

A couple of guys visiting from Germany.

We found the kegs in the back.

Unicorn hat, unicorn shirt.

The bartenders keeping busy.

Green beer.

Monday is street cleaning on this side of the street, but there are still a few cars parked there. I wonder why? Maybe they didn't read the signs, forgot about it, their cars won't start, or something else.

No idea what this one means.

Again, I'm stumped.

I'm surprised those little supports can hold that entire building up.

Hmm... what's this?

Oh, a movie filming. You certainly see this more in LA than any other city.

I love this view of LA; you can just see the skyscrapers downtown over the hills.

Aw, traffic is all jammed up from construction or something. This is actually pretty rare around here.

This Bubblehead art by Mike McNeilly is all over the place; I'd think it'd be pretty expensive to put up everywhere.

I like the dual Bijan ads for father and son.

His bumper is a piece of wood.

Now they're working on this street.

Saturday morning at volleyball, Jack hosted a clinic to improve your skills.

Talking to the group.

Fighting for the ball.

Practicing bumping and setting.

Big hit.

Going over how to get balls out of the net.

Our turn to practice.

A pretty lamp and fountain.

Another neat fountain.

Saturday night was a fashion show at Exchange, a club downtown.

It looked decent inside.

There were a fair number of people there to watch it.

The other side.

These two, David and Grace, were the hosts.


During outfit changes, this guy sang, and he was amazing.


Normal outfits.

The designers.

Lots of cameras.

An interesting piece of plastic under the bar.

Dancing at the club afterwards.

The Jonathan Club, an invitation-only social club. It looks pretty lavish, at least judging by the ceilings.

I cleaned the floors at the office, but then whenever I moved the chair, it lefts pieces of black rubber from the wheels.

Tracks all over the place. From now on I have to clean only at the end of the day and not move the chairs.

Sparkly dresses.

Not a very good picture, but a piece of metal in a patient's cornea.

I got a new PO box for LACOS, but I'm not sure exactly how to address the envelopes, different postal employees told me differently, so I decided to test them and see which go through.

Green bread for St Patrick's Day, but it looks like mold.

This Salvation Army opened a smaller boutique beside the main store; it has nicer and more expensive items.

I like these moustache drink markers.

My favorite type of beer is cider.

Not much room to park here.

Selby Avenue.

Lunch at Steingarten, a Germany restaurant. It was good, but I still haven't found an authentic German restaurant in LA. Especially disappointing because there was one a block away from my office in San Francisco.

I read about Clear, which has a portable internet hotspot with unlimited internet for under $50 a month. That's a pretty good deal, so I thought I'd check out the coverage. What horrible luck; my apartment complex is right in a hole.

And it also doesn't cover the beach I like to go to. I guess I'll stick to Time Warner for now. They have pretty good speeds at home, and they also have wifi hot spots scattered around, which I can just pick up on the beach in certain places.

Clear uses Sprint's network. Their 4G is pretty fast, although I can't get it at my place because of the lack of coverage as shown in the first map above. 3G is OK, but not that great; it's the speed on the left, 1114kbps. My regular home internet is on the right, 8461, so about 8 times faster. Not really worth losing that much speed considering how much I watch videos on YouTube.