2013 Mar 30 | networking events, West LA VB

View of the 90 to 405 interchange.

Perhaps fans of The Princess Bride?

The street is paved; they're moving quickly on the construction. Now they just need to put lines down.

Someone's full of themselves.

Some of those are sticking out a bit; I don't think I'm gonna drive behind this guy.

Who rests their arm on the headrest of the other seat? Why would you do that? It takes way more energy than resting your arm on your leg or something.

The cops were checking everyone in the subway for some reason.

Wednesday night I went to a networking mixer with the Rotary Club of LA, Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce, and City Club of Bunker Hill.

It was at Station at the W Hotel. Pretty lobby.

All-mirrored bathrooms.

A neat old-school pharmacy.

Not sure what oka means.

A Thai restaurant. The concrete walls are different, but ugly.

Is that Canada on the license plate holder? Nope, it's La Caņada, which is Spanish for canyon.

Two different colors of trees.

This is a rich person road; it's wide.

Overhanging trees.

Thursday night I went to another networking mixer, this time with LPN.

There was free Jack Daniels, mojitos, and caipirinhas.

A giveaway from some pretty funky shoes.

The Hispanic man talking to the black guy in white is Alejandro Menchaca, who hosted the event.

Salsa dancing later on. I actually met a fair number of possibly useful contacts at these events. Hiring, taxes, and some others. Even ran into a former patient and the sister-in-law of a man who works at one of the labs we use.

I took my pillows and comforter to the local laundry because they're too big for the normal washers. However, the dryer there put black marks all over them.

I like this turn signal. It's not just red or green but has a flashing yellow.

Friday night I went to Pasadena and ate at Jake's.

The burger was OK, but not as great at the Yelp reviews made it out.

There was pool in the basement.

A fair number of street performers.

I was thinking of parking in a garage, since street parking was hard to find, but the garages were $7, so I kept looking around and eventually found a metered spot. I read it, and it said it goes until 8pm. It was 7:30, so I put a few quarters in. However, when I came back, I had a parking ticket. Upon reading the meter further, they're only until 8pm on Sunday through Thursday; on Friday and Saturday they're in operation until midnight. Oh well, just have to read the entire thing next time. And at least it's only $45; LA is much more expensive.

Hard to see, but this biker has a GoPro on his helmet. Good for recording if another driver cuts you off or something, but it's also recording everything you're doing illegally.

Interesting spot for their rear license plate.

Oh, come on, cops, do your job. The left lane is clearly a left-turn-only lane, there are lots of arrows, but a lot of people were turning right from it. Give them tickets.

Except the car isn't electric; it's just a normal gas one.

A film taping?

Not quite the good old "abort, retry, fail," but close.

I had a corn dog and noticed some writing on the stick halfway through.

Ooh, a free corn dog. Reminded me of when they put the prizes on the inside bottom of soda cans so you had to drink the soda to find out what you won; those were fun. Although I'm not sure if it's worth hauling around a nasty corn dog stick just for a free one, and I feel sorry for the cashiers to have to receive these from people.

Why in the world is this dumb ATM not allowing me to deposit cash or checks right now?

Quake hold? What's that?

Ah, straps to hold furniture if there's an earthquake. Not sure if it deserves it's own line on the sign, though.

I was looking for display cabinets at thrift stores. This one is really nice and cheap, but it's so big and heavy; there's no way I can move it myself and it probably wouldn't fit in the Jeep. Some of the thrift stores have Mexicans with trucks sitting out front who will help you move things like this, but I don't know how much they charge and I didn't see any here anyway.

There are multiple parking lots in Santa Monica that all look the same. I went into one after I was done but didn't see the Jeep. Thankfully I had taken a picture of this sign and realized I had parked in structure 4 while I was looking in 2.

There are lots of street performers on the Third Street Promenade.

Asking for tips.

Getting some audience members involved. There are actually lots of acts that have kids singing or something; I guess they're except from child labor laws, but I don't know if they should be. It's interesting that kids can be actors / singers / other entertainers but not anything else.

Saturday morning was beach volleyball with West LA. These were some women on another net, and the one hitting the ball looks like a good player; tall and stick thin.

Visal going up for a hit.


Nice set.

Backup, just in case.


Diving hit.

There were a few police helicopters flying around.

I really like this shot.

A tough one.

Another dive.

Some kid in a suit on a skateboard.

Eyes on the ball. This guy was fun to play with. He could jump really high, so I gave him a couple of good sets and he had amazing spikes from them.

Always good to play with happy people.

Jump serve.