2013 Apr 06 | Angels Flight, GITD ping pong at Spin, videogame party, Elysian Park hike

Cheapest is $2.45, most expensive is $19.16. Really, $18 for S&H for some little pins? That's pretty slimy.

Aw, I only won the $10 off.

Nice old car.

Tuesday morning I met with the aides of some California state senators to discuss the upcoming optometry bill, SB 492.

These two were only a few blocks away from each other, making it efficient.

A neat light.

Always and in the Jeep, always.

The rear tire is much wider.

I went to Home Depot to get some glass or acrylic shelves, but they didn't even have a cutter for it, and there's no way I'm going to cut it on my own.

They also don't mention that the glass isn't tempered, which is a huge problem. Then again, you can't cut tempered glass, but they should at least notify people so it's not dangerous.

Orchard Supply Hardware had the glass/acrylic cutter, but no glass or acrylic because the store was closing.

Big sales on tools.

And rugs/artwork. Too bad I don't need any of that.

Tons of for sale signs.

The Game of Thrones ad is a big dragon shadow; neat.

I replaced the headlights on the Jeep because this one was out. This side was much worse because I couldn't see what I was doing at all.

This side there was at least more room so I could look where my hand was.

Nice easy job that doesn't even require tools, just twisting.

I also changed the air filter. Hmm, there's sand, dirt, sticks, and even dead butterflies in here.

Put it back on with duct tape and straps.

Hands aren't too dirty.

Ooh, that's a neat rooftop.

Oh, it's Perch. It's on my to-do list but I haven't gotten around to it.

Grand Central Market.

Lots of shops.

Lots of fruits and vegetables.

Chinese massage.



A map of the stores.


One place with boba.

And another.

A liquor store.

A map of a self-guided walking tour of downtown.

The pole it's on with history of this area.

$5, that's pretty good.

And overnight is OK, although getting your car back before 6am is pretty early.

Signs on the benches...

... with info on tourist attractions and how to get to them.

Another cheap lot, although this one closes at 7pm, so only good during the day.

A public toilet.

Interesting, it's free. Most are pay in other cities.

I like the button near the floor so you can press it with your foot and not get your hands dirty.

Can't stay in there longer than 20 minutes.

It was actually fairly clean.

Neat buildings.

Some more.

Angels flight, a funicular railway that goes up and down a block.


Riding up.

Looking down from the top.

50 cents to ride, 25 cents with a metro pass.

You can even use a tap card.

A car from the side.

Some history.

The doors automatically open when they press into the edge.

The top from the back.

A nice area.

Water Court, which can have performances.

From a different angle.

Funky stairs.

A cool piece of artwork.

A trail of stone in Pershing Square.

The tower.

Some non-functioning telescopes.

A cannon.

It was on Old Ironsides.


A metal cutout.

A compacting garbage can run with solar power.

The beer garden at The Standard with a foosball table.

The pool, although it was a little cold to swim.

A vending machine with swim trunks.

Sitting on a waterbed drinking beer watching an old movie projected on the building across the street.

The main reason we came to The Standard tonight: SPiN glow-in-the-dark ping pong.

A picture of Obama playing.

You could get lessons from pros.

There's one.

The black-lit balls were neat.

A ghostly shot.

Nice couches.

The membership card is pretty neat.

And I worry about carrying one mattress.

Four miles overdue for the oil change; good timing.

Lots of windmills on the drive to OptoWest in Indian Wells.




One being fixed.

It's rather interesting advertising solar energy in the middle of a wind farm.

It's hot and dry out here.

Pretty sunset.

Palm trees, mountains, and sand.

The resort.

I had a lot of CE lectures with Dr. Damari on seeing children as patients.

The pool.

Which even had it's own mini-beach.

A cool cloud.

Mountains with rivers of snow.

A truck carrying three humvees.

Aw, man, some really bad traffic; we're stopped most of the time.

Although the rest of the way is fine, so there must have been a huge accident.

Waiting in line for a pool party at Drai's. Unfortunately, even though we RSVP'd, they still weren't letting us in. It looked like they were only letting in people with bottle service or beautiful women/couples. Some of our friends were waiting near the front of the line for over and hour and hadn't gotten in, so we gave up. It was pretty irritating because when we signed up they didn't say anything about being that exclusive.

The ceiling of the subway at Hollywood. If you cross your eyes just right, you can line up a canister on top of the one next to it and it looks extra 3D. Although to work the best you have to find two side by side that either have all circles or have the pear-shaped hole in the same location.

It wasn't a total loss, though; this van was giving away free Dr. Pepper at the subway exit.


I don't know why Asians are so picky about eggs. White people will glance through a carton, and if they all look intact, buy it. Asians will go through 10-20 cartons, carefully inspecting each egg. The amount of time you're spending probably outweighs any benefit you might get.

I like the slap chop in theory.

But in reality, most of the things are too big to fit into it, so I have to get out a cutting board and knife to chop them up enough to fit in it, and by then I figure I might as well just finish the job with the knife and not use the slap chop at all.

I drove to IKEA just to maybe buy this display case, but it doesn't have enough shelves and it'd be too much of a pain to add more.

What? No, nobody should go to Sizzler on Easter.

Yum, bubble gum eggs from the parents.

I love eating these guys.

A weird chunk missing from my contact.

The organic strawberries are twice as much; no thanks.

Another N64 / PS1 video game party on Friday night.

Playing games and chatting.

A very close game.

Having fun.

In the living room.

Killer Instinct on the computer.

Bomberman in the bedroom.

People tended to blow themselves up instantly, though.

Lots of empties.

And two people left their coats.

I also tend to find contact lenses in my bathroom after parties. Who is losing them?

Saturday morning we went hiking at Elysian Park. Taking a shortcut to the trail.

A lizard.

Lots of different types of plants.

You can see downtown.

A lost and found board.

The trail below.

The highway to the west.

And to the east.

Pretty flower.

A tree with lots of bumps on it.

Some sort of husk with seeds inside.

Ogii between two big trees.

Ooh, finally a bench, although it's up a little hill.

Another view of downtown.

Behind some flowers.

We made it to the top!

In the flowers.

A nice sign.

A branch that insects had chewed paths into.

Uh oh, don't sit down here for a picnic; lots of red ants.

Carrying a pretty big stick. I wonder what he plans on doing with it.

Lots of benches.

Nice open area.

Me in a huge tree.

A closer view.

Kids playing on another tree.

A little path.

Picnic time. She made peroshky, I brought beans and fruit.

A couple doing wedding photos.