2007 Sep 09 | Driving

This crosswalk is by the medical center. It's annoying because there's a light a few hundred feet ahead with a crosswalk, so there's absolutely no reason to have one here.

The graduate program reserved the entire lunch room during lunch one day. They didn't put up these signs until that morning, though, so nobody could prepare for it. The big problem is that's not only where the tables where a lot of people eat are, but also where the fridges and microwaves where people store and cook their lunches are. It wasn't that big of a problem, though, because every still could get and microwave their food; they just didn't want anybody using the tables, not the rest of the room. Even if they would have, there's no way they would have kept us out even if they didn't want us in the entire room.

The AOA had a meeting Wednesday evening. Almost any group meeting will have food of some sort, usually pizza or sandwiches, so if you go to all the meetings you can usually get at least one free meal a week. In addition to the free food, they had a raffle for various things, and I won this book.

The car turning to the left is actually going the wrong way through the little turn lane; it's only for cars coming from the other direction. They're not marked at all, though, so it's pretty easy to get confused.

This can be a pain. You can either turn left or right from the road I'm on, and all those cars perpendicular to us are in a turn lane trying to turn left. If the traffic is timed badly, cars go into that turning lane at the same rate they leave due to oncoming traffic, which makes it basically impossible for anybody trying to turn left like me to ever get out. You could quite literally be stuck here for 20 minutes unless you slam on the gas and fly in front of someone.

It doesn't seem like it in the picture, but that bump in the sidwalk is huge. You'd think they would fix it or something.

A letter I received said I owed 17 cents. I had no idea what to do about that, but Monica said they keep track of what each mailbox owes and to just put money in the box. I put a quarter in there, but it never got taken. So either I have to have exact change or they don't care about the 17 cents.

There were a bunch of PC games in a sack by a sign which says to take whichever ones you want and put a check or cash under his door for whatever you think they are worth.

Dad sends a Super Rope every week, which may not be more useful than money, but it sure brightens my day more.

There was construction on I-59 and a sign said "right 4 lanes closed." That meant 5 lanes of traffic had to jam into 1 lane, so I decided to take side streets for a while rather than deal with that mess.

At Dairy Queen, there wasn't even a single ice cream cake. I wonder how that happened.

Why would you ever give your baby a mohawk?