2013 Apr 13 | downtown Art Walk, poker at Marie Grace's, LABV, Comedy Store

Kendra had a straight, I had a flush, but Michael got lucky on the river and made a full house.

Kat and Michael split the pot with a straight.

I'm not OCD at all.

One doctor drummer?

One of those two-wheels-in-front trikes.

This van is parked here all the time. I think someone actually lives in it. From what I've read, it's actually illegal to do so in LA, according to SEC. 85.02. USE OF STREETS AND PUBLIC PARKING LOTS FOR HABITATION.

Weller Court in Little Tokyo.

A giant bowl for dinner.

I couldn't figure out why the napkin dispensers were numbered, why does it matter where they go? Then I realized there's a button on top to call the server.

The price of our dinner was orginally stated on the bill as $21.96. However, they had put something else on our bill, so it was actually $18.15. We wanted to give a little bigger tip than $1.85, so we gave them two $20s and asked for change with some ones. This is what they brought back, $3.70. No, we didn't want to leave a $18.15 tip; that was the original bill. Finally they brought back more money but the actually shorted themselves $3 with no top. Thankfully we had enough change now to make it correct and leave a tip.

This Chinese character looks like one of those "Caution, Mexican family crossing" signs.

We weren't getting mail at the LACOS PO box, so I went and asked the post office about it. Apparently the sticker with our name was stuck on the inside of the box where they couldn't see it instead of the outside. I don't see why the letters wouldn't still go through, but they said they fixed it. I'm sending a few more test letters just in case.

The new Ross downtown.

That's interesting.

Spikey shoes.

Thursday night we checked out Sassony Arcade downtown.

Ooh, a Zoltar machine.

Lots of people were playing and watching this fighting game.

This woman was really getting into her game. She was stomping her feet and moving all around.

The soccer games were popular as well.

A Dance Dance Revolution machine.

Air hockey.

There were a lot of pool tables and TV screens in the back.

Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat II, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo? I'm in heaven.

The best part is most games were only 25 cents to play, super cheap.

A tank game.

After that we went to the Downtown Art Walk, which is the first Thursday of every month. The main area had maps and information.

Win prizes by throwing bean bags.


Free drinks.

A cool piece of artwork.

Some people dressed as monkeys on the street giving out bananas.

They had a website on them. They want to end animal experiments at UCLA. I don't agree with you, but I'll eat your banana.

There are a fair number of cops out, some of them on horses.

I loved the stylized faces.

A neon wall mural.

Lights on a wall.

A hair salon.

A sculpture of a building.

Neat light art.

A map of the participating businesses.

We had heard there were food trucks but didn't see them, so we grabbed some pizza. One block later we saw the food trucks. And then we realized they were even on the map. Oops.

There were a ton of trucks.

And lots of artists in the same area.

Some of these were especially neat.

My favorites.

Ooh, this is interesting.

A permanant studio in this part of town? That must be expensive.

A piece of art.

Well, I guess that's how he pays his rent, if he sells any at that price.

Another one.

A boat.

Another gallery nearby.

Artists were set up on the street as well. I liked some of their paintings more than the ones in the galleries.

This place had live music.

Leeloo from the Fifth Element.

Nice lounge area.

The back hallway had some cool murals.

A picture of young Michael Jackson.

I like the light-up chairs and table.

The Crocker Club was recently finished. The entrance is basically in the side of the bookstore; you go down stairs to get to the club. We weren't dressed well enough to get in, but it might be a cool place to check out in the future, especially because it's inside of a bank vault.

The Last Bookstore is neat; they have some vaults as well.

You can't get out of it if you lock yourself in, but you can open a little opening to get air.

The books here are color coded.

A mystery door.

Artwork from magnifying glasses.

Upstairs there are lots of small rooms for artists.

The floor is pennies.

Another gallery with a DJ.


Parking spaces are pretty full in my apartment complex; it looks like they snuck in one for a bike here.

Poker at Dmitry's on Friday night. David has two queens, but Ogii has a full house with three kings.

A split pot with Ogii and David having three aces.

My turn for three aces. Marie Grace likes being the dealer.

The final hand. I had two pair, pretty sure I had won, but Marie Grace made three of a kind to win.

Shagai is a Mongolian game played with sheep ankle bones. This is the best roll: one of each.

Saturday afternoon was volleyball. Lila running for a hit.

Almost ran into each other under the net.

Good dive.

Not a textbook hit, but it worked.

Eye on the ball as she dives.

Knuckling it over.


Eyes on the ball.

A compilation of hits.

And some more.

Saturday night Kat and Kendra invited me to The Comedy Store with them. Whitney Cummings and Paul Shore were the headliners.

Sitting on the stage after the show.

A block away is Saddle Ranch, which has a mechanical bull. Almost everyone in there was rather ghetto or bro-ish, though.

Interesting artwork for a business.

I am not paying $20 for a USB cable when I can get one on Amazon for $4.

I almost never see this: the afternoon schedule is empty.

I like to read before I go to bed, and my new book is the Dictionary of Symbols.

Although I wonder how he made all of the symbols. I'm sure not all of them are in any regular book font, so I wonder if he made his own custom font for them?

Normally the phone companies charge you extra to make your phone a wifi hotspot, but the FoxFi app lets you do it for free. Sprint and AT&T removed the app from their online stores. Even worse, they've blocked the app from the phones, so you can't even use it if you download it from somewhere else. However, the app creators simply renamed it and uploaded it again.