2013 Apr 20 | chrome party, Malibu Creek State Park hike, Paul Landon VB party

East Street? That's confusing.

He's carrying a lot of stuff in there.

A lot of paper on the side of the highway.

My present for Paul's birthday party on Saturday. This wrapping paper is cool looking but it's impossible to work with since tape won't stick to it. Also, it leaves glitter everywhere. I also ran out of the ribbon I was using to tie it, but since it was double-stranded, I pulled it apart into single strands and just had enough. Actually, it looked even cooler that way with the two knots.

I wonder if five neighbors got together to write "Peace" in the windows or if it's one office.

Linsley Lambert art show at Bru Coffeebar.

The middle one is probably one of her most famous paintings.

Linsley is on the left in the red. She was wearing really cool glasses and we chatted about that a bit; she actually has a pretty large collection and especially likes Theo, which I think are quite unique frames as well.

It's amazing how something so tiny can be so painful when it's scratching up your cornea. This piece of glass/plastic was somehow actually embedded inside his lower lid; I've never seen that before.

On one hand, it might be fun to be the person who has to clean the McDonald's play area. On the other, I'd be terrified of falling off.

The white plant in middle-right is actually a cactus, and it's sharp. It looks fuzzy, though.

I don't understand why they don't have more of these. I wouldn't think most of the time an attendant is needed.

The planter biodegrades in 2-3 years. Then again, I'm pretty horrible with plants, so they'll probably be dead by then.

I just noticed my netbook is black with little pieces of blue glitter.

It matches the Jeep, which is blue with little pieces of blue glitter.

Aw, that's nice of the thrift store.

I like this sign, too.

I stopped by this Halloween store while looking for accessories for a chrome party. This reminds me of when our family hosted a Halloween party and I had to lay in a "coffin" in our trailer waiting for people. Hard child labor is what that was, except we didn't even get paid. It was fun, though.

Ooh, I really like these gloves, although they wouldn't work for this party.

Aw, if they had silver ones, it'd be perfect, but nope. Plus they were rather expensive.

3D glasses in the dollar store. I thought about buying a bunch of these, they might come in useful for vision therapy or something, but on the other hand, they might be the wrong colors.

Some dollar-store lights for our chrome outfits.

Getting chrome spray paint to make some outfits. It's annoying how it's always locked up in stores now.

Some clothes to paint.

My painting area, all drop-clothed up.

Painting the clothes.

Painting some accessories.

On the fabric the spray paint looked kind of dull. The leather was really shiny, though, so I decided to go with that instead.

More accessories. It was interesting that when I was looking for stuff in the store anything silver caught my eye, but that was really the last important aspect because I could make anything the right color.

Our outfits for the chrome party with lights on, lights off with our white lights on as well, and lights off with only blue lights. I think they came out really well. The little lights are a cool addition; I just happened to see them at a dollar store and grabbed them; they weren't in my original plan. Everybody at the party particularly liked the spotlight on her head.

The patio area of Bar Sinister.

The DJ in the patio.

The music videos actually had some of the old and new Tron movies.

Inside dance floor.

Us at the club with a flash and without.

And with some other people who dressed up.

I like their masks.

More fun outfits.

The bar is kind of a dark / goth theme on most nights, so even though they're not in chrome, they're still dressed up.

And some more.

That's an interesting bicycle.

She was creating a piece of art by repeatedly applying lipstick and kissing the canvas.

More artwork.

Comsic ones.

Cut out with a jigsaw.

One of the things I hate about Hollywood: you always come back to your car with tons of event cards on it.

And then they shut down the highway. Oh well, it doesn't take all that much longer on local roads.

Looks like the paint wasn't completely dry; I got silver on my hand.

And the car door.

And my wallet.

Friday morning I met with a staff member of Senator Curren Price to discuss Senate Bill 492 for optometry.

It looks like at least some mail came to the LACOS PO box now. Hopefully all of the continuing education registrations make it through OK.

I like going to this smaller hardware store instead of the nearby Home Depot when possible.

Somebody is throwing out a water dispenser and a rice box, whatever that is.

Of the two options, it's prettier along PCH-1. Plus, it's actually a few minutes faster that way, so I wonder why Google wanted us to take 405/134.

Saturday morning was hiking at Malibu Creek State Park.

A pretty view.

I thought this was a sign for wifi at first instead of a campfire.

Boy Scouts in the camping area.

I sign warning about poison oak.

Looks like it fell off of this.

Hmm... is that poison oak?

What about that? It's all sneaky, being in the middle of the trail.

We went of on a less-popular trail. It seems like it ends here.

Although if you look to the side of the little bridge thingy, you see a trail.

You just have to climb / jump across a little ravine to get to it.

I didn't make the jump, but she decided to take some pictures before helping me up. OK, there's actually a ledge I'm standing on, but that's not as much fun.

We kept going until we hit a little river.

We could have crossed, but we would have had to get at least a little wet.

A big beetle wandering along.

And some bees.

A little plant growing through the rock.

Some giant trees provide shade for picnickers.

This was a closed entrance to the park. It looks like someone got a ticket for parking there.

Yep. Although it says there are signs posted on each side of the road indicating no parking.

There's one on the south side under the stop sign.

And there's one on the north side, but that's facing the highway; there's no sign clearly stating cars can't park along the northern side of the entrance road. If I were them, I'd fight the ticket, although knowing LA traffic courts, they won't rightfully get out of it.

I picked up a bit of trash on the way back.

That afternoon was Paul Landon's birthday party on the beach.

Bringing supplies.

It was 80 out, so sunscreen was a must.

It's legal in sand volleyball.

Diving for the ball.


Jumping hit.

Jump serve.

Paul with a big spike.

Love serving.

Nice and solid.

Eye on the ball.

Get down and watch your head.

Popping it over.

Paul with a big serve.

Flying through the air.

Another big hit.

We had two courts with some shade between them.

Up in the air.

Laughing after a point.

Game on.

Crystal reaching for the ball.

Such a cute cupcake: a bear on a beach blanket with an umbrella.

And some shark cupcakes as well.

Blowing out his candles.

Enjoying the cupcakes.

They're so good.

Getting ready to play again.

Uh oh, I forgot to reapply sunscreen to my back halfway through the day. Thankfully even though it looks pretty red it didn't hurt at all because I put at least some on earlier in the day. You can see exactly where my hands reach when I put it on my shoulders.

The road actually goes straight through, but it looks like Google Maps doesn't think so.

Someone doesn't like their Charter internet provider.

I hadn't played chess online in years. I was bored one night, so I tried it out again. It was still very buggy.

Like here: I joined a game, it sounded like we started, but the screen just stayed like this.