2013 Apr 28 | skiing at Mammoth Mountain

Amazon now has lockers scattered around the city so you can have packages delivered there instead of to your home if you want it a little faster.

Angry Birds has a new update.

They say it's for minor issues...

... but it's actually just more ads. When Angry Birds first came out, all of the updates were for new levels. The last 5-6 updates have had no new levels and are only different ways to display ads. Ruined by greed.

An interesting sculpture.

Houses in Malibu with a great view of the ocean.

A play on I Love Lucy.

That's a lot of stickers.

Burger King was using this pipe fitting to keep the drive-through window open. Whatever works.

I was buying some lamps from a person on Craigslist and they said to drive here and they'd tell me the rest of the way.

It's a private road, but it looks like someone's driveway.

It ends up being a tiny winding road that goes up a hill. There's even a gate they have to open.

Although they do have a nice view of the city.

Love to dance.

They fit the bottom of a papasan chair in a Smart Car; that's impressive.

You'd think someone would move over when a cop comes up behind them in the fast lane, but this guy just stayed there.

Shouldn't "to short sale" be "sell" instead?

If that second "T" were a "C," this would be an almost perfect stoner plate.

My brain freaked out for a split second when this guy came up beside me. Those belong above you, not beside.

The people in this van live in it on the street. They normally park on the other side, but today there was street sweeping there.

Oh come on. I'm OK with ignorant tourists merging here at the last second, but a bus driver should know better.

Pretty red and white roses.

How about we not drive by that guy. Looks like a giant explosion just waiting to happen.

Towing a slightly smaller vehicle.

Hard to tell since it's a picture from a moving vehicle, but the full moon looked really orange and big.

Friday night about 10 of us drove up to Mammoth Mountain for skiing. We stayed in this condo.

The kitchen and upper bedroom.

The upper bedroom.

The living from from above. There was also another bedroom and two bathrooms.

They said they had wifi, but it was unusable. I couldn't get even a single web page to load.

Someone in the group had a Friends and Family discount, which meant I could get lift tickets much cheaper. However, their web page kept skipping this part and came up blank. I had to reload it and try to stop it at just the right time to get it to work.

It was cool in the morning; this wasp was very lethargic and had to warm up before he could fly.

Releasing big fish is kind of cheating in my opinion.

Don't have to worry about getting cold today.

I always thought "Mammoth" just meant big; I didn't even consider it might be for the wooly kind.

A lot of runs were closed, especially the ones on the sides, but there were still plenty of runs open.

The top of the mountain.

That's pretty steep.

Inside the giant Oakley sign.

Coming down.

We took the sissy back way and hit this flat, slow part. Too bad no cars were coming that we could hitch a ride with.

Pretty view.

Since it was so warm I skied in just swim trunks again, along with the flamingo hat. There weren't many other people dressed up, but this Santa was.

Lots of people wanted to take a picture of me or with me.

Even the Monster Energy Drink girls ran up to me and asked for a picture. Usually it's the other way around.

These people were also in skimpy outfits.

The only problem was when I took a picture with one guy, we grabbed the wrong poles, so I then had one of his and one of mine. I kind of looked around for him on occasion, but pretty unlikely to find him again since the mountain was so big.

There were a few areas with big jumps that were fun to watch people go over.

Lunch with most of our group.

A pretty little lake.

The snowcats setting up an area.

Let's avoid that spot.

Uh oh, the only cloud in the sky went over and blocked the sun. That made it a bit cool for a while.

One of the neatest things there was a gondola that takes you to the top.

We saw this volleyball court on the way. Unfortunately when we went there nobody was playing.

Getting off the gondola.

A pretty view from the top.

Some of the group by the sign at the peak.

Rhina saw the guy I had switched poles with up there! Great luck and great eyes.

Yeah, let's keep this run in mind as one to not go down. I'm not a fan of rocks.

It was near the end of the day and we were pretty tired, so we did one more run from the very top. Not a good idea; it was a black diamond and it was the only time I fell because Pat ran into me from behind. I slid a bit, but it wasn't too bad, just a few scratches on my hand. Although there were about 100 boarders above us who were all yelling, "Flamingo down!"

One problem of not wearing snow pants. Thankfully I could dig most of it out and it was warm enough it just melted fast.

The big jumps near the bottom.

Grenade Games was going on, so there was a beer garden here.

This guy might have had a bit too much to drink.

In front of the stage. Unfortunately the bands didn't start playing until 6pm.

A few scrapes, but nothing major.

Although my socks were soaked.

I had put on sunscreen, but I still got a little sunburn. Not too bad, although it had a really funny pattern.

Relaxing in the hot tub for our sore muscles.

Aw, that's cute, bears climing up the sign.

The next morning we were all a bit sore and tired, so we weren't sure if we could handle a green run called Sesame Street. Rhina seems particularly terrified.

Aw, the kiddy lift has little targets for your butt.

Up near the top it looks like this guy went the wrong way and got into a much steeper run than he wanted.

A little kid making a little snowman.

There were a lot of little booths by the stage. One had a game where you threw bolos to win prizes. Rhina got sunglasses; I got a shirt they were putting various pictures on.

A better shot of the front of the shirt.

On the way home we stopped at Erik Schat's Bakery.

Rows and rows of various bread.

Cookies and such on this side.

The worst sun of the weekend was on the ride home. I tried sqeezing over, but I still had some hitting me, so we put up towels in the windows to help.

Mojave has an airplane graveyard.

Tons of various jets.

There are also tons of windmills there.

A funny shirt at the gas station.

My book of symbols. I never thought of the heart symbolizing two becoming one; that's neat.

It's interesting that S-shaped squiggles almost always start down and end up. In fact, whenever I draw them, that's how I do it. I never go the other way. I wonder why.

I had 14 items, so I spent at least a few minutes and had a few people go in front of me while I counted to make sure I didn't have a few items hiding beneath others; I didn't want to be one of those jackasses who goes through a lane with too many items. Only then did I realize it was the only register open in the entire store.

This book is $35 in the store but $19 on their website. Who would ever buy it in the store?

Also, OK I wanted it mainly for payroll, but it appears it just skips that part entirely.

I got this card with my credit card points and figured I might as well use it since I was driving by a Red Lobster.

Although I'd actually prefer to go to the Golden Corral.

The biscuits are always tasty, though.

The company I order medical office supplies from, iPromotions, got taken over by a bigger company, Hilco. They always used to send a little stuffed animal for orders over $50, but it looks like the stopped that. Horrible takeover.

An 11-watt bulb? That can't be right. But I plugged it in and there was barely any light at all. Who would ever use that?

LACOS board meeting at Aki restaurant. I was talking with the server afterwards and it turns out he had lived in North Dakota for a while.

My camera was one of the things that got silver all over it from our chrome costumes. A lot of pictures have been out of focus lately, so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

That sounds fun. I'll have to try it out some time.