2013 May 05 | Summit fire in Banning, APCH health fair, Aelred's poker

An awfully big spider in my room.

I had to sign to receive this package. UPS kept stopping by my apartment and leaving these notices, but they checked every single estimated time, so I couldn't plan to be home when they came. Then, instead of leaving it at the apartment office or keeping it at the local customer service center, they sent it back. How annoying.

That's a funny little truck. The steering wheel is on the right, too.

The sky is awfully smoking. I wonder why?

Oh, a big fire.

Cops had blocked off the road leading towards it, but people were on the side of the road watching.

There is part of it.

This was up towards the northeast near the start of the fire.

Still smoldering.

These people had a pretty nice house just across the road.

The guy was walking buckets of water back and forth to throw on the tree.

Then the firetrucks arrived.

Cops had also blocked off the streets to the northwest of the fire.

You could see it in the distance.

The called in a lot of firefighters to help.

The smoke hanging in the air.

A map of the fire. Thankfully only one house was burned and nobody died.

A neat set of trees dividing the road.

That's a pretty nice house.

That's a ton of padlocks, but it looks like it's more for decoration.

Cows! Aw, the baby is peeking at me from behind its mother.

Scratching an itch.

The Roxy had an open bar party.


The bar was pretty crowded.

Ooh, a full drink! But it was left here by who knows, so probably safter to not drink it.

They had a photo booth with some little props.

There was also a standee of The Most Interesting Man in the World. Kiss time.

My turn.

Another bar downstairs.

Ooh, nice car in a showroom.

Funky purse.

We also went to the Happy Ending.

We went for dancing and pool tables, but apparently tonight there was no dancing and only one pool table, already in use.

Custom ping pong balls.

Photobooth and little arcade game.

Armin Van Buuren playing at the Palladium. I'm sure tickets were expensive.

Saturday was a health fair at A Place Called Home.

There were a lot of people early in the day.

Yoga for the kids.

I had met Rhina on the ski trip the weekend before; they (Children's Hopsital of LA) were set up right behind us.

Giving a little talk.

Some attendees talking to Ninive.

Chipotle catered lunch.

A world champion jump roper teaching the kids how to do it properly.

A cooking demonstration which smelled really good.

One of the LA Galaxy soccer players talked as well.

And then practiced with the kids a bit.

Eyes on the ball.

It got a lot slower in the afternoon. The LAPD was set up right next to us, too.

Their logo.

Some music and dancing to end the event.

I'm not OCD at all.

Kat was short on chips and were only a few more minutes that players could still rebuy, so she was trying to purposely lose because you could only rebuy if you lost all your chips. Fortunately for her, two players called her both times and she won both hands, so she tripled up twice.

Always lots of good food at Aelred's.

Max and I both had pocket kings; that's pretty rare.

The craziest hand of the night. One player flopped four of a kind with eights, but the other player made a straight flush.

I got aces for the last hand of the night. She ended up making a straight, but then I made a full house to win.

I got what I think were bug bites, possibly bed bugs, from the ski trip last weekend. They didn't look too bad on Tuesday, although there was a little scab.

Some on the upper leg as well.

Wednesday it had gotten worse.

It looks like I must have scratched open the scab in my sleep.

On Thursday the areas around the bites were a little redder.

The scab area was also oozing pus along with a few nearby bite areas.

I went into urgent care, and by then it was even redder and the skin was harder on the back of my upper leg, knee, and lower leg.

The doctor put me on IV antibiotics and wrote me a prescription for oral ones as well.

Saturday it looked a little better. It was still about the same as far as redness and itchyness, but it hadn't increased in size and the skin behind my knee wasn't still any more, although the skin on the upper and lower leg was stiff and crinkly.