2013 May 08 | Big Photo Show, Cinco de Mayo, Silo Bar

The Big Photo Show was at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

They had a couple of areas with speakers.

A talk on photoshop.

Ooh, sports photography.

Not a lot of people yet, but the seats filled up.

I always like when they put up exact numbers.

Lines to shoot.

And for volleyball.

They audience.

Some cool cars.

An older one.

Back to the Future.


I have this. I use it mainly for paintball and it actually works quite well.

A staged area for people to practice.

From behind.

Another one.

And the photographers again.

A green screen to put you in with various actors.

I wonder how much that big one costs.

Using Coke bottles as weights.

Ooh, that's a pretty bow.

Neat building in Culver City.

And another one.

And a sculpture.

A lot of nuts in a container at a thrift store.

Heck, that's probably cheaper than buying the nuts in the store, although I don't know how fresh they are.

Aw, I wanted a full store, not just a book store.

They didn't have too many books, either.

However, I did find a bunch of books that I was looking for, so it worked out.

They have the perfect name on Cinco de Mayo.

Interesting sculpture.

LA Weekly, I believe.

Funky metal top.

A medical marijuana store named KFC that plays on Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I think I put up this sign before, but it looks much prettier from this angle.

Dinner and drinks at Border Grill. The remains of a photo booth.

The woman who ran the booth taking it apart.

I bought us some fake moustaches for the occasion.

A cool lamp.

The three amigos.

Madame Toussad's has some wax sculptures up to take pictures with.

Gotta look cool.

He doesn't really fit the holiday.

Between both.

Ooh, Tesla.

Off to Zanzibar for Mexican wrestling.

About to go in.


The doormen were in lucha libre masks.

A drink and a hat.

Trying to look like they're thinking.

I think I pulled it off better.

The barman was in a mask as well.

There was a DJ at first, then this band.

Some dancers.

Time for some wrestling.

Good hold.

The dancers again.

Taking it off.

A pinata decoration.

Another one.

A dark sky over downtown.

A big cloud at sunset.

The middle.

Still going.

And the other side of it.

Usually parking in this Ralph's isn't too bad, maybe a little busier after work, but it was jammed this time.

Quite a bit of rain put a lot of water on the roads.

Someone spun 180 degrees and ended up facing the wrong way.

Burned grass from the first last week.

Pretty sunset.

Crepuscular rays through a cloud.

The side of it.

Downtown LA in the distance.

Wednesday night was an open bar at Silo.

Two levels.

A freezer area for private parties.

Neat lights.

They were really busy.

The bingo sounds like it could be fun.

A live band.

We grabbed some Carl's Jr right before it closed, so we couldn't eat on their tables inside; guess the newspaper stands will have to do for tables.

Cool old car.

Fun lights.

The infection still isn't better.

Good old warm compresses.

A very fun yard sale sign.

Certain keys don't have fingerprints on them.

Q, W and X make sense because they don't have those letters in Mongolian, but F and K are a bit of a mystery.

The infection is getting worse.

Tracing the border with a marker to follow it.

That looks especially nasty.

Aw, NVISIon is having a CE seminar on the same day LACOS is.

Jackpot! Stores seem to never have the mini Axe bodywash bottles in the travel section, so if I find one that does, I buy a bunch of them.

My leg's not getting any better with the oral antibiotics, so back to urgent care. They had Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on.

This time I did to IV antibiotics, clindamycin and ceftriaxone.

Since I was going back for the same the next two days, I just had them leave the needle in. Although it looks a bit scary.

Still not any better.

Back the next day, and oh no, it's the same movie again.

The nurses took a bit longer coming in after the IV antibiotics were done, so blood kept backing up.

The clindamycin gives a nasty metallic taste, so the nurse gave me a sucker for it.

I saw the beginning of Mulan the day before. When I got out today, it was at the end, so I stayed and watched it. Now I just need to fill in the middle at some point.

Mountains to the north and darker clouds to the east from the top of the parking lot at Kaiser in Ontario.

Reading about Kevin Trudeau who's become a multi-millionaire selling BS books.

I could just make stuff up, too. Is that all it takes to get rich nowadays?

The sad thing is a lot of people apparently believe what he writes.