2013 May 11 | Santa Monica with Jenny, SCCO BBQ, paintball

Thursday morning I went back in for some more IV antibiotics, but this time I brought my own suckers for the clindamycin.

Ugh, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again. What, do they only have three movies?

This taxi looks like an undercover cop car with the extra mirrors and ram bars. I guess that's the idea.

Big accident; a car even flipped.

Someone is holding a child seat; that's scary.

Jenny flew in via Air China. She called and asked where I was. "Right under the Air China sign."

The license plate fits the vehicle.

First, lunch on Abbot Kinney.

A very Californian place.

Yummy sliders.

Interesting lights.

A cool optical illusion at the 3rd Street Promenade mall.

There are two sets of glass panes with checkered patterns on them, so when you walk by, it looks like it's moving.

A British store.

I like the gray house on the left with the giant glass windows and the pink and purple house on the right.

Aw, he's so cute.

This lady was watching him, too.

Jenny on one of the twisty trees.

With the Santa Monica pier in the background.

Checking out a cannon.

A tourist store with random stuff; this was kind of cute.

I like how their heads bounce.

Neat shirt.

The carousel on the pier.

I used to love these things.

The arcade.


Except they're missing a mole.

Pictures with star cutouts.

The beach.

A bird eating some fish.

The end of the pier.

Some guys fishing.

Looking back in.

A street performer doing magic.

Aw, we got there a little too late to ride the ferris wheel.

Jenny scaring away the birds.

Matching cameras.

Trapeze school.

Looking back towards the city.

Looking onto the pier.

The sign over the top.

Lots of different plants.

I like the stairwell sticking out of the side of the gray building.

We wanted some bubble tea, and this place got great reviews.

The reviews were correct; it was great boba. They also were selling some cool things, like this bamboo keyboard.

Asian fit frames at the optometrist nearby, since Asians don't have a bridge.

The sun behind the downtown buildings.

The cap took me a while to figure out. I couldn't figure out what tab to hold down.

We ate at the taco trucks at Art Walk for dinner; a very LA meal.

By a cutout of Psy. The workers wore masks of him and were handing them out as well.

We ate at the German Curry Truck.

People wrote in chalk at the Art Walk.

A party going on in here.

Waiting in line. Some woman from the Midwest got a picture with these two.

Body art.

A few people dancing.

An artist working.

Those look good.

Lots of little pieces of jewelry.

The DJ and dance floor.

Another room.

This painting has a lot going on.

I like the painting on the left of the plants.

There were some angel wings painted on the wall here that people could stand in front of.

A giant flower sculpture that was lit in different colors.

An interesting piece of art.

That's kind of fun, too.

Jenny brought these little toys you put together by rolling strips of paper.

I think we better open a window; this glue is probably not up to US safety standards.

We were missing a googly eye, but I had a whole pack of them.

You rolled the paper up and then glued the end. It took a while for it to set, though, so I put them under my toes while I worked on the next ones.

Hmm... the dog looks a little retarded. I think we better adjust his eye.

Sheep and dog.

Not such a good neighborhood if you have bums sleeping outside your office.

Zero street? Who came up with that?

Love for ocean.

Friday night was SCCO's end-of-year fiesta.

Lots of candy.

Aw, no margaritas until the patients are out of the clinic. Tell me which rooms they're in and I'll go finish the exams in a couple of minutes.

Lots of students and doctors.

A raffle.

That's good luck.

Candi won!


A guy dancing with two women back and forth.

Another raffle, and this time I won.

I like the "I hate 57 freeway" bumper sticker.

Pretty sunset of downtown from the east.

Saturday morning we went paintballing. Kat liked this little girl's four-wheeler.

It was pretty empty when we got there.

All geared up.

Ready to shoot people.

Our first match.

You might wanna hide a bit more.

Like that.

Or that.

Charlie's Angels pose.

There ya go; shoot around the barrels.

Peeking around the side.

I knew as soon as I got shot because I could taste it.

It was a pretty nasty taste.

Also right in the chin.

In the forehead.

And in the face.

Leftover paint on her chin.

Three layers of clothing so the paintballs don't hurt as much.

I taped my little video camera onto my helmet.

It worked pretty well.

Waiting for the next game.

Ouch, this one hurt a bit.

I liked this area more; there was more variety of obstacles.

Hit in the top of the head.

Shooting around the barrel.

Crouched down.

Running up the side.

It was really hot and we had a fair amount of clothing on so the paintballs wouldn't hurt as much, so we had to stay hydrated.

It was neat that you could watch the action from the resting area.

Ready to go again.

Kat still has a paintball hanging off the side of her head.

Ogii shooting through a hole.

Running while crouched.

Looking badass.

Kat shooting around the corner.

Kat got most of the bruises in our group.


One annoying side effect of keeping track of the infection on my leg with markers is that it stains the toilet seat.

I almost never eat at Jack in the Box, but these mini chocolate chip and M&M cookies are delicious. They're even warm.

Uh oh, now I have a rash on my side.

And on my chest.

It was a little worse in the morning. I wonder if it's a side effect of an antibiotic or the infection spreading.

The leg infection keeps getting bigger.

As does the rash.