2013 May 18 | parasailing, Beverly Hills artSHOW, Manhattan Beach

Looking for a new laptop on the Dell website and I ran into one of the weirdest errors I've ever seen. When I pressed Ctrl+Shift+Tab to go back a tab, this "9" error popped up. But it was only if I tried to go backwards on tabs, not forwards.

I also looked on Fry's website, since I could just pick the laptop up at store. A lot of them are actually only available in stores, not online.

But then a lot of the stores are out of them, too.

Fun plate.

At the UCLA ER for my leg after I got a huge rash all over. Their best guess is that the leg is fungal and the rash is an allergy to one of the antibiotics. They said I should stop the antibiotics and see a dermatologist or infectious disease specialist.

Went in for a paper shredder, but I got an even better deal: Nibs for 38 cents.

My laptop and my cell phone have been having problems and are almost unusable, which is infuriating. The laptop because I think a fan died and the cell phone because I think the battery is almost dead. Even when I plug the phone in, it still will randomly die. Even worse, nobody on Amazon Prime sells this battery, so I couldn't order it for the 1-2 day shipping. When I went around to the Sprint store itself and various other electronic stores, nobody had it, either. So I had to order it via regular Amazon, where shipping might take over a week. Arg.

The painting on the right was in the house in Berkeley on the porch.

Fisker, not doing as well as Tesla.

At UCLA dermatology. She thought the leg was contact dermatitis / allergy and prescribed prednisolone. She also agreed the rash was probably an allergy to one of the antibiotics, but there was no way to figure out which one, so don't write them all down as allergies in the future, especially because it would be worse to die from a bacterial infection than get a rash again.

Another fun plate.

It's so tempting to drive up these.

Pretty trees along the road.

The pharmacist near my office has this little plant growing in a pill bottle.

Cool color.

At a CE with dinner.

My leg seems to be doing better. Still a bit scabbed, but not itchy or red.

The upper thigh is still slightly red in a large area, but not nearly as hard.

The rash seems to be going away.

I almost never use the FasTrak for the express lanes, but it's nice when I do.

It's almost awkward having a biker behind me that won't split lanes. It's like he kind of wants to but it a little scared, so he just stays there hesitantly.

Cool old cars.

Sun setting over the clouds and mountains.

Over traffic, under a cloud.

Slow laptop, barely-working phone, and the internet is very spotty on the netbook. Sigh.

Time to buy a PowerBall ticket; I want $600 million.

A string of previous winners.

Powerball just came to California in the past few months, so now I don't have to ask Dad and Mom to buy me a ticket from South Dakota.

One of the interesting things about the lottery is it makes you think about what you would do if you had all that money. It's a good time to compare that with your current life and see if there's anything you want to try to change.

Ouch, Ogii's leg after paintball. That's a huge bruise.

Saturday morning was parasailing in Marina Del Rey.

The sherriff boat was out.

You see the happy parachute going up and down the beach all day.

Here comes the boat.

Our group.

Looking back at the pier.

Excited to go.

With a plane in the background.

Dipping into the water.

Way up there.

If they slowed the boat down, the parachute would get lower.

"Make sure you get the parachute in the background!"

Our turn to go; Max having a good time.

A pic of us from the boat. You had to hold on a bit or it felt like you'd fall backwards. However, it wasn't windy at all, which was surprising.

The parachute.

The boat.

A panoramic from multiple shots I took. The Santa Monica pier is on the left.

A closer view of the boat.

Our feet.

Santa Monica pier.

Another group's turn.

Watching them.


After that, we went to the Beverly Hills artSHOW. This was on the eastern end.

That's interesting.

I like how simple and clean these are.

Urban landscapes.

Pretty and funny.

Curved wooden planks.

I was a bit worried about cutting my finger.

The glasses were sparkly.

Live painting.

I really liked this one.

Wow, these are gorgeous.

With a fish sculpture.

Another live painting.

I like the flow of motion here.

These were really cool; they spin around, but instead of being motorized, you push them, and they go for an extremely long time.

Feminine figures.

Various bowls.


These glass pieces were awesome.

Dancing sheep.

A skinny man.

Lots of jewels.

Metal zebra.

Metal mermaids with transparent blue rocks inside.

Colorful tubes.

These were some of my favorites.

Sparkly motorcycle and carriage.

A giant tree.

Live band.

I love their outfits.

By the Beverly Hills sign.

Exotic portraits.

One with a vampire theme.

Food trucks.

Colorful metal designs.

Metal border with colored glass inside. Very pretty when the light hit it.

I love the flow of this one.

Also very neat.

A metal butt.

There were four blocks of booths.

By some flowers.

The ramps to the 405 was closing down at some point.

If it's at 3:30pm, we just made it.

At Manhattan Beach. This is nice; if you get there before the meters start, you can put money in and it won't start using it until the metered time. At least, I think; otherwise why write anything at all about it?

To the south.

To the north.

There were a few surfers out.

Me on the pier.

The shark is eating my camera!

A little aquarium on the pier.

Ooh, a moray eel.

Everybody loves to pet things.


The water does look pretty shallow.

Some groups playing volleyball.

A lot of stationary bikes set up for an event the next day.

Ogii by the pier.

Me underneath it.

With the sun.

A guy out looking for metal. I wonder if they ever find anything.

The waves got pretty close at times.

Uh oh, this time a big one got us. Well, not me; I managed to kick jump backwards while taking pictures. Very chivalrous of me. Although in my defense, I didn't think it was nearly this big and I couldn't have done much to help here anyway since I was holding my camera.

Pretty wet.

And all sandy on the back.

I only got a little sand in my flip flops.

A restaurant with a nice view.

Ooh, they have a little elevator so they can fit two cars in the garage.

She wanted to get out of her wet clothes, but cars kept coming by. Finally there was a break.

I keep a spare shirt and swim trunks in the Jeep all the time just in case I happen upon a random beach party, so she put on those.

We had driven almost all the way back home before she realized she had left her sandals there. I asked her how much she liked them, she said a lot, so we went back. Thankfully they were still there, although these guys kept staring at them in confusion.

In my emergency beach clothes.

Since we were back, we decided to stay for the sunset. This couple was getting pictures taken of them.

There were lots of other photographers, too.

I don't think they'll grow.

The sun coming down.

Behind the pier.


And it's down. We actually took a picture of another couple as it was setting, and it's amazing how fast it goes; only like 10 seconds.

Footprints in the sand.

A wider shot.

The pier and sunset reflected in her sunglasses.

The surfers were still going.


Sunset over the lifeguard tower.

They were still taking pictures of the couple.

Our view from above.

Palm trees.

This is a gorgeous old-style house there. The color almost looks unreal.

A more modern house with the moon.

Walking back to the car.

Sunday morning was a CE meeting. I always use the bags as beach bags, but they break after a few months, so I go to CE meetings just as much for the bags as for the credits.

I accidentally left a computer on while in a carrying case, and it got very hot, although thankfully it was OK. I didn't know various programs or devices could wake the computer up, though.

This is my favorite deoderant, but you can't buy it in stores anymore, and even Amazon doesn't carry it now, so I'm reduced to finding random bulk warehouses that sell it in cases.